Selective Amnesia There was a point to this. But I forgot.


Sometimes, you can do nothing but nod your head.

Commenting on my old, old post about Chennai vs. Bangalore, Ankur, who it’s obvious is 4m Bangalore, says this:

Madras is for working the poverty is higher than in Karnataka.people are just movie freaks and fan clubs.TN itself,people are happy with some liquor or a cinema.while in karnataka,the lifestyle is different and people are richer.also karnataka is not like TN where tamil unites people.kannada is spoken widely only in mysore,bangalore,hubli-dharward belt.marathis are more in northern karnataka esp belgaum etc.while Kodavas,Tuluvas populate mangalore and Madikeri areas.the linking language is kannada as far as i know.

this makes kannadiga’s accepting northies and others without any problem.infact native kannadigas knows hindi/urdu,tamil,telegu apart from kannada.there open heartness yielded Bangalore recommended for any foreigner or northies when coming to south india.

Tamil Nadu/Andhra is poor people with a bad mentality to loot every other one who reaches their.even the cleanliness is not there for these people.
for chennai,if ur ready to bear the tamil and their is a heaven for u with that cheap living expense compared to any metropolitan city.

So,apart from kerela(i visited thrice cochin,kottayam),karnataka is the wiser option for any one from any place.
well,kerela is such a nice place and the language is similar to tamil,but i can understand many words because of sanskrit it contains.also kerela people are more open minded,they speak hindi(horrible) which atleast helps in communication apart from english which even a villager knows!bad-there is no big city in that state.I liked the people in kerela.especially the girls are soo cute n nice to look. ๐Ÿ˜‰

What to say, Ankur? You’ve single-commentedly (to coin a word) achieved what many, many bloggers have only aspired for. That of leaving me speechless, at the pure brilliance and cold logic of your comment.

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  1. I am a mallu from Bangalore. I love the beauty of Kerala. I know TN and AP well enough. However, nothing beats Bangalore if you are looking for a cosmopolitan place to live, have fun and meet all your other Indians. Ofcourse only if you don’t mind the main culprits that is screwing up Bangalore- PPP. PPP for “Polution, Politicians and Population”

  2. wow…what a comment… going to go straight to this guys page and see what he posts about if he does.

    How well he sums up everything.

    Is he standing for elections from Bangalore by any chance?

  3. Not that it has changed as much as it has always been very multi-lingual/multi-ethnic/cosmopolitan. Tiruppur’s knitting industry has many people who look to Gujarat as their home-land.
    Madras’ Marwadis and Gujratis are legion. It’s just that these people have always been around in Tamil Nadu. And so, they don’t make a big fuss about people learning Hindi to speak to them.

  4. hmm..honestly I two years or I assume you are telling me that there is a visible change and one can perceive the cosmopolitan nature..well I will take your word for it..if that is what is happening…great
    Actually, you know what fuck ankur..up his kerala girls admiring hindi understanding backside

  5. @Lavda Lasund: Hmmm.. True. Have you ever walked around Madras, or Madurai, or Tiruppur lately?

  6. but I find a bit of truth in what Ankur is saying..Karnataka seems to be more multicultural…that does not make chennai bad but that is a fact…and a cosmpolitan nature is always good.

  7. It’s not just teh English. It’s his blanket assumption about Madras, Tamil Nadu and what not? His comment was a) illogical and lacking in facts, b) bereft of grammar and cohesion and as unreadable as a comment could be and c) in bad taste. I, as the author of this blog can therefore do as I please.

    I am not looking for your approval.

  8. Sorry, but I just cannot comprehend this kind of behavior or the justification for it. I couldn’t understand what was going on in the beginning, but the horrible realization that people were making a joke out of this person’s supposedly poor English finally dawned on me. But the blog author can do as he damn well pleases, and I respect that. I just don’t approve of it. Period.

  9. @Sanju: Well, I usually don’t. But, please, read that comment. Tell me you don’t want to trip it up?

  10. I don’t think it is right to parade people who post on your blog and make a joke of them.

  11. That was hillllllarious. Boy oh boy, it took me full 10 mins to take a grip and finish reading the post.

    Tamil mannil pirandu valanda kannada penmani ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. I am a good lucking Mallu man, and my English has very good strandrad, will you accept frandship with me my frand?

    Kerela, Kerela? Oh man oh man oh man.

  13. When you get stellar comments like this, you can safely say you have arrived in blogosphere. Well done!! Now you know what you have to do to keep it up

  14. Also this argument becomes very subjective. People coming from north want people to speak Hindi, want to be served with roti & stuff and want a hangout spot where they can burn their pockets. If a city provides it, then according to them the city rocks, otherwise it sucks. So for them Bangalore rocks and Chennai sucks. These are opinions guided by selfish interests. I lived all my life in Chennai (minus 4 years away) and I wont say Chennai rocks, but definitely does not suck.

  15. CC..Increasing Hits, Anuradha Sengupta way!! Keep it up.

  16. Sometimes it’s morons like this guy who make your day. You read such comments and get to know such lunatics, and then you kickstart your day happily, for you’ve seen the worst.

  17. Thanks to Ankur, now I can proudly say that, I am from Bangalore!

  18. I am also the Kannadiga. But I am staying in the poor Tamil Nadu and loving it for alcohol for many years. I like good looking Mallu man. And I am tasting gongura of Andhra. I am understanding Hindi bit by bit because for Shah Rukh Khan.

    Right now, all I ask of you is to tell that Mister Ankur to go hide somewhere in his Karnataka where I cant find him. Warn him though, that if I ever get hold of him I will throw some grammar on his face!

  19. I am left breathless, speechless and bereft of grammar and punctuation too at the end of it. Oh me, oh my. I wish I had such comments on my blog, sigh.

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