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The Madras Week Special: 41 Chennai PhotoWalk details

Hello people, some more information on the Madras Week special walks this August. As mentioned earlier, I’ve got three walks in mind. They are on the 21st, 27th and 28th August, at Royapettah/Triplicane, Kilpauk/Chetpet & Mount Road respectively.

I am particularly happy with these routes, as they are places we (or atleast I) haven’t explored much of. Additionally, all my walks this month overlap with special Madras Week walks organised by others, which is a good thing in my mind. The Mount Road walk is an example: my walks ends about half hour before the other kicks off, and in roughly the same place. Which means, you can quite easily walk out of one and into the other. A great way to explore Madras.

Night light, Mount Road & NH Road, Chennai

Now, for the details.

Walk #1: Sunday, August 21, 2011. Royapettah Clock Tower to Chepauk Palace. Distance Approx 2.5 kms
We meet at the Royapettah Clock Tower at 6:45 AM.

Oh, what can I tell you? That Triplicane is as old as time, and that humans have lived here for as long as history, and that the story of Madras is the story of Triplicane. That Indo-Saracenic Architecture found its first expression here, that the beach and the river became Garden and Palace of the Nawab and later the government.
We’ll walk from the Clock tower, into Zam Bazaar, sampling the world-famous Lassi of the market, being refused an entry into Amir Mahal, following the Victoria Hostel road into the beautiful Chepauk Palace grounds.

Info/history for the other walks will follow soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hello all, This is Rehna from chennai times and im doing a photo feature on 10 best sights in chennai for a photowalk. Would love your suggestions. Mail me at if you’ve got some interesting ideas 🙂


  2. Hi!
    I am interested in joining you for the photowalk. I’d like to know if there is any registration fee. Also, approximately how long will the walk take?
    Thank you!

  3. This sounds wonderful. I wont arrive in Chennai until next month, hope to participate in the future.

  4. Hi, This is Rehna, reporter from Chennai times. Mighty impressed by your trail that goes from royapettah to chepauk. Would love to do a story on you guys for Madras week. My id is and

    Thank you

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