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The sixth Chennai Photowalk

Good morning, folks.
(And for those of you not in the IST, good whatever time of day it is)

So, it’s a new month. And that means a new photowalk. Because this is April, and spring (for Madras, the start of the hotter period) and fool’s day, I thought I’d do a slicha different photowalk. For the five walks behind us, we did Old Madras. So, the plan is to do new Madras. We’ll walk down the Old Mahabalipuram Road, beginning at Madhya Kailash and going all the way up to the dyslexia-inducing corridors of NIFT. The distance, when I last measured, was about 2 kilometres, a distance I’ve found (and so have those of you who’ve walked so far) perfect.

The stretch offers such brilliant architectural and design styles. From the pseudo-old Dravidian of Madhya Kailash temple, to the pseudo-skyscraper of Tidel to the seriously confusing, nevertheless entertaining, angles of NIFT. Of History, this place has a little to offer. Of photo ops, this stretch has a lot to offer. SO there.

So, that’s the plan. New Madras on Old Mahabalipuram Road, on Sunday 13th April 2008. 8 AM.

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  1. hey.. when is the next photo walk

  2. any one of the walkers had a chance to check out the latest Madras Musings?

  3. my old ‘hood? Nice. Nift’s architecture sucks ads. But wait – that’s not why you’re going there are you?

  4. Kunal: Rest that ankle. You can always walk the next walk.

    Sasi: Super.

    Tariq: Super.

  5. Count me in aswell. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I am joining, may my sister will also like to join me as well..

  7. Sorry, I wont be walking with you guys this time cos i cannot walk! I fractured my ankle 2 weeks ago and cannot strain it.

    Until the next walk… Cheers!

  8. Meera: Please do try and make it.

    Suganthi: Just land up there. You will not be able to miss us, even if you try.

  9. How does this work? Just walk in with the camera..find a bunch a them with camera too ..say a Hi & join…??

  10. Hey,
    Just learned that Tamil New Year’s on the 13th ๐Ÿ™ Can’t make it—kudumba istiri matters, you see!


  11. Ooh! Would love to make it.
    Will be there def if I get rid of this chicken pox by then.

  12. Im in. And am also for an earlier start.

  13. Meera, Aravind and others asking for an earlier start:

    If there are enough supporters for an earlier start time, I can work it out. But some are coming from Bangalore and wouldn’t get to Madras till 7:30. And getting people out of bed early on a Sunday will surely push me closer to hell.

    Still…I shall try. See you there?

  14. Second (or third?) the “starting earlier” idea.
    Also, perhaps we can start off at 8:15 or so (to allow for some stragglers) and those coming later than that can join us along the way?

  15. Divya: Hmm…you could always get the whole Singapore branch of IIT Madras down here, and work out a bargain deal with the airline.

    Aravind: Will try. But in my experience, 8 AM is the best for a lot of folks.


  16. hey brother, I am going to be joining you guys for this walk. Will you please shift the timing to 0700hrs. The sun is a killer at 0800hrs. Cheers…

  17. Waah, this time u go so clooose to my place! Not fair! Would love to come, but singapore-chennai ticket a bit expensive ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Shutterbug Iyer: What else can I do to tempt you more?

    Aadisht: Yay! Super. We shall eagerly await thine arrival.

    Navneeth: Loads of places on the way man. Buckingham canal, MRTS line, CPT, CIT, El net, Tidel and so on.

    Pandiyan: hmmm. Would have loved to have you along.

    Wa: Hmmm

    Baradwaj: super! Super.

  19. Cool, will be there, the tricky part is going to be on choosing which side of the road one will walk … Not sure if the divider is “Pedestrian friendly” at all times ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Alas, I won’t be around. Keep walking.

  21. Of photo ops, this stretch has a lot to offer.

    Really? It’s one long wall on one side (with artwork that reminds of NCERT textbooks), and a railway track that you cannot see on the other. Chennai never appeals to me as much as Madras did(does?). ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Count me in! Indian Railways says it will not deliver me to Chennai Central until 7.20 a.m., so please to adjust sleisha.

  23. It is tempting! being a weekend.
    Anyway, I should move back to Madras next year, when we can plan many more walks.

  24. Hello saar!

    I didn’t know you’d moved to Trivandrum. Nice. Best of luck.
    And, oh, will you be able to make a one-day trip to Madras? ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Nice way to start the (Tamil) New Year.
    Good luck!
    As you perhaps know, I am now in Trivandrum, post retirement, on an assignment with the Asian School of Business (

  26. Thanks Susheel.
    I do want to start early, but I am not sure how many will come if it is 6 or even 7 Am.

  27. Looks like another good idea. Maybe we should start out earlier though…

    The days are really getting to be hot!