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Rant: Let nouns be nouns. Verbs, adverbs and adjectives too

Dear people who use words indiscriminately,

Please do not coin words because your vocabulary fails you. There is language enough. Connect is a verb. Do not use it as a noun. There is a word, connection. ‘Operationalise’ is stupid whether you spell it with an ess or a zed.

There is a word, terror; there is a word, terrify. Wherefore terrorise (with an ess or a zed)?

Thank you.

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  1. It no more is? Hmmm…could it probably be because of certain comments?

  2. This post was terrifible.

  3. Perhaps because they are in a terrible hurry? Actually I have no quibbles against how people pronounce words. To each their own orthoepy, I say.

  4. Hmm..
    Perhaps you can answer why some people pronounce terrible trebbul. Or ever treble…what say?

  5. You pipped me to the post, CCG. I am terribly miffed.

  6. Terrific question, Lavanya. I am terrible at answering such q, though. I am terrified, even. So I shall let Lalita answer it.


  7. ‘terrify’ reminds me, why do people confuse ‘terrible’ and ‘terrific’?