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The eighteenth Chennai PhotoWalk

Firstly, much many apologies for missing merry March month’s Photowalk. Work, life, travel and new ventures kept interrupting and a total lack of sleep meant that, um, I couldn’t sleep and therefore wake up.
So, to make up for that, this month, April, will see two photowalks.

Walk #1.
What I call the Chennai Photowalk Classic
On the 19th of April 2009, at 6:30 AM, we all assemble at Mylapore’s Kapaleeswara Temple. Walk a bit in the back streets of Mylapore, and then board the MRTS line to Fort St. George. We then explore Fort St. George like it has never been explored before (in the month of April, that is). For those of you who’ve not been to the fort earlier (WHAT! HOW DARE THOU CALL YOURSELF A PHOTOWALKER?), there are a lot of high points to hit. The Fort Museum, Clive’s House, St. Mary’s Church, the Secretariat building (which one’s not allowed to photograph) and the many things there. Then one can just walk around the fort and soak in the atmosphere. Of which there’re many bushels.

Walk #2
Bowing to public pressure, I present the Chennai PhotoWalk in the The Chennai Central Jail.
This walk’s on the 26th April 2009, at 8 AM.

So there we go. Quick recap
Walk #1 – Mylapore to Fort St. George. 19th April 2009 at 6:30 AM
Walk #2 – Chennai Central Jain. 26th April 2009 at 8 AM

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  1. When is the next Photo Walk? Missed the last one ‘cause I didn’t know about it.

  2. Me eagerly waiting to come back to my lovely Chennai and join the photo walk. In US now 🙁

  3. Count me in for the walk#2

  4. Dear Chandrachoodan

    Thank you very much for the walk and enjoyed the same. Wrote a blog and enclosing the link.

  5. At last I have my SLR repaired and I guess I can kill some birds to get up this early and take two buses to reach there.

  6. Me and my friends are interested in the photo walk to Fort St. George

    Count me in.


  7. We are interested in the Photo Walk. Can we get our camera too.

    Vijay & Deepesh

  8. Chennai Central JaiN ? Or, jaiL ? Doesn’t matter…as long as no one gets killed / looted to visit that place 🙂

  9. Brilliant, count me in.

  10. Looking forward to my walk #2….and #3.

  11. new to the wlk.thanks to amrutha for letting me knw abt the wlk.wld b there.

  12. Will be there mostly

  13. Me minus one in 🙁

  14. முதல் நடைக்கு உள்ளேன் அய்யா
    இரண்டாம் நடைக்கு “பரீட்சை இருக்கு”

  15. I’m in for Walk #1.

  16. Hmpf. I hereby invite all London vaazh femal bloggers to join the London photowalk. Date, time and venue will be kept secret until after. Email me ladies

  17. is this then 18 & 19th photowalk? or jus 18th only …. whatte a kosten!!

  18. Me there + my son too ….

  19. finally! should be able to make it this time

  20. Make sure they’re fully charged, Arvind. 😉

  21. hey dude ! wait am loading my batteries..on the way..

  22. Have. Not has.

  23. BTW, for those who has not been to the Fort Museum, tripods are not allowed. 😀 😀

  24. Hmm… recycling walks, are we? 😉 No, wait, we’d be rewalking the walk. Yes, the time for the first walk is good, if we actually start between 06:30 and 07:00. And I could try once again, with my slicha better photography skills at the Fort.

    P.S.: Pliss to send e-mail regarding walks also. Thanks. 🙂

  25. I have been a prowler on the photowalk news so long… and have SO wanted to be part of it…But… god has disosed..will miss the one on the 19th but would be there for the Central Jail one!

    Just asking….can the dates be swapped? .... jusst asking… :)... looking forward!

  26. CC! Both are on Sundays, and am not in town either of the days 🙁
    I’d have so killed to go to the Central Jail.

    *that last line doesn’t sound so good now does it? * hmm..

  27. Yes Saar. Will be there.

  28. This is lovely! I’ve always wanted to be a part of this amazing concept..and mylapore for my first walk..sigh..thats like a dream come true

    will definitely be there


  29. er.. central jain.. dude

  30. Wasn’t this one of my resolutions for this year? About time I actually did it! 🙂

  31. I’ll be in the middle of exams, as ALWAYS!! :’(
    But, I shall make it!

  32. +1 Ullen Ayya !

  33. I’m in 🙂 unless they decide to conduct my semester practicals the very next day.

  34. 1. Count me in for the walks. Wait! Did I read 6:30 a.m at Mylapore?! :O

    2. Not been to Fort St.George because I was waiting for a photowalk to happen there!