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The seventh Chennai Photowalk

Hello folks. And non-folks too.

I don’t, and am unable to, believe that Chennai Photowalk has actually had 6 outings, and each bigger than the one before it. Chennai Photowalk has also spawned a Bangalore chapter, and talks are on to launch a London one soon. Meanwhile, there’s some press interest, some TV and Radio interest in the whole movement (pun intended). So, yay!

Which is why, I am majorly happy to say that religion, politics, food and architecture, (staples of Indian media) along with History (rare-once-in-a-blue-moon dessert) shall be on the agenda for the seventh Chennai Photowalk.

Alright then. To business. On the 11th of May, 2008 is the seventh photowalk. It begins where the first one did. In Mylapore. But the seventh photowalk will not begin when the first one did. For one, a gap of 6 months separates the two walks. For two, the first walk was in coughwinter-timecough Madras and could afford to start at 9. 9 AM of peak-fire-star-summer in Madras is suicide for me and murder when it comes to ya’ll.

So, we will start the seventh Chennai Photowalk at a much cooler, much better time – 6 Am. And will most likely end at 10 Am.
Also so, this will ensure that atleast some of us manage to shake a deep-rooted habit: of waking up at a time the rest of Madras goes to sleep.

So then – teh route.

The idea is to go from what is currently the location of the Mylapore Kapaleswara (which is in Mylapore) to what is (allegedly) (also means not sure, disclaimers and conditions apply) the original location of the above temple – present day Santhome Basilica.

Quick route – Mylapore tank – Kapaleswara Temple – Bazaar Street – Kutchery Road – Santhome Basilica in Santhome. This route is perhaps the oldest route in Madras, with St. Thomas himself said to walk it. Also, Mylapore and Santhome together are probably the oldest settlement in the city, pre-dating even the city. Said route has loads of photo-ops and loads-er-more of history. Including a garden house in which the decision to first form the Indian National Congress was arrived at.

So that’s it. To recap – seventh Chennai Photowalk begins at 6 AM on the 11th of May, at Mylapore tank. Ends around 10 AM at Santhome church. See you all there. I hope.

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  1. Navneeth: Turns out you were right

    Sudhamshu: It was great meeting you.

    Planemad: ๐Ÿ™‚

    Susheel: You didn’t. Though, if you went to bed after 12, you couldn’t have.

    Rahul: Cool. All photos are also on the Chennai Photowalk pool.

    Sneha: Will surely send you a mail.

  2. Hi Chandru, had a great time, though i joined you late. you mentioned in a previous comment that you send mails regarding walks. pls add me in ur list. thanks for the great idea!


  3. Thanks bro!
    had a lovely time ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just didnt get to meet everyone. Maybe next walk onwards, we can start with an introduction.

    another suggestion – Can everyone who uploads the pictures tag them with a common tag. I’ve used “7thchennaiphotowalk”.
    That way can be used to view everyone’s pictures from the walk. Incase you guys are already doing this – great.

    Thanks again. Hope to see you next walk.

    – Rahul

  4. Hmm… Looks like I’ll be able to make it… If I go to sleep right now. It’s already tomorrow!

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ See you guys there… (Hopefully)

  5. if its not too late, id like to purchase a ticket for tomorrow’s (today’s) walk too

  6. It will be my first experience of photowalk and I am eager to join you all tomorrow at the designated time & location!

  7. Some of us are meeting at 5:15 to get the sunrise over the gopuram, if we get lucky.

    Just FYI: Sunrise it at 5:45 on the 11th, and for the Sun to get to an appreciable altitude would take us well beyond 6.

  8. Kunal: I do send out mails about the walk, but I forgot to include you in the list. Will do that now. I also send out a mail to all in the facebook group.

    Tushar: At the North and West Mada street junction, near the temple tank and the bazaar. Some of us are meeting at 5:15 to get the sunrise over the gopuram, if we get lucky.

  9. Thalaivar, know I sent the mail, but just asking again : where we meeting?

  10. will be there minus shower plus deo plus sleepyhead[mine] ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. I’m in… will be there by 5.30

    Is it possible to send out a email regarding when the photowalk happens. Would have missed it if i did not visit the blog.

  12. Sethu: Only prerequisite is to be in Madras on the day of the walk.

    Narain: Um, your call.

    Navneeth: Deo heh? Hmm…

    Ananth: Super!

  13. will be rite there after shower

  14. 6 am? should i shower and come?

    That’s the most interesting question ever asked! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Some deo’ would do, I guess. ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. 6 am? should i shower and come?

  16. Guys,jus hit this site randomly! looks great to me,So any pre-requisite to join you guys?

  17. Vincent: Wow! Thanks. Great suggestions, all of that. I think we should cover most, if not all, on the day. There are a couple of Mylapore folks coming along and even if I miss something, they’ll catch it.

    Baradwaj: Uh ho!

    Navneeth: Yeah, the birds on the estuary. We should do a walk there once.

    Kannan: Thanks. And see you there.

    Arvind: Oh. A friend’s wedding takes priority. Have fun.

  18. Hey Chan,

    I will not be able to make it , got a frnd’s marriage happng on that day…. ๐Ÿ™ Missing a good chance to capture the beauty of Mylai….. Have fun dude!


  19. Good show….
    will try to catchup this time…
    Hats off to your initiative..

  20. As you walk towards the cathedral, opp. the Pastoral Centre, look for an ancient Portuguese era church. It is located inside a compound of schools and convent of nuns.

    It’s pretty embarrassing to say that I noticed this structure only recently, thanks to route I’ve been taking, virtually every morning, for the past few months. Above the entrance it reads 1635. Ever since I saw that, I’ve been waiting for a Mylapore-Santhome edition of the Photowalk. Also, the building next to St.Bede’s has a plaque that says 1735 or was it 1729? (Yes, I think it’s the Ramanujan number. :D)

    Some later, you should plan a San Thome walk. From the Light House to MRC Nagar.

    I see lot of migratory birds on the erstwhile estuary on the way to M.R.C Nagar, and I’ve wanted to go their early sometime, but unless there’s a walk, I won’t usually get up early on a Sunday.

  21. I will not be able to make it ๐Ÿ™ ... am out of city …

  22. First. Congrats C and the Group.
    Its great to see that the Photowalks have stabilised and are . . . on the walk!

    Also, Great to see you guys back in Mylapore.
    May I share a few tips / make some suggestions here ( not because we run Mylapore Times and the Mylapore Festival!)

    Get into Nadu Street, take the first main right, walk on and take the next right into Sundareswarar Street. Look out for vernacular architecture.

    Cross the road and get into Pitchupillai Street ( if Mami’s idli kadai is open, have a bite!). walk alongside the southern wall of temple and get into the tank – the gates are open till abt noontime.

    If you have time sit on the pyol of the tiled houses of the temple priests alongside the tank and simply stare at the waters . . . This area has been this way for 300 years.

    If you chance to move to the South Mada St end, linger on two great houses – Solar House was and is the hub of chess coaching for decades. Sadly, this
    old house may be pulled down soon.

    On R K Math Rd., behind one of the MTC bus stands look for a rundown house which has a lovely metal plaque – Moubrays Road, it reads, along with the name of this ‘vilas’.

    On Kutchery Rd., do drop into the police station campus. This one, is among the seven police stations built by the British and all seven had the same layout and design. Just three remain and one is in Mylapore.

    It remains because some Mylaporeans and the then DCP impressed on the state to conserve the old building and build new ones behind it.
    Take a close look at the marble plaque. Is it 1906??

    Suggest you should turn off left at the Canal, take the bridge and peep into Thiruvalluvar Temple – it isnt a great place but is a landmark few people are aware of!
    And as you walk east towards Bazaar Road, take in the rows of street houses – pyol, thinnai, tiles and door that open into the street – these were the typical houses people built here. . .

    Take in Bazaar Rd. closely. This was the only main road that linked the villages Thiru-alli-keni and Maila-oor. Thats why a bustling bazaar.
    Also, the place where Marwaris settled – great place to lend monies. Ages ago, the ancestors of these families ( 2/3 huge bungalows – on your right) remain) walked all the way from Rajasthan to get here. Each bungalow had 30 odd rooms to accommodate 4/5 families.

    Dubba Chetty doesnt open early but take in similar shops in the corner. Fascinating stocks they have.

    Peep into the mosque here – also boasts of colourful heritage.

    As you walk towards the cathedral, opp. the Pastoral Centre, look for an ancient Portuguese era church. It is located inside a compound of schools and convent of nuns. On Sundays, a small door is open for worshippers. If open, please get in and take in this place – simple but stark.

    At the Cathedral, since it is Sunday, Holy Masses are held thru’ the morn, so we suggest you be discreet when you walk into this church. Take the side doors into the main hall and also check in thro the side sections. Take a close look at the altar and the stained glass windows. Jesus on the cross stands on a lotus – Indianisation of the church. . .

    Don’t skip the museum behind the church. And take the steps down to the tomb of St Thomas.

    Exit at the rear, south side thro the gate and in that lane that leads to the beach and seashore, stare at a mast with a legend!

    In the old days, a tram line ran from Luz Corner to the Cathedral area, allowing people to travel easily to the only leisure space – the beach. Close to the steps ( near that mast) and in the sands was a community radio house where people would sit around and listen to news, music and features.
    The lane was a key gateway – once when the church wanted to shut it since its property is on either side of the lane, there was a big agitation – some day Sir C P Ramaswamy took part in it!

    I hope you folks have a great time on this walk – breakfast and Madurai Meenakshi Bhavan, south of the cathedral, is a nice option.

    Some later, you should plan a San Thome walk. From the Light House to MRC Nagar.

  23. Bharat: Come. Come. Leave Hyd or Saturday evening. Come straight to Mylapore.

  24. And considering the fact that i missed so many in between which have been having fantastic results… i should do it this time…

  25. Sunday Morning 6 am sounds just great. But i would be in Hyderabad then… if i can make it for the weekend here… which i am really thinking of cos of various reasons… i will be back to the Chennai Photowalk

  26. Navneeth: You’ve got your answer.

    JM: Come! Come! Come. But when you do, I will shut up. You should do all the talking.

    Venky: Hello! Long time.
    Thanks for the tip – we’ll keep an eye out for both.

  27. do not forget to capture the “Santhome Post Office”. It is more than 100 years old and they are planning to shut it down.

    Other photop is the “Dubba Chetty Nattu Marunthu Kadai”. Possibly close to 100 years old..

  28. i want to also be part of it.

  29. MM copy vaandhu sollu, saar secratary tu

    Just clarifying…do you want to know if the article about the photowalk has appeared in Madras Musings? Or am I way off the mark? ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Pandiyan: Super!
    Yeah, 5:30 is the time. I intend to be there at 5-5:15 itself and wait for the sun and the others to rise and shine.

  31. I should be able to make it this time. And if you want to catch the morning light 5.30 am is more like it! I know. It is insane.

  32. Navneeth: Super!

    JM: Definitely.

    Ms. Jen: Absolutely.

    Pseudonym: Excellent. See you there.

    Sid: Great! Yeah 8:30 was pretty hot. And we’d just started then.

    Rakesh: At least this way, you have a good chance of going back home early and sleeping the rest of the day.

    Aparna: Come. It will be fun.

    Ram: Damn! Maybe you can take the Sunday off and come just for the walk?

  33. Hey i was dreading this announcement ….. i’m off to bangalore on 10th and back on 17th ….. ๐Ÿ™ missing it …....

  34. I wish I could make it to this one atleast ๐Ÿ™‚ And Rakesh good one ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. I have already tried to come to one of the photowalks and always end up waking up late. I thought 8 o clock was an insane time to wake up. Now you have made it 6 and the only way I might join you this time is by staying up the whole night next to mylapore tank. :(.

  36. Nice.. I’m in. Last time was really super hot at 8:30 itself.

    @Usman: There is already a Mumbai photowalk –

  37. Am in….6 am is super time.Cheers

  38. C –
    If you are expanding the franchise, can I start the Chennai Photowalk Southern California Chapter?


  39. MM copy vaandhu sollu, saar secratary tu sollirukken.

  40. Soooobr! I’m there!

  41. my last and toughest exam the next day ๐Ÿ™

  42. Dilip: Super. Can you tell Claude of the date too?

  43. I’ll be there ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Sharanya: We wonly were working to keep people from turning to Charcoal. Also, idea was to manage sunrise over kapaleswara gopuram.

    Usman: Sure. We can do Chennai Photowalk Mumbai chapter. Let me know when.

  45. Have migrated to Bombay aka Mumbai. Any ideas of starting a chapter here…

  46. If you were not evil, you would not be my collaborator. Still. 6am.