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Mukesh Ambani’s house

Dear Sheelah and few other journalists,

Yes. It is a big house. And yes, it’s calculated to fuck your senses. So?
And oh, leave the guy do what he is good at, no? Why fucking care about disparity and simmering class conflict? Why compare to the Tatas?
How many times will I have to read the growth-not-yet-growth and the seventy-percent-of-indians-in-poverty lines on a story about India? Any fucking story? Sports, films, business, Internet, healthcare, sex, education and how many more are they? If you need help coming up with a new cliche, let me know. I have some experience in the field.

Thank you, and please, again, let the man do what he wants to, no?


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  1. So people are comparing how much Mukesh is spending, his own money, building His famous House in Mumbai?
    How much money was spent building Taj Mahal, Tower of Pizza in Italy, Queen Elizabeths residence in England and various castles in England?
    It is his money and why should people make comments of poor people in India?
    I have seen hundreds of poor people in the city I currenlty live in USA, and people,WHITE, say that USA is the most prosporous?Bulshit I say.

  2. chandra – “choodan”

    chanda mama fucker…
    why cant people like you mind your own business…

  3. Gyaani, I could not agree any more with you. Very well said. Among all these illeterates, seems like they still have some ‘Gyaani’ ppl. Makes me say..aap to Gyaani hai, Antaryami hai, Budhimaan hai, shaktimaan hai, mein to kehta hoon ki aap purush hi nahi hai..Tsk Tsk Maha purush hai..maha sabkuch!

  4. Mr. Chandra-”Chodan” (I can imagine how much your parents must have hated you to name u that!)

    Anyway, why the fuck you give a damn about writing a post about such article which you don’t want to read…yet you read it this time?

    And to hell with YOUR preferences go fuck the Moon (“chandra”) no body gives a shit…

    Let the journalists do what they want to, NO?

  5. Totally agree. Instead of

    1) A room by room comparison of Bill Gates and Ambani’s house
    2) A MTV celebrity house walk through MTV style, with Ambani wearing a basketball jersey and bling and showing off his gold plated jacuzzi that lets him bathe in panneer soda
    3) A top-10 photo feature of India’s 10 best business magnate houses

    They still persist with the same old class difference shit.

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