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The Second Chennai Photowalk

The first instalment on the Chennai Photowalk was, considering what my expectations were, a bit of a dampener. I mean, enough people did turn up – at one point the group numbered 12. But I was half expecting a mob, and was bracing myself for an arrest under some law – perhaps inciting a riot, taking out unauthorised processions, or even wielding a camera in a public place.
But, the point is – the first photowalk was. It happened, and if you checked out the photos on flickr, you’d see that most people had fun, and some people had fun most of the time. Or some thing like that.

So, what would make it better? Why, a second one of course! So here’s the Second Chennai Photowalk. To take part in it, all you have to do is click the link that says “Read more”

All right. Here’s the plan. We shall begin this walk where we ended the last one. On December the 9th, at 9:12 am, all those interested will assemble at the outer gate of the Fort St. George.

Fort to War Memorial is but a hop and skip. Where I shall point out the little known countries and the big-known countries British have fought against/in. From there, to Napier’s is again a skip and a hop. A smaller skip, I might add. Standing right in the middle of Napier’s bridge (it’s safe – there’s a pedestrian walkway there) one can spot the Indo-Saracenic domes of the Senate Building of Madras University. Which will be our next stop. The Madras University’s senate building recently underwent a massive renovation and I haven’t been there since. So I am hoping this would give me and all you a great opportunity to photograph a beautiful building in as pristine a condition as you can get.
From the Madras University, we will walk down the beach road, clicking photos of statues, marvelling at, on the one hand the beauty of the old buildings and the ugliness of some of the new ones. As we walk down, we will spot the Presidency college, the PWD building, the ugly building that once used to be the gardens of the Chepauk Palace, the Vivekananda house where once ice was stored, later a philosopher. We shall take in the corporation ground that once hosted a Ranji trophy match in which Tiger Pataudi hit a six, and which is now one third (the ground, not the six) of its original size thanks to the MRTS. We shall also take in good, ice-cold Aavin flavoured milk at the little outlet in the government building here.

Once victuals are victualised, we shall proceed down the Marina, built to rival the one in Palermo, toward Gandhi and his horribly wrong posture and wonder at the white brilliance that is the former Masonic lodge, now occupied by the police. We shall end the walk here. And go our separate ways.

A concise recap:
Fort St. George -> War Memorial -> Madras University -> Along Marina -> Gandhi Statue
on Sunday, 9th December, 2007 at 9 AM. Roughly.

All those who’re joining us/me on the walk, a show of hands and a comment on this post.

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  1. Is the photowalk happening? I’m in for sure! How about a photodrive/ride?

  2. I am in for the next photowalk. Just wanted to make sure I will be in town.

  3. VN: It will most likely be in January, the second weekend.

  4. when is the third one? will it be in jan?

  5. Yeah. Maamisphere needs to be conquered. Will do that too! And yes, photos shall be published in an amazing place.

  6. Dude, these guys have blocked every site under the sun including flickr. So you post the photos in some site accessible in the moslem country, no?
    Considering the frequency of your walks, I guess I will walk the 4th. Supposing you land in Music Academy(after kissing Triplicane or our man Ram’s house or whatever) after Part 3, let the maamisphere be 4th’s circumference. Forget the Geometry.

  7. Ah! But this Aavin flavoured milk is different.

  8. I’ll be there. For everything but the good, ice-cold Aavin flavoured milk. I don’t have fond memories of consuming the drink.

  9. Yup! There will definitely be a 3rd walk. And a 3rd rock. (Er…bad. Sorry!)
    I shall blog the details of the 3rd one soon. See you then.

  10. Oops. I’m not in town this time. But, I’ll be there definitely if there’s a 3rd walk!

    great show!

  11. I want some good pictures of Presidency college, please.

  12. PlaneMad: Cool.

    Dilip: Scooter’s fine. Stroll along.

  13. I can’t walk. Does anybody mind me strolling by on my scooter? 😀