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I am going to (I’m not kidding) file a suit against the Supreme Court of India for hurting the religious and cultural sentiments of the Tamils.

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  1. Jallikattu – The fight is now outside the ring

    Pongal, the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu is also the time for Jallikattu – the traditional bull fight that takes place in Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and Tanjore. Of these the spectacle at Alanganallur, near Madurai, is the most talked about simply because it is the most ferocious.

    Somehow, there’s so much raw energy in the air at the time of Jallikattu. Even a casual visitor can feel the vibes and horror. Whole villages come to a stand-still at the time of this traditional bull fight. It is considered ‘veera velayattu’, the game of the brave and indeed the game does take immense bravery – to tame a wild bull called the ‘Jallikatu Kalai’.

    The game involves taming the bull, by locking its horns and getting it to stand still for a short while. The person, who does so, gets the purse or whatever gift the brave one is destined to receive.

    Today, there is a huge hue and cry to ban this traditional sport that animal rights activists have branded a vile blood sport. True, not only do the bulls that enter the Jallikattu ring suffer a blood bath, some of the participants, often little children do end up in hospital and often in the morgue. So they say there’s no reason why the sport should be banned forthwith.

    What is your opinion? Vote here to RUN or BAN

  2. Mudiyathu. I only want IP.

  3. Nilu: I shall introduce the two of you. Then do all you want.

    Swati: Thank you. I shall also try be more intelligent than I am already. Though, I am afraid this blog will then become beyond the reach of normal, regular people. What to do?

    Karthik: One meeting shall be arranged.

  4. Nilu: Why take the pain of tracking me through IP Addresses. Chandrachoodan can give you my full postal address. You can get your summons served at that address. Cheers, Karthik

  5. C, yes, sure…i will try my best to be more intelligent next time…but…pls, pls promise me you will post something more intelligent.

  6. I want IP. Illana unna koluthuven.

  7. Ravages,
    Why is Chenthil’s argument a bit of a stretch? Because it conflicts with the already existing laws that don’t allow people to hunt animals for pleasure when ‘allowing’ consumption of non-vegetarian food?

    P.S. Why, hunting down animals surely must also have once been some sort of culture thing, no?

  8. Chenthil: A bit of a stretch, that argument. Still…

    Nilu: Vidu vidu. Long time, close friend and all.

  9. Chandru, please make this Karthik person’s IP public. I have decided to sue him. Much easier target.

  10. Hmm Karthik, won’t it be better for the animals if no one killed them for food? So if the supreme court decrees tomorrow that to prevent cruelty to animals every one should become a vegetarian, will you accept it?

    And tell me one thing, have you ever seen the cruelties that you describe in detail? Have you ever been to a Jalli Kattu?

  11. I am sorry but yours is not a valid argument. You have totally lost the point as to what the Supreme Court is trying to do. People like you feel that the Supreme Court should not tell you what to do because you feel it is affecting your prestige. It is a typical attitude of “who is he to tell me what to do and what not to do?”

    These people (in favour of this “Sport”) are trying to protect their false prestige under the false shield of religion, tradition & cultural sentiments.

    Also understand one thing, elections are around the corner in 2009 and Madurai belt is a crucial area for the ruling party (Stalin vs. Azhagiri). Why I am mentioning this here is that all protests are politically motivated by these political parties and it is easy to provoke people like you on the likes of religion, culture and tradition.

  12. Karthik: The supreme court and a bunch of people who have very little connection to Tamil Nadu and its tradition dictate how we run our lives.

    Swati: Um. Can you be a little more intelligent when commenting here?

  13. Oh…instead of the bull…why don’t you run..with people pulling your hands and pouncing on you from everywhere?

    You feel hurt…what about the bulls?

  14. What the hell? Jallikattu is nothing but exhibition sheer cruelty towards the poor animals. The bulls are made to drink arrack (alcohol) and chilli powder is sprinkled into their eyes to make them ferocious. The bulls are subjected to enormous cruelty before and during the competition. Moreover, human lives are also lost and scores are injured.

    We must stop this barbaric and cruel acts. We must also stop shielding these act of ours under the umbrella of religion & culture. No religion says you can treat anyone (whether human or not) with such cruelty.

    I am with the Supreme Court. Lets stop this Jallikattu business.