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The first Chennai Photo Workshop – October 8, 2008

Here’s an experiment.

Get three people who’ve never met in the physical world to jointly lead a workshop. To make things complicated, let the workshop be about photography. Heh! Still too easy. Let the workshop have three very distinct, rather unconnected sessions lead by these very different photographers. Each talking not with prepared notes and rehearsed-over-the-years efficiency but with just an hours very nervous grabbing at reeds preparation.

Will this experiment succeed? Well, if you click the link below, we will find out for sure.

Seshu, a flickr/blog friend was planning a trip to India – and was wondering if he and I could do a little workshop.
Mahesh, a blog friend (and whose Filter Coffee was one of the first blogs I read) of both Seshu and I jumped at the idea and over the last few days we’ve got most details fixed.

And thus we come to
The first Chennai Photo Workshop – presented by Tiffinbox, The Contrarian and Selective Amnesia

As mentioned earlier, three photogs with very different agendas and aspirations will each present different ideas about photography. Together, we hope to show people that photography is quite a good thing to take up and that jargons and myths you hear are not always true.

Here’s what’s been scheduled:

Mahesh will present

Soul Searching / seeking new inspiration into personal photography –

Photography courses are dousing nascent talent with an overdose of technical crap and rigid rules. This is a crisis, as I see it. Where do we look for inspiration and encouragement? The answer may surprise you. This session is for anyone who has even a fleeting interest in photography. It will be driven by a selection of audio-visuals that will leave you with more questions than answers.

Soul Selling / the pulls and pressures of commercial photography –

I keep getting asked whether photography as a full-time career pays well. What are the creative ways to answer this? How much soul-selling happens as we go from hobbyist to professional? This session is for those who have aspirations of getting into photography as a career. I’ll share my experience, bust some myths, and say it like it is.

Seshu will address editing your images for presentation and may delve into off-camera lighting if time permits. He will also be available for individual 1/2 hour portfolio reviews. So, bring your portfolios!

Chandru (um, that’s me) will tackle street photography and give you an overview of The Chennai Photowalk. Tips, techniques and funny anecdotes about walking the streets of Madras with a camera.

Who Should Attend:
20 of you photo-enthusiasts who want to advance your exploration and experiences of the visual world

Chennai, India. Venue: TBD


October 8, 2008, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please be on time as a professional courtesy to other participants and to the workshop leaders. [Anyone who is late will have to recite the inverse square law of light to us ]

Each of us will have a presentation and then open it up to a round of questions and answers. We believe that this will be a collaborative forum, where we are likely to learn some new things from you as well. –
With that, we come to a very important q. To wit,
How Much:

Rs. 3,500 per person.

It buys you, besides our time and a good venue, lunch and a tea-break (friends who know me will vouch for my taste in food. Pun intended.) and potentially some other goodies. Payment at the door and only in cash. Indicate your interest to Chandru (that still is me), for I will keep a running tally on who is coming and how many will be in attendance.

After expenses are taken into account, the remaining amount will be donated to Sankara Nethralaya, the premier eye institution in India. We all think it is appropriate that a workshop about vision and photography benefits a organization that does so much to eliminate blindness in India.

What To Bring: You may choose to bring a camera, if you wish. Also, select 20 of your best images and have them critiqued by Seshu. Most of all, bring an open mind. For those of you who’ve come to the Chennai Photowalk, the mood is going to be very familiar – light-hearted and fun. And (I hope) useful.

Anyway, remember that there are only 20 slots open. Just 20 photographers. So do let me know now (or, um, as soon as you can) if you are coming. 20 is, we think, a decent number that lets us all talk and bounce ideas off each other. So get on the comment and let us know if you are in.

To quote Seshu:
It’s gonna be good. Perhaps, even great. We hope you can join us for the day to celebrate photography.

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  1. o hai. heard about this, but could not make it. hope i can make it next time!

    (Btw this is Aditya/pangalactic gargleblaster/ from flickr)

  2. and guessing from the logo up top, as well as the general feel of this blog, are you an alumnus of the valley? in which case would it be of any use in increasing the chances of your having me attend, were i to mention that i lived and studied there, as well as at rishi valley?
    ๐Ÿ˜› just a wildcard!

  3. i’d love to attend, even though it means a day bunking classes in a busy schedule. but the fee’s more than i can spend in a month as a student. i’m doing development studies at iit madras, and it would be a fascinating experience all the same. is there any way you can accommodate me minus the dough? i’d be happy to write up a review of the whole day’s proceedings, in a somewhat reflective manner, which would also serve as some sort of documentation. do let me know if so.
    mail, or try 9884162999. hoping to hear from you!

  4. good idea thalai!

    and i think its a great idea to donate the surplus to Shankar Nethraliya – hats off.

    good luck on the event.. i hope you’ll post some of the highlights up here as i cant attend.


  5. Hello!

    I’m a student, amature/beginner/wish I could take a good picture photographer from chennai who’d like to learn a few things, am I too…new to photography to attend? Since this will be a collaborative forum and I don’t think you’ll get much out of a newbie like me… :S

    Peace! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. the price feels a bit steep. great idea all the same. if i’m in chennai, i’ll take my chances and drop in. good luck.

  7. Suman: Nanniba.

    Dilip: Unfortunately, we don’t qualify as merchant establishments to install card-readers at point-of-sale. What to do?

  8. No cards, what pity! I gotta skip! I’ve never had anything more than Rs. 500 ever since i’ve been employed. Plastic money rules my life!