On holiday in Tuscany: healthy & tasty!

We’ve just returned from a paradise on earth… the breathtaking Tuscany. Especially beautiful to visit in spring or autumn, when nature is at its best and the temperature is pleasant.

We enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and the real Italian food culture. Because that’s what they, the Italians, can eat! And before you know it, you’re 5 kilos heavier. That was not the case this time, because at our holiday address they know everything about healthy eating!

Dining with the whole family
Martijn and Angelique Bak moved with their young family to beautiful Tuscany about 4 years ago. There they started their new life on the estate of the ancient Partingoli. Between the vineyards and on a beautiful hill 15 minutes from Florence they live and work. Besides that they rent stylish, authentic apartments for the whole family, you can occasionally enjoy Martijn’s cooking. Cosy dining with the whole family with only regional products on the table and of course out of season!

Homemade limoncello and wine from our own vineyard
Two years ago I got to know their homemade limoncello and it’s really delicious! What is so great is that Martijn herself makes the limoncello of the lemons that grow on the estate. And then such a drink during your holiday feels just a little more responsible ;).

The own vineyard ensures a beautiful grape harvest every year. And if you then in the evening with a view of the same vineyard such a delicious wine drinks, no wine can surpass that.

If only we had such a vegetable department here
The kitchen of our apartment was so fully equipped (even a grill pan), that you can also cook for yourself during your holiday. Especially after visiting the average supermarket in Italy. At the sight of the fruit and vegetable department, I did not make a dance. So much choice and everything looks beautiful. And I don’t mean perfect. The peppers are bulky, deformed, cone-shaped things, but that taste…. What’s striking is that they don’t select the fruit or vegetables for their perfect colour and shape, but that it’s in the shop as it comes from the country. And you can taste that! So I cooked with a lot of enthusiasm at my holiday address.

Pasta unhealthy?
Martijn and Angelique, like us, look after the sugars. A challenge in a pasta culture, but that turns out to be a lot less than expected. In the afternoon they eat pasta (with fresh capers, anchovies, tomatoes and oh, so many other goodies) and in the evening they often choose meat and vegetables. And of course Martijn doesn’t cook with sachets of sauce, at the most for fun. The pasta he prepares is made with honest seasonal products, is healthy and fills well for the whole day. This makes you less inclined to eat a snack that often contains a lot of sugars. And then it’s not so unhealthy to eat a plate of pasta at lunchtime.

Nice form of exercise
Our visits to Florence and Sienna already provided a lot of exercise. In Siena there was a lot of climbing and descent, but it was more than worth it: an enchanting city! And also there you can eat healthy food. Of course we weren’t looking for a place to eat at the famous square, but a nice little restaurant in a street afterwards where a lot of inhabitants seemed to be. There you have a good healthy meal, for very little.

Another 100 reasons to visit Tuscany
holiday TuscanyDo you also love to stay on this ancient estate and taste that homemade limoncello? Take a look at their site: www.partingoli.com. There you will find up to 100 reasons to visit Partingoli.

On holiday in Tuscany: healthy & tasty!

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