Selective Amnesia There was a point to this. But I forgot.


Hello 2005

I was doing a bit of tinkering around this blog today. Mainly to add a link to the awesome, super cool, friendly, occasionally sardonic, web magazine Silver (go here, folks:

If you don’t know Silver Screen, shame on you. Also, now you know. If any site could say, come for the glorious, high res, beautifully shot pictures; stay for the well written, mildly sarcastic, still star-struck in a good way stories, SilverScreen could.

Anyway. I was putting in a link to SS on my blogroll (hello there stranger, welcome back to 2005) and I spent a bit of time going through the rest of the links.

Where are all the good people gone?

Where, oh dear people, are all the good writers, the bad writers, the so-so writers gone? My blogroll leads to husks, the grain long gone. My blogrolls links to people who’ve long gone off to that strange, dark, mysterious place called the Real World, never to be heard from again. My blogroll is, if I may employ the metaphor, a graveyard of silent coffins and the occasional visitor paying respects.

Fare thee well, bloggers of 2005. And 2006. May your name carry on in 140 characters or fewer.

So that was depressing. Sorry. Here’s one way to Cheer up.
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