Selective Amnesia There was a point to this. But I forgot.


The anti-tamil bias, hitherto hidden, has been revealed

We are talking of the Desipundit. I consider it a personal failing that I have been unable to discover their very latent anti-Tamil bias. Thankfully, AntiFalstaffSlave has called them on it, in this comment:

i also think you guys have something against a set of bloggers that i read. they have big independent readerships but still many hat tips i have given for anoosrini, anti, chenthil, adisht, chandrachoodan, ravages, hawkeye, ammani, have been ignored.

i dont know what your history is with these guys, maybe even those bloggers dont care about this, but it makes people like me who aren’t ‘in the know’ angry. as if the blogs i follow isnt desipundit worthy enough. i am thinking of a link that was discussing desipundit biases but can find it.

“Heh”, you exclaim. “Where is the anti-tamil bias pointed out in the comment?”, you ask. Look at the names AntiFalstaffSlave (AFS) mentions. Without exception, they are all Tamil.

So, first, my thanks to AFS for throwing light on an issue that needs to have light thrown at. Now, AFS is also right in saying that the bloggers don’t care about “this”. At least, I don’t. I used to. Not anymore. For, under the Jagadguru’s tutelage, I’ve learnt to go beyond these petty, trivial issues and embrace the wholeness, the bigness, the non-free-market-fundamentalist-ness that is the human nature.

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  1. Did you notice that this post has been linked by somebody attempting to detect and treat anaemia?

    I am a relative newcomer to this. Is Jagadguru the left wing firebrand prophet with my last name, who does video podcasts?

  2. ahaa, naatu poosari-ai naan amodhikkiren.

  3. hmm.. abhinandan does link some tamil bloggers now and then at desipundit. (hey i got linked once ;-))

  4. DesiPundit is an anagram of ‘sided input’ as I had remarked once before. 🙂

  5. What is a Desipundit?

    Can’t you tell from the name that it’s a north Indian name?

    We should start our own version of that site called

    “Naattu Poosaari”