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On Tamil separatism

This blog, and some others, have seen requests, and hosted posts on a separate Tamil nation. I, for one, support the cause. But here’s how to do it, smartly.

Firstly, no use being a sovereign country, independent of the clutches of the Hindi India, if you don’t have enough space around you. Which means, the new nation-state of Tamilagam will necessarily be a large country, and comprise of the provinces that were taken away from it, forcibly, by the bigots, after Indian independence.
Which means, New Tamilagam will begin to the North of Bangalore, and include in its fold areas such as Coorg, Chitoor, Nellore, Tirupati, all of Kerala, Srilanka, Singapore, Malaysia and perhaps, western Australia. Goa will be Tamilagam’s outpost, with Bengal paying us taxes. (I shall be benevolent and agree to 1356 as the day from which taxes are to be retrospectively collected)

OK. Here’s how to do it. First, all Tamils in Bangalore (that’s close to 76% of the population, including a Mr. K.R. Aadishtan) begin buying up land, all the way from Bannerghetta Road to Hosur Main road, and continue till you reach Katpadi Junction. Consolidate all of this land under one name – Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan. I shall then choose to recognize only the jurisdiction of Tamil Nadu for all purposes. Which would extend present Tamil Nadu borders up to Bangalore.

We will repeat the process in Kerala. Buy up land on either side of the border, consolidate it under my name and refuse to acknowledge the alien government. Keep pushing the borders till we reach the sea. Now, turn northwards. Nellore, Tirupati and, what the hey, throw in Vishakapatnam too, will need to be ‘consolidated’ too.

Next step – Establish an alternate government. We all know that a monopoly is inefficient because it undersupplies at a price point. So is the monopoly called Government. Fight it! We’ll set up an alternate governing body, based on the lines of the Chola monarchy (with democratic, independent village bodies), with me as the RajaRajan. Once I assume power, I shall decree that the so called Democratic government is but a stooge of the Hindi speakers. And call for the ‘mara tamizhan’ to come forth, save the karpu of the land from these puppets of the Hindi overlords.

That should, I think, do the trick.

P.S: Real life, real time incident. All truth, no embellishment. In Munnar is a hill called the Kolukkumalai. Right on top of the hill is the Kolukkumalai Tea estate. The owners of which are the Ayyan Firecrackers Company – a Tamilnadu organisation. Now, though the hill started off as ‘belonging’ to Kerala, it comes under TN regulations, taxes and rent-control inclusive.

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  1. No…..............It is not the same kind of mistake that you have done. By typing fast one can make these kinds of errors. But yours is not like that.What Malayali has pointed out is a fundamental error which u have to correct.
    Any way I am correcting myself. You asked “Who si ideat” Sorry it is idiot.Here is my answer. Each pandey is an idiot. When did they start opening mouth? Long back they started opening mouth. But no use.We are going to shut ur mouth….Then you have asked me to grow up!! We have already grown up long back to the level of 100% literate state which you pandeys can’t achieve even within 100 years.
    You are teaching all of us spelling.Ok, good. But before that you have to teach people in your state how to write their names at least in their mother tongue(Tamil).Until then you can pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease shut your mouth.

  2. Mr.Kannadiga,malayai,
    We agree with u 100% & we are ready to join with u to drive these bloody tamil street dogs form our India Come on..Come on.. Take stones in ur hands and throw at them.
    Very nice to see Malayali’s prompt reply to Mr. Human.Tamils don’t even know where to use “a” and “an” and say that they are masters over every body.

  3. Sorry buddy(malayali) I noticed it after the post, unfortunately there is no delete option here to correct it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway thanks for vetting my post ๐Ÿ™‚
    Again it is “English” and not “Einglish”. I am sure you committed this mistake similar to how I did ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Dey Pandey…....
    You people don’t know to read & write your own language (Tamil) and teaching us the spelling in Einglish. Knowing some of the words’ spelling does not make you great.You have mentioned “kannada is a old language”.Wrong.”Kannada is an old language”.When a vowel follows you have to use “an” instead of “a”.

  5. Kannada is a old language and quite rich in culture.
    Kannadigas have always been very proud of their language and culture.
    The recently elected MPs from Karnataka took oaths in Kannada in Parliament and the first one to do so was J.H Patil who was a kannadiga again.
    Way to Go !
    This is one admirable aspect in Kannadigas !

    [One correction it is not “ideat” but “idiot”
    See I have taught you the spelling for a word very commonly used by you all ๐Ÿ™‚ ]

  6. Thank you Mr.Kannadiga for giving us great support….We will pull their tongues out if they (pandeys) continue barking….Fuck them….....Poori pandeys

  7. Mr.Kannadiga,malayai,
    We agree with u 100% & we are ready to join with u to drive these bloody tamil street dogs form our IndiaCome on!!Come on!! Take stones in ur hands and throw at them

  8. We (Kannadigas) also hate tamils because they are the most narrow-minded people. In Bangalore also they are destroying our language and culture.Mr.Human, you are really an ideat as Mr.Kutty told.First you have to grow up, then only you have the right to advise others. So I request all of my friends to throw stones at these tamil people,Don’t make friendship with them, Isolate them, Whenever you see them spit at their faces,
    Mr.Malayali, you are wrong.You are telling tamils are the worst people in India.No, they are the worst people in this world.
    Hey Tamils, whole world hates you, then why you are living here? Please go out from India. We don’t want you.
    Any way we kannadigas hate tamils. I am asking every body mallus, telugus,north indians to join us to kick these devils out!!

  9. Who is ideat ? When did he open his mouth ? ๐Ÿ™‚
    And your friend Mr. Malayali thinks that you are excellent in English ๐Ÿ™‚

    Grow up Kutty ! Grow up !

    “People living in glass houses ought not to throw stones at others”

  10. Eda panna pandi pulayadi mone….....

    Shut ur mouth ideat…....You poori pandeys are not part of India….........Dirty dogs….....Bastaards….......mother fuckers…....We are not considering you as our countrymen…....You are a disgrace to the whole India…...Like Srilankan govt. killed Prabhakaran, one day all Indians will join their hands and shoot down all the tamil pandy dogs…We will not allow you bark any more..Better change your name…....You are a disgrace to the whole human community…..Not only you, all poori pandeys…...

  11. Malayali,

    And its a pity that you are using the name Malayali.
    You will be better off changing your name.
    Trust me you are a disgrace to all Malayalis.

  12. Mr Malayali and Kutty,

    Respect towards your country should be in deeds not in words.
    What is the use of trying to respect a country or a language when you cannot show the same respect towards your countrymen ?

    You are adding proofs to the fact that you have a terrorist/fanatical mind.

    Whether to kick terrorists/fanatics out of this country or moderates its for the majority moderate people in India to decide.
    And stop talking like as if you are the owner of India(or CEO) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Until then you can continue to bark.
    bowww boww bowwwwww bow bow bow boww…..

  13. Mr.malayali,

    You are correct. Mr.Human is a para poori pandey…....I request all Indians (Indians means non-tamils….pandeys are not Indians) to join our hands to kick this bastards out They are a disgrace to our great India…......

    Tamilnadu is the worst state of India..they are devil dogs.

  14. Mr.Human,
    You have mentioned from which state you belong to…...But it is clear that you are a pakka third rate pandy that is why you are making such foolish comments. What is the use of learning Hindi? Its our national language it shows ur respect towards our country.English language is very important and is a language that every body should learn.
    But you people (Pannapandeys) are supporting English only because of the hatred towards Hindi. And you people are very weak in English also…...You are the big fanatics in this world….

  15. Yes Human I’m sorry, since I was bit ignorant of the salem rail division issue. It is good that it has been resolved amicably and hopefully the mullaperiyar issue will also be resolved amicably. On top of that I wanted to say something additional, many of the malayalees who have something bad to say about tamilians haven’t really lived in north indian states. In north india south indians are discriminated irrespective of whether they are tamilians or malayalees. They are derogatorily referred to as madrasis, their skin color is made fun of, their culture and language is made fun of. I’m saying this because I have lived in north india. Now even if we speak hindi north indians will still make fun of us saying our hindi is very accented and full of mistakes. So what is the point of speaking someone’s language and be considered second class. Wouldn’t it more better if we speak our own language and be considered first class. I agree with Vijay, when we go to north india we should learn hindi and to that extent we should be prepared for that. But this holds true vice-versa also for a north indian when he comes to south india. I’m not saying that a north indian should be perfect in a south indian language but at least he should make an attempt in speaking a south indian language. Remember Mr. Kutty south indians will never be able to speak hindi as perfectly as a north indian, therefore north indians will have an unfair advantage. That will unnecessarily create superiority inferiority complex between north indians and south indians.

  16. Mr.Malayalee,

    As the human told English should be the medium for communication among the Indians.

    That in the globalised world English language is used as a main communication medium and now chinese also realised the importance of the English and now learning it

    We got better edge over chinese is because we know English.That you have to know it.

    Just like the any other language Hindi is also a language and just because majority of the people in India speaks that language you canot impose on non Hindi people.

    Its upto the indivisual to learn the other Language or not.

    If the South Indian goes to North for the job he may find it very difficult to communicate iif does not know Hindi and will lean Hindi.

    If he do not learn he will be the sufferer. Same for the North Indian if he comes to South.

    Anyway He may feel comfortale in the states except TN as they follow HIndi as Ciompulsory language.

    Mr Son of Kerala,

    The courts are their to settle the issue and they know better than us and we need not unnecessarily debate on the issues which we will never end.

    Mr Malayalee

    The moment when Son of Kerala commented that Tamilians are intelligent you could not accept.
    But if some body says very bad about the Tamilians then you also support and through very cheap comments.

    It shows that you have developed the Hatred towrads Tamilians even given the chance you will be the Happiest person if Tamil Race is destroyed by some means or other.

  17. Also from above blogs one thing is evident the inferiority complex of some like Malayali, kuuty, etc.,

    Most of the time their posts look like “Dogs barking at the sun” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And the posts are more fanatical, intolerant. I don’t see any difference between a statement from Al Qaeda and above posts like :
    “we will kick u out from our great India”
    “All Tamils moordhabad…..........”

    If India really needs to progress and should be counted as one of the First world countries, its time that such non-tolerance perish,..
    Time for fanaticism to perish.

    Time to say :
    “we will kick intolerance out from our great India”
    “All fanaticism moordhabad….......”

  18. These two links are for Son of Kerala

    In any issue it is wise to comment after thoroughly considering both sides of the coin.
    It will avoid bad tastes ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Mr

    Tamilians do not have any hatred towards Hindi or the North Indians.

    But they do not want Hindi to comulsorily imposed on them. Even in many of the schools students do take Hindi as optional Language and learn that. And also they are interested Learning that.

    There is nothing harm in learning the new language and even i also condemn if the people say that TN students should not learn any of the languages of their liking.

    And Also i strongly condemn if they impose Tamil as the compulsory Language for the Non Tamil Speaking people.

  20. Mr Kannadiga it is not that i have something special for people of tamil nadu. My only contention is that when we criticize people it should be within certain limits especially when those people are part of our country. Yes I will be the first one to admit that I have met several people in tamil nadu who openly said that they hate malayalees. But the funny thing is that these people are usually the worst specimens you can find in tamil nadu. So what about the other people of tamil nadu. Yes I love kerala and indeed it is very beautiful and yet it has to catch up in other areas. That is only possible if we set the achievements of other states as benchmarks. Again I must say politically tamil nadu has tried to intimidate kerala especially in the salem rail division issue and the mullaperiyar dam issue. This has left a bad taste in the minds of many malayalees.

  21. What is the use of knowing or learning Hindi ?
    Will it fetch me a job? Most white collar jobs are because of one’s knowledge of English.
    Any one good reason to learn Hindi?
    In this scenario it makes very good sense for one to know his/her mother tongue and English.
    English must be made the medium of instruction in all schools in India and other languages should be purely optional.
    In arts it should again be provided as an option for a Kannadiga to learn tamil or for a tamil to learn Kannada or for a Hindi background person to learn a south Indian language.

  22. Dear Mr.Son of Kerala…....

    South india does not mean only tamils…...Malayalees will kill u seeing such coments….....

  23. Son of Kerala…..
    You are telling so much abt people in TN? You are from a beautiful state and you don’t have anything to speak abt your own state and people. Or at least abt our beautiful India…Seems very strange.

    Who told you that tamils are the representatives of south India? We are also here (kanndaigas, telugus, & your own mallus)....Dont forget that…

  24. Mr.Son of Kerala….....
    What do u mean by saying that north indian is thinking of a brilliant south indian as tamilian. You are saying that all intellectuals are from tamilnadu and nobody fro kerala, karnataka, andhra…... It is becuase in between kerala, karnataka and andhra people common language is hindi and also people in these states are speking in hindi to north indians.So north indians are not very much aware of these 3 languages (Kannda, Malayalam, telugu). They are more aware of tamil language because tamils mainly use their own language for communiocation to southies….... but if a north Indian really distinguish between the people in these 4 states, he will not think like that…..Even we south Indians also some times see people in UP,MP,Rajastha, Bihar as same…..So its natural….....It does not mean that tamils are superior to others.

  25. Mr.Vijay,
    Now your comments make some sense. There are almost 7 lakhs tamil speaking people all over India (I don’t know figures outside India). You may be open minded and interseted to learn other languages and culture,like these a few people will be there but I am speaking about the total community which needs an improvement. Personally you can accept the cleanliness of malayalees, but your tamil community in general should accept this and try to improve yourself. Anyway I don’t want to make any comments on the fact whether you people are fit for 3rd rate jobs, I am leaving this matter.I can’t fully accept your argument that tamils can be a separate nation if you people really want to be like that. In such a situation you have to stand against a big nation which will be threatening to your existence. So ypur people want to avoid that situation…....But still tamil people are having anti-indian feelings (Against national language hindi) As long as you are part of India try to promote the language…Neither tamil will become India’s national language nor you will get a sepatrate nation with tamil as the national language….These two things will never happen…..So the position of tamil (Even malayalam, telugu, kannada also) is below Hindi.

  26. Yes, Mr. Vijay you are very correct when you say that there are great scientists and technologists from tamil nadu. Tamil people are very intellectual and when a north indian thinks of a brilliant south indian it is a tamilian which first comes into their mind. It is also good that you have given a sobered response in spite of provocation from the other side. The thing is that there are regional people in every state. It is a vicious cycle, regionalism in one state feeds the regionalism in another state.

  27. Mr Malayalee,

    We also do not have any interst in occupying the land belongs to malayalees,Kannadigas or either telugus.

    If all the tamilians have such intentions TN would have long back separated.

    And when Kannadigas,Malayalees hate tamil people doen mean every one in the Universe hate our people and it is upto you peole whether to hate or not.

    But even though some difference is there between tamil people and telugu people but we are close and also they are open minded.

    I also respect other Language and try to learn whenever i get the opportunity.

    Coming to aspect of cleaniless,not only people of TN are doing like this and go to AP and Bihar and some of the North East states and how they are and why you are not commenting on TN people.

    The reaon is you very biased attitude towrads the TN people.

    I can accept that the people of TN has to learn from Malayalees on the matter of Cleanliness.

    But i cannot accept your comments like the Tanilian are fit for third Rate jobs.

    I appreciate

  28. I think tamilians will have no problem in learning hindi if they are asked to learn a diluted version of hindi, preferably a colloquial one like mumbaiya hindi and not the strict sanskritised version. Maybe they are overawed by the fact that hindi language is gender specific. I think in this respect mumbaiya hindi will be more acceptable to them, because mumbaiya hindi for the most part is gender neutral. Another way whereby tamilians can be encouraged to learn hindi, is by not making fun of their hindi accent. I think tamilians get put off when their accent is made fun of, so they think it is better not to speak hindi.It is my feeling that a gender neutral hindi with no emphasis on accent will be more acceptable to tamilians. But at the same time I must say that tamilians must tone down their excess pride in tamil language and literature. One it tends to put off the other south indians and secondly it leads to chauvinism.

  29. Mr.Vijay…....
    You are again making some silly comments like a pakka pandi. We malayalees believe that both character & cleanliness are important just like the two sides of a coin. I had already mentioned about cleanlines of you people (pandeys)...Next comes the character…...No malayali has the demand of having a seperate malayali nation. no kannadiga is having the demand for a seperate kannada nation. Telugus also the same. No kaandiga, malayali or telugu want to join other states to their states. When these people meet each other they have a common language to communicate (Hindi)....I am not saying that all people know Hindi but at least educated people can speak hindi and so many people who can at least understand Hindi..On the other hand you people want seperate nation, you want other states, You hate national language Hindi…...Actually who are the frogs in the well? Pandeys create communication problem between south Indians!!
    Again I am reaeting that pandeys are good for only 3rd rate jobs….You only mentioned previouly that most of pandeys are engaged in construction like jobs…....
    We are not taking action against bloody pandeys comming to sabarimala to avoid a dispute between two states and also it is a pilgrimage spot.Any way we are not going to tolerate this beyond a limit and poori pandeys should have to face the consequences of this.
    Really a person who can read and write at least his own language is superior and more knowledgable than an illiterate person.
    Two or three scientists or mathematicians can’t make you superior than us.
    Any way I am not commenting on the figures of Kargil, Gujarat etc. Let at least one of ur arguments be true…(But chech exactly the figures once again!! and to whose hands these funds have gone). Come to bangalore and see….Most of the bangloreans are against tamilsMajority of south India against pandeys…...

  30. Dear Mr. Son of Kerala,
    I dont know whether u have thorughly read my comments. Read it carefully and answer. You have mentioned that south india is not having a common binding language and north have one. My first question is which is the common binding language in north? If ur answer is Hindi, then my second question: Is Hindi limited to only north India? No my dear…Hindi is our national language and in the presence of such a beautiful language we (southies) should not think of having another common language….It is equal to discarding Hindi which is anti-Indian. As a malayalee, you should not think like this. We malayalees always respect and try to learn Hindi…Kannadigas and Telugus are also south Indians….I have worked in north India and some middle east countries and interacted with so many people from both these states (Karnataka & Andhra). We(Malayalees) used to comunicate to these people in Hindi only…...That means people in these two states having relatively better command over Hindi…...I know that if we take the whole south India the popularity & knowledge of this language is not good..So we have to think improving this situation….Its a simple & beautiful language that anybody can pick up easily….Don’t ever say that Hindi is the language of north India…....It is the common binding language for the whole of India…..

  31. Good to see comments form Marimuthuselvam. Thank u for ur positive comments. I appreciate u really….....

  32. I disagree with what some malayalees were saying about tamilians. You see the majority of the common mass of people don’t have such hatred towards each other, if that so was the case our country would have gone to pieces long back. But yes what we have is distrust and suspicion of each other. In this respect I must say that no one is innocent, people throughout India have prejudiced views of each other. Each community thinks it is superior and finds fault with the other community. Another reason for distrust between malayalees and tamilians is percieved differences in behaviour. Malayalees tend to be more showy, extravagant and pushy by nature while tamilians tend to be more sober, more down to earth but at the same time less risk taking. Another thing is that malayalees tend to be more anti establishment while tamilians tend to be more deferential towards authority.

  33. The problem is that unlike in north India we south indians don’t have a common binding language. Due to which people tend to empathise with people of their own community and view others with suspcion. Now there are certain stereotypes malayalees and tamilians have of each other. Keralite complain that tamilians have the big brother attitude towards keralites while tamilians have the perception that malayalees are proudy and cunning people. I have studied this problem from close quarters and I will explain it in my forthcoming posts. Let me first explain it from the angle of physical features. Now when I was staying in tamil nadu I found that tamilians didn’t have any problems interacting with malayalees who had dravidian physical features. But they did view malayalees who were fair or were kind of aryan looking with suspicion or distrust. Even though I must mention that both dark and fair malayalees belong to the dravidian race. This I think is due to an overdose of dravidian politics in tamil nadu. In other words people can form impressions just on the basis of physical features.

  34. I have been reading the posts and it is saddening to note that people haven’t got rid of the stereotypes about each other. What we are forgetting is that both malayalees and tamilians are the product of thousands of years of evolution. In other words both malayaless and tamilians evolved in their own cultural space for thousands of years and now suddenly when they are face to face with each other there is a certain clash of cultures. Another thing is that in modern times there is an acute political conciousness or an acute awareness of our identity brought about by the linguistic division of our states. This fact is especially brought out by our personal experiences with people from other states. When we have a bad experience with a person from our own community we tend to dismiss it as an individual folly while if that same individual is from another language group we tend to paint that whole community in bad light.

  35. Dear Mr Malayalee,

    See Cleaniliness is nothing to do with the ones attitude and those who are having clean habits not necessarily be good in character and vice versa.
    One thing is that as a Tamilian i also do not like passing urinal and shitting on the road side.

    You mentioned that People coming from TN to Sabarimala are making the Pampa river dirty. It may some cases true.And you people who are there should take against those people who are doing so,

    And why Temple authorities and the concerned official are not taking any action against them.

    And also told Tamil peoples are fit for doing third rate jobs.
    I think you are frog in the well that is the reason you are commenting like this.

    I apprecite the Kerala state is having 100% literacy rate and also it does not mean that they are highly knowledgeble.
    I do not know how a person becomes more knowledgeble and intelligent by just learning the writing and reading the language.

    Most of the indian scientist and mathematicians are from TN and also two of the tamilians only got the noble prize along with the bengal state .

    First know things before you speak. And can give lot of exaples given by the Tamilians in the field of science and Technology.

    And most of the Software Engineer in India are form TN and AP only.

    I know you are over Jealous otherwise you would nit have commneted like this.

    And During the Kargil war TN donated amount of 42 crore and followed by Gujarath around 22 crore where were you guys at that time and just you talk India is Great but nothing else.

  36. Dear Mr.Malayali…......I am a tamilian and I agree with ur comments…....You mentioned those who accept hindi are considered as Indians….You are 100% right…....We tamils should correct ourselves in all aspects….We should accept Hindi and should be made a compulsory subject upto +2 level. We have to have hindi speaking classes in all our main cities to promote the language…..You are in tamilnadu…..but u r in India….Dont forget…So try to learn Hindi…..learn to respect india…..we are part of India….
    Bharat matha Ki Jay….........

  37. Some exceptional people like Son of Kerala will accept tamil people….....majority of Kerala….Sorry…....majority of India hate tamils

  38. Well done Mr.Malayalee…..........Perfect reply…...Great…....Hello Mr.Son of Kerala, I appreciate ur broad minded attitude…....but you have to carefully go through the comments made by Mr.Malayalee…...Can u find any mistake in any of his statements? it is absolutely right….........See….He has mentioned he had good & bad experience with pandeys…..On the basis of majority he is commenting negatively on tamils….....And also their habit of not using toilets…Tamils in Kerala are making our land also dirty with these kind of habits…Go to Tamilnadu and see how our people (Malayalis) are living there…how decently they are living there….See and compare between two…....We malayalis iwhen going to tamilnadu will learn their language, but some of the pandeys in kerala, despite of living here for decades are not ready to speak our language….They will only speak tamil….They don’t have any respect towards our National Language Hindi? Mr.Son of Kerala, tell me is it like insulting Inida? This attitude can be seen in people in one and only one state of India….That is tamilnadu…....The worst state in India….pandeys…....Annachies….........kick them out…........There are only 2 groups in India….....pandeys and non-pandeys.
    Dear Son of Kerala…......Eee pandikale orikkalum koottu pidikkaruthu…...Ivar vishajeevikalanu….....

  39. Dear Son of Kerala,

    So don’t mix our community with tamilians and destroy our identity as 100% literate state. Any way I agrre the fact that we all are Indians (those who accept our national language Hindi)....

    So Jay Hind….......

    Bharat Matha ki Jay….......

  40. Dear Son of Kerala,
    I don’t know how many tamil people you have come across in your life and on what basis you are making these opinions. I have met so many tamilians in my life and so many good & bad experiences with them. There are very less people who are open minded and generous towards others, but majority are narrow minded. When we people are trying to learn their language and interact with them they show hatred towards our language. Malayalees and tamilians arel inguistically close to each other but don’t say that they are culturally close. In tamilnadu we can see people not using toilets and sitting in the road sides. In Kerala have u ever seen such a scene? These people are coming to our Sabarimala, doing all kinds of these dirty activities and making our pumpa river dirty. Don’t say tamilians and malayalees are one, it will destroy our identity. If you go to north, you can see because of linguistical relationship those people think we are tamilians. I am fed up with this. Kerala & Tamilnadu are two seperate states having different language and different culture. Be proud of the fact that Kerala is the only state in India with 100% literacy.

  41. Well said,Son of Kerala, If this discussion goes like this sure it will create a hatred among Malayalee community and the Tamil community.

    But one is free to express the opinion and experience on the others.

    But do not write anything which may give room for the hatredness.

  42. I think some narrow minded people are creating unnecessary problems betwen malayalees and tamilians. The relationship between malayalees and tamilians is a symbiotic one. The kind of hatred we see on this forum is really idiotic and senseless and reeks of mischief. It is a well known fact that malayalees and tamilians are the closest to each other linguistically and culturally. The problem is that if we have a bad experience with any one person we tend to generalize and consider the whole community as bad. Both tamilians and malayalees are susceptible to this kind of generalization about each other.

  43. I am a malayali and agree with the comments made by my friends….....If tamils want seperate nation let us kick them out….....Anyway we will be part of India….......You people killed ou great PM Rajiv Gandhi….........

    So Prabhakaran moordhabadh…..........

    LTTE moordhabadh…..........

    All Tamils moordhabad…..........

    Bharat Matha kee Jayyyyyyyyyyy…...........

  44. Hi Mr. Malayali…......I agree to ur comments….You know…...Actually we call them not only Pandeys….....Sometimes we call them annachies also….......One annachy mentioned he wants seperate country for them…....Yes we will give…....But u can’t join any other parts to u especially kerala…....After u become seperate nation, we will attack u and after that u will be under our slavery…...(Already u r slaves of malayalees)...........Peshame vaye mudeda nayikkale…......Shut ur mouth ideats…...If u raise ur voice we will kick u out from our great India!

  45. Mr.Vijay…..............
    I made such comments because two of ur lbrothers (Panna pandeys) Santhosh and Selvan made some foolish comments…....You mentioned that we are narrow minded…........But actually all people in India have accepted us….especially north Indians have good attitude towards us and they hate you pandeys…(Sorry I can use only the word “pandey” to you pepole because I am more used to use that word only)....This is because we people accept and speak Hindi (No doubt, Hindi is the supreme language of India and all Indians should respect this language…People who are not accepting Hindi are not Indians)...So you pandeys are not part of India….....
    You asked why we people are coming to Tamilnadu and making a living there.That is because pandeys are not educated and not able to do white collar jobs…You can do only third category jobs. You know that Kerala is having hioghest literacy rate (99-100%) in India.
    You people are saying that tamil film industry is great…......but see who is contributing to tamil cinema…..Asin, Nayan Tara, Priyamani, Vikram are Malayalees….Rajanikanth, Vijaykanth, Shreya not from Tamilnadu….....All of Kerala chief ministers who ruled Kerala was pure malayalees…...but how many CMs you can show in Tamilnadu who is of pure tamil origin?MGR (Kerala).....Jayalalitha & Karunanidhi not from tamilnadu…...None of them are pandeys….You mentioned your skin colour is black..thats why we are considering as 3rd rate….No…...That is because ur mind & heart are also black…...
    Last, but not the least even if I hate you pandeys I respect ur language…It is a classical language….......I can speak tamil (I learnt because no other way to communiocate to pandeys because they speak this language only in any part of world)........But you pandeys’ attitude destroyed the dignity of this language…..But no doubt….....Hindi is the mother of all Indian languages….No Indian has the right to blame Hindi…..... I appreciate one of ur tamil brothers (Tamizhar Kural) stated that he loves Hindi & other languages…Good….

    So pandeysssssss….........If u people insult Hindi we Non-tamil Indians will join & kick u out from India…....Beware….....

  46. Hello Mr Malayalee,

    I know you guys are narrow minded and are more jealous of the Tamil people thats why you are commenting like this on the tamil people.
    But One thing we do not want kerala land to joined to TN and let you guys be malayalee and you identify as Malayalee and i respect that and of your culture and because skin colour of the tamilians are black Hence you guys treat them as third rate citizen and other reason that they are mostly engaged as consruvtion worker.

    Then i wanted ask you one question then why you guys are coming to TN and continue to live there till your death as your Home land.

    Your comments like this will never help india to grow.Instead it will create rift between the tamilians and the Malayalees.

    Please change your attitude towards Tamilians.

  47. Eda kunna pandi santhoshe…........
    U lived in kerala so u know how we malayalees treat pandees? We r treating them as 3rd rate people…......So dear malayalies…......dont care this kunna santhosh pandey’s comments…....We ll drive all these poori pandeys frm our gods own land and declare kerala as a land of only malayalees…

  48. I am a tamilian , But im more of a INDIAN first

    We will be with united INDIA always,,

  49. We malayalees always have an inclination to learn and familiarize Tamil. For an ordinary malayali, the language Tamil is more close than any other languages of India or the world. I am sure that Malayalam is a very new language (born around 4-5 centuries ago) and Tamil is the oldest of Indian languages (or equivalent to Sanskrit in origin). Many malayalees knew this truth, and are leaving at peace.

    The recent difference of opinions and conflicts are our of local political and social issues, and languages has nothing to do with that.

    For example, as a keralite, i will oppose the claims of TN Govt on the issue of Mullaiperiyar, but will still hold the view that Tamil is the oldest language in India. This is the reality with many malayalees. Unfortunately, hatred is sowed by the so called ‘mediators’ and the narrow-minded nationalists and those who are on the figmet of imagination about ‘indianess’.

    Guys, let us be proud Indians, and still accept the fact that Tamil is the oldest language in India. Respecting the sentiments of Srilanka or supporting the idea of separate Tamil Ealam issues are not an anti-India acts.

  50. My brothers and sisters,

    Tamils are an illusion.

    Telugus are an illusion.

    Malayalis are an illusion.

    In fact, all these “languages” are an illusion.

    We are all, and always will be, ‘till death and beyond, Indian.

    Gandhi died so we could have a nation to call our own. Don’t spit on his sacrifice by starting online feuds.

    Ever wondered why the country is in a shit state? ‘Cuz of things like this. Petty differences that such as North Indian or South Indian or Tamil and Hindi and on and on.


    Speaking as a person who belongs to BOTH Tamil and Hindi, stop this nonsense. And help create improve the greatest nation the world has ever seen- India.

    Vande Maataram

  51. I don’t why all non-Tamil Indian make pleasure in cursing Tamils!

    I have already answered most of the (silly, idiotic) quesion in this blog.

    Hey INDIAN!(the fool above me!), I can only say this: if you ae not interested in fanatism then why are you hurting Tamils?

    Idiot! Go to Karnataka, Andhra pradesh, Kerala, and the land devils, as you like, Tamil nadu. All government offices, banks etc., inscript Hindi. Why? For whose benefit? If an Hindi old citizen don’t know English he can understand Hindi. But what about Telugus, Kannadigas, Tamils or Keralites?

    This means that Hindi people must not have language problem anywhere in India. But all the ass holes have to learn Hindi. right?

    I respect Hindi as an Official language. But, not a national loanguage.


  52. first of all u india bashing tamils, sanskrit is the oldest of languages on the subcontinent and a lot of languges have developed themselves through its influence. on top of that the aryan dravidian theory has been discredited a long time ago. Only those bastards who believe in inciting fanaticism and division on its basis just like the english are anti hindi and anti india. since 60 years tamilnadu has been governed by so called prodravidian parties but not a single thing has changed there. brahmins have been criticised , thrown out, raped , murdered, butchered but u people havent looked at the devil inside you. Caste diffrentiation, crime, injustice is still relentless . On top of that u combine ur agenda with the biggest butchers of the world the communists and flaunt ur regional prejudices. I can say with certainity that the role that karnataka, andhra pradesh and kerala have played in india’s scientific, technological and social development is overwhelming. Only u count urselves out of it. Ur commitment is to a perverse attitude of differentiation, discrimination and violence.
    the states that have developed in india have not only preserved their culture but have also understood the significance of hindi in the integration of indian society. Hindi exists to solely unite this country not culturally but morally and u are stupid enough to pass ur fithy judgements on it. Think about ur fanaticism and irrational hatred of communities because the ONE WHO SPREADS HATE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO BURNS IN IT VANDE MATRAM, LONG LIVE INDIA, DIE ALL ITS ENEMIES

  53. Tamils have lot of respect for Malayalees and Telugus. They have contributed a lot to our language and our state. Pl don’t talk bad about them. We love northies also except for their fanatic attitude towards Hindi. Northies Anti-English attitude is prooving costly on Southies. Sizeable part of our Tax amount goes to promote Hindi. Why a South Indian is forced to contribute to the growth of Hindi? Furthermore, South Indians have to spent additional effort, time, energy and money to learn the 3rd language and that too right from their childhood. Nowhere in the world, stupid things like this will happen. Unfortunate thing is the acceptance of Southies to take the extra pressure to learn Hindi. Learning of a new language should be a choice. And if an individual decides to learn a new language, which language he wants to learn also should be a choice. We will hope that hindi fanatism in India will die soon.

  54. dear son of kerala : i feel sorry for wht some people write abt u…..we tamilians love u …...being an NRI i find no single diff between a malayali or a tamilian ….when i see a keralite i feel seing my people …..i love listening 2 ur songs…...for who finds diff between a malayali & tamils r all blinds…..our all time best CM MGR was a malayali is to be mentioned …...i follow him… r other tamilians…...


  55. Dear Tamil brothers do not be upset with the other people i.e from rest of India as call Tamil as negros and comment on the color of the skin.So it shows their attitude and immaturity

  56. Hey ravi, don’t scold Tamil’s all because they fought at College. They just fought against men, but what about Ram Sena? The beat girls ruthlessly. Shall I say all Kannadigas are rude?

    Can I say all Telugus rude because of Naxals?

    Think again and be wise…

  57. I thank… No, no! The whole tamilians behind me are thanking Balanand for his kindness to Tamils!

    And also, i will be thankful to all of those who understands Tamil’s character!


  58. I am a malyalee and I was really pained to hear others criticizing the tamilians. I am a malyalee who spent his growing years in north india and one year in tamil nadu. The tamil nadu years were the best days of my life. Tamilians are the most humble and down to earth peope in india. They are the pride of south india. When i was there in north india i used to consider tamil nadu as the flag bearers of south india. Lot of malyalees have attitude problems due to which i was not able to friends with them. I am temperamentally closer to the tamilians. The tamilian people deserve our highest respect. But the one disappointing thing about tamilians is their irrational hatred or suspicion of malyalees. Maybe it is a hangover of DMK’s hate campaign against malyalees. All said and done attack on tamilians is an attack on malyalees.

  59. you all blamed Tamils because of LTTE. You are trying to say that if a tamilian is cruel then whole Tamil community is cruel. Right?

    If it is so, then how come Telugus?
    According to your theory, all Telugus are fraud because of Ramalinga Raju(Satyam founder).

    If it is so, then how come Kanerese(Kannadigas)? Maharastrian govt have claimed that Karnatakan govt torchures Marathi speaking people in Karnatakan border.

    Then how come Marathese?
    Marathese are not willing to let Hindies to fly in colors in Maharastra!

    Then how come Malayalese?
    Kerala govt failed to attend final ceremony of our countrys beloved soldier, Unnikrishnan!

    I’m not pin pointing all the odd things that happens. But, trying to teach you that not to blame any ethnic people for fun or to derive pshycic pleasure!

    Please… I beg your pardon for the above news. Otherwise there will be no difference between me and this fools.

    I Love all the Indians!
    I love all ethnic peoples of India!

    Vaazhga bharatham!
    India zindhabath!
    Long live India!

  60. I encountered this website accidentally. I was almost dead reading this page!

    Please, I beg you all, not to blame Tamilians!

  61. Yes – Yes, we confess, Tamil is so devine for us!
    We love the way she sounds – we love the way she is, to say the most!

    But, i am afraid, where in the earth do you all hate Tamils to speak Tamil? I think, speaking ones own language(and only THAT language for that matter) is not more crime than beating(physically and mentally either) other ethnic people!

    Here! What follows is for those who HATE Tamilians and for those who long for ALL TAMILS MASSACRE

    The following are the most esteemed celebrities of Tamilians. The love(d) us, they always keep their name at the bottom of their hearts. Them and their respective language is presented down here… See it—Feel it (If you can, i’m afraid!). NAME LANGUAGE DESIGNATION

    1. M.G.R Malayalam former C.M of TN
    2. Jayalalitha Kannada former C.M of TN
    3. Rajni Kanth Kannada Super star (actor)
    4. Vijay Kanth Telugu actor & politician
    5. Nargath (Alias: Kushboo) Hindi Actress

    Do you know why I have added Kushboos name?
    In Tamilnadu we ,Tamilians, have built a TEMPLE for her talents..! BELEIVE IT OR NOT!

    Tamils don’t speak other language not because they hate other Indian but they feel lazy to learn! (Learning a new language is not that easy!)

    I, Tamilian, speak Hindi, Malayalam and little bit of Kannada.

    “Mhuje bharath se pyaar hai. Hindi mera rashtra bhasa hai.”

    “Gnaan Malayaalamum malayaaligalaiyum premikkinnu. Gnaan indhiyanaanu. ”

    I’m just 20 years old. I beg all Indians not to blame Tamils.

    Bharath matha ki jay!

  62. Fuck Tamil…........ Fuck Tamil…............Fuck Tamil…... they are the maggots,,,,, they don’t let others live happily….. They can’t speak Hindi, which is a national language. Probably they want Tamil as a national language…... Have you ever seen a Tamil movie….. oh man its such a melo drama….. over acting and over dialogues….....

    thats why we kicked ur ass, and got our own industry…. we got sick of ur assholes…....

  63. Look who is talking about Tamil culture….. assholes, the incident happened in Ambedkar college shows ur humanity, passion for lie. U mother fuckers comment on other regions..

    Have u ever had respect for others. Ever had manners… at my office, at client location they changed the official language to fuckin Tamil…. Its so irritating to hear Tamil, jus like rolling stones in a box….

  64. What an assholes are these Tamils. Before we kick you off from your own state, change ur mindset towards other states. U r maggots of the nation.

    Do not even dare to make that shit “Tamilagam”, we would cut your tongue and dip into ur tamarind juice (Sambar), u bastards.

  65. Hey! What the dickens are ya crappin’ in here?

    I feel I were in the hell when I did first see this crappy Web page!

    This site have been used by fanatic ass holes.

    STOP TALKING ABOUT AFRICANS who have no hand in our affairs!

    I am gonna report this web page to Indian Govt. to BAN

    Remember! All are Indians!
    All Indian languages are beautiful nomatter you love it not!

    I love Indian nation;
    I love all Indian states;
    And, I love all Indian languages;

    Therefore, I LOVE INDIA!

  66. Hey! What the dickens are ya crappin’ in here?

    I feel I were in the hell when I did first see this crappy Web page!

    This site have been used by fanatic ass holes.

    STOP TALKING ABOUT AFRICANS who have no hand in our affairs!

    I am gonna report this web page to Indian Govt. to BAN

    Remember! All are Indians!
    All Indian languages are beautiful nomatter you love it not!

    I love Indian nation;
    I love all Indian states;
    And, I love all Indian lamguages;

    Therefore, I LOVE INDIA!

  67. hey, hindies!

    Are you all as white as Europians?

    I wonder one hindi bitch saying Tamils are “Indian Africans”!

    Say this in South Africa, you will be killed! Hey, there are loads of Tamilians there! Be ware!
    Tamilians live everywhere.

  68. well guys,
    I`m in chennai.The tamils in chennai are not the real tamils.They are all from andhra.I must say something which may hurt some of you.
    The andhra people are the dirtiest scum I have ever seen.I undestand that they may be no water in andhra but,there is water in chennai please bathe and comb your filthy hair.Why you people arre so unhygenic.
    These people will urinate where they will and defecate on roadsides.Don`t they teach these things in your home.They never wash their ass after doing their job.When these people come for medical examination I feel like vomiting.
    And look at their clothes ,May be they washed their clothes last diwali when they bought it.My goodness when will you stingy people leave chennai?? Please go away ,We don`t need you.
    We needed you in olden times to do cleaning work and meanial jobs. But we can do it by machines.Just I will be happy the day when these goose pigs will go away for good.But sad thing is that these filthy pigs come in train loads to chennai everyday.I think chennai will drown in their filth.

  69. am not a tamilian bt 25% of bangalore ar with tamilz and ya get to se dese bastards a lot

    itz a gay state out der i mean tamil nadu

    ya ppl hate yar place so mch ya never stay in it ya keep migrating every wer else

    bt remember th guys who migrate no matter how ya can be in yar home town in other plces ya ll be hated

    ech and evry person ya talk to hates ya down to earth

    ya ar th only ones in asia who cn be compared a bit to africans ha ha ha

  70. Fight, fight, fight. like this!

    Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi people

    All are fighting each other. nice.

    This blog is not enogh! take a sword and atag each other! it’ll be great! Blood is very cheap!

    And after all this shits happened. In India noone other than Pakisthanis, Nepalis, Sri Lankans, Chinees will be here…

    Why stopped continue!! wanna knife?

    Heykill tamils!

  71. swasthik sharma is a big bastard..their family itself is a bastard family… telugu fuckers are jealous of tamil supremacy,abilash is a mother fucker….In karnataka we hate telugu films,hindi films like anything….We people support tamil and tamilnadu for everything accept for cauvery and hogenakkal

  72. Hi, I’m a malayalee nair. I was taken aback of what i just read in the comments.
    I’m an indian first and 2nd to none.
    The land I call my ‘Mother’ is from the far north till the end of south who’s name is India.
    Only fools claim one part of his mother to be greater or divine than the other, for be it the head,the neck or her feet that is claimed to superior (eg: states such as kerala,tn,andra,punjab) they all ultimately are the complete form of her body and decaptivate either one wil only deform her beautiful image.
    Can’t you see that the mother is one?
    We are all children of the same mother, who hungers for her utmost love that we’re jelous and angered of our own brothers that we think is her favourite.
    I might be this crazy kid with active imagination but like each and every indian i love my mother far too much.
    Unity in Diversity

  73. as per the human creature nobody is perfect.Tamilians proved themselves in all fields that they are not inferior to other INDIANS:even they ranks in top three developed states and minimum crime region in India.

    I request the all critisisers to clean dust in their region

    Eventhough I am INDIAN born SINGAPORE
    i am ashame of INDIANS .I haven’t see such a mentality of the people giving up their oun region

    East or West Tamil is only the best

    but INDIANS are always worst they never change(including peoples from tamil nadu and kerala)

  74. Really I am very sad about reading all these stupid comments. I am also living in italy. Here I can see among Indians there is no unity. I hope most of the people wrote notes are working in abroad. But these type of disunity among us. In India every state has best and worst things. What can we do. Nobody is superior to other even in language and clour. Here they call all indians black evenif one is very fair they never call “white.” Another thing we have to think of our cutural progress instead of dividing. Ony in India we have this cloure complex. Some one is little bit fair they think they are white. The person is important. For me everybody is good and depends upon the person. Tamils had glory in the past but now after a long break they are coming up. As far as i know without foriengn money keralitee will not live. There is no cultivation. They get everything from other states. For studies they go out and now lot of discrimation in kerala even children. Lot of sexual abuses are going in kerala by tuorists. Even in the Church big scandals of child abuse and nun scandals are gouing there. Many suicides and illeagl immigartions. Because of them many suffer. They produced lot of false certificates even bishops seals. Through religious community lot of illegal immigarations. In kerala the normal people are suffuring now and they think only going out. Then how can they grow and many factories not coming to that state becasue of many problems. Many families are divided and many have differnt relationships. Many are here doing cleaning the house and work in the farms. Many girls from kerala doing some sexual relation with old people in abroad for getting somemoney or for their stay permit. Many nuns come here and leave convent to work. Only money, money and money. Any intelligent person can understand through what happens in our states and in abroad. So, leave everything. Think ourselevs. Our India should come up. Only Sourthen india is more in progress. What about others. let us think of others. Thanks. Since I am living in Italy more than 20 years pls accept some mistakes in english.

  75. All in all the southwest of sri lanka where the majority sinhalese live looks almost identical to kerala. I have watched many documentaries of Kerala and if i didn’t know from the start that it was kerala i would have thought it was here. The landscape, trees, houses, dress, people etc.
    The North east by the way resembles tamil nadu.

  76. I am a sinhalese from Sri Lanka. I would like to correct some remarks made here. The sinhalese ARE descendents of indo aryan settlers, who probably came from the region of bengal/orissa of North India 2500 years ago. But over the years they have intermixed with many people from south india and also with the indegenous people who inhabited the island of lanka when the aryans came.
    Because of this the people are very diverse looking. There are extremely fair skinned sinhala as well as very dark sinhalas, and many colour combinations between the 2 extremes. All of them claim to be pure sinhala.
    The sinhala language is an Indo Aryan language based on sanskrit and pali, but with it’s proximity to dravida languages it has quite a number of dravida loanwords.
    But the alphabet is based on brahmi script and has a sriking similarity with kannada and telugu.

  77. from this blog i conclude that kannadiga guy and swathika sharma are the stupendous creature in the world. swatika said that she will never like tamilians but does she knows indians hated by foreign countries belong to sharma group swathika first of all u clean ur dust and then u complain others because whole world knows sharma group are completly filled with dust and nasty wids.secondly kanidaga. i stayed in hubli for a year i know many kannidagians who marry therir fathers brothers daughter what a nasty culture

  78. being a Dravidian i fail to recognize the border within us ….. there is no diff between me tamilian , my neighbor Telugu and the other kerala …all r same for me … i love to learn & speak them all…..if possible i may marry one from these 3 states ….this karnataka though behaves off Dravidian may not be in real …all may be a political covering act where by separating the people to gain politically …if they really feel they r off then it may be due to the over merge of Sanskrit in them or the northern influence ….but sure if they dont feel like a Dravidian its a loss for them and nothing less…already loosing the language to other’s is already weakening them ….

    moreover the norhten people need to recognize tht dravidians r too a part of the countries emergence as a super power….right from missile to rocket to chandrayan to nuclear weapons all r from the Dravidian brain so kindly don’t ignore us …we r too a part of india ….though dark we r Indians by blood…

    when it comes to india i never see if its a Dravidian tht suffers or a Kashmir’s or an Assamese or an Punjabi or any but i see as an indian suffering so the same to me ….so if the nation needs me im ready to give my life , blood , soul all for the nation …but if Dravidian’s r troubled then im a Dravidian ….so im clear ….its upto the nation to see if i need to live and serve as an Indian or a Dravidian …its left to the mother nation…jaihind ….lets make a super power india and the heaven mother india …

  79. being a Dravidian i fail to recognize the border within us ..... there is no diff between me tamilian , my neighbor Telugu and the other kerala …all r same for me … i love to learn & speak them all…..if possible i may marry one from these 3 states ….this karnataka though behaves off Dravidian may not be in real …all may be a political covering act where by separating the people to gain politically …if they really feel they r off then it may be due to the over merge of Sanskrit in them or the northern influence ….but sure if they dont feel like a Dravidian its a loss for them and nothing less…already loosing the language to other’s is already weakening them ….

    moreover the norhten

  80. many thanks mr malabar . my love towards india and my neighboring states will continue till my death … i never run away fearing … im here to support mr malabar …. not only him all the keralites , andraites and those karnataka’s who hate violation and love one other i’ll continue to support em….we r all one family with diff languages …lang never matters …. being a medico i cant be visiting here so often …sorry for my delay…

    best wishes mr malabar in “god’s own country ” .

  81. no.. . mr malabar u cant resist the fucking culture of tamil nadu. . . you cant do any thing to change the tamil suckers through out your life time.. and nobody will support you. “pearl” had ran away with his life….

  82. tamil culture is one of the oldest hindu cultures in the world. so if you people dont respect, please dont criticise tamil. you north indians have no right to interfere in the matters of south india.. hey north indian if you go to countries like germany, japan,france etc you cant exist with your hindi and english. likewise tamil nadu is the only land in india who give much importants to their language. It is a fact that most of the indians shine in their field by english, forgetting their own mother tongue. but i belive tamils are not like that. waiting for the pearl to come back. and i am going back to kerala. best wishes tamils.

  83. well said Adarsh , if u Indians don’t wanna us then why don’t we go ?? it is history that all Dravidian languages came out of Tamil ….now i dont want 2 speak on tht..lets talk this day story…u all have ur own languages now…so lets leave it…first take out the chart and see where r we and where is the nation….in wht we r lagging behind?? in auto…in garments…in software…or in wht??

    i finish by quoting Adarsh’s words…
    “We are soft people. If we took reverse steps then no one live in peace.”

  84. Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam cannot stand on their own. They need Sanskrit, Tamil and Prakrit for their survival. Sanskrit and Tamil supply nourishment for their survival. No common man should boast of their language. It is only the duty of historians, grammarians and great literarians to comment on this issue. I being a grammarian know “comparite literature of dravidian languages” know plenty abt Kannada, Telugu, Tulu and Malayalam.

    And some wolves and pigs shouting in this thread that Tamils are incestuous. Will they prove them? where in Tamilnadu or where tamils are marrying cousin sisters? It is only Mussalmans all over India doing the same. If you people dislike Tamils then why are u keeping all of us with your “soverign republic”? Let us go our way. We know how to survive in this world. First look ur ugly face in the mirror then comment on others. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stone on others.

    We are soft people. If we took reverse steps then no one live in peace.

  85. common .it time to prove who is strong ..tamil or kannadiga.super.good fight.atleast we all have a common language and bollywood.common kannadiga guy u r charming , we like u since u speak hindi and not like tamilnadu people who learn their ownly language u people in new sensex r growing more towards us. soon we will have a common language . when i came to bangalore i was amazed to see that i can live all my life wihout kannada but with just hindi . but in this shit tamilnadu we have no dominance . they are frog in the wells . we only should teach them to speak hindi .common we r with u . soon u wont be in that south shit anymore but with north . see we are not that black dravidians . but fair indians . cheers kannadiga guy :))

  86. beautiful..we see u down south as people of moral respect..but see how ur fighting within each other..ohh..marrying their own cousin sisters ?? in wht ways does this affect u ?? the whole world tht too the advanced one has millions of such legal issues .. wanna comment on them too?? even here in the capital dating is quite popular ..who knows the same girl u dated with might be ur brothers wife…if u keep on thinking such then none is pure and good…finally u chased the good people out…see the people ( pearl & mr malabar ) who were spreading peace and decent waves r missing now …think they will not come to this worst war of ugly words ….but want to have em here …will they ever turn up??

  87. mr aravind i did not tell to you to take census and calculate the languages spreaded in karnataka. we just discussed about the dirty and worst fucking culture of one and only tamil nadu. ( of marrying their own cousin sisters).

  88. I feel sympathy to Kannadigas.Only 50%of karnataka population speaks kannada.Tamil,Tulu,Konkani,Telugu,Marathi,malayalam languages are spoken by rest of people.Tamil is the language of Bangalore.40% bangalore population are tamils .malayalam speaks 20% of people.We need not to criticise kannadiga.Tamil films are widely screened in karnataka.

  89. mr Abilash and mr Raymond. not only that tamils also marry their own cousin sisters (mother’s brother’s daughter. ). we can’t even imagine our sisters like that.. according to my opinion tamils are the incestious animals.. Nobody in this world do this like tamil nadu’s worst culture. even the stray dogs.. “’tamil nadu – the land of incest.”

  90. Down down tamil gouls. worst culture of the world.. you tamils suck for money…

  91. Down down tamil gouls. worst culture of the world.. you tamils suck..

  92. down down tamil gouls….
    worst culture of the world..

  93. Not only that… tamils also marry their own cousin sister..(i meant mom’s brother’s daughter)!. we cant even imagine our sisters like that..what a culture it is??? according to my opinion tamils are incestious animals. no body in this world, even stray dogs will not do this . can any incestious tamilan reply for this comment.??

  94. Tamils are incestous.
    They marry their nieces!

    Incestous bastards

    For malayalis, nieces are like daughters

    Tamils are ugly!

    Kick Tamil assholes!

  95. kavitha u were telling various things about language in india. but actually i cant understand what do u meant by this comment. can u explain it briefly.

  96. Tamil is the first langauge to get Classical staus.
    Of course, each langauge got its own identity. Tamils respect each language, but hate an impostion of a langauge.
    I ve seen many people saying Hindi as National language. I do agree with them, yes its one of the national language. Consequences of 1965 says ,India ended up having 20+ “Official Languages” and no sole “National Language” similar to the modern European Union.
    Explicitly, Each state has got their own language as First and English as second. It again enunciate, English remains as one of the two official languages of the Union and is seen as a huge positive in the globalised, post-1991 Indian economy.

  97. Hi folks,
    Of import to all to cognize the real Dravidian state, before make a comment.
    We have least proofs to prove as they are still bluffs. We should agree that south india got spiltted out from dravidian land.
    Dravidian land was literally,unambiguously with Tamil.

  98. Tamils are tamils….they are the biggest liers on earth….

  99. i am vivek from tamil nadu. hi mr malabar and pearl may i know both of yours real names.. since both of you are going in the same way i would like to join with you for the unity of india.

  100. sure why not !! im dam sure whether we r gonna unite with the north or not but a division isnt possible tht easily , they need us . if one goes the marati issue may rise and then where will it lead to , every single have their own land wishes , so no single would agree for a partition .

  101. Pearl, i definitely supports your comment. But did you think practically . Is the unity in indians possible ?

  102. well said ” ARAVINDH ” but missed some ….u need to mention “aryans rulers” &” muslims rulers” , do not mention the people , we have a lot dravidians living in various parts of the world …...really a lot…. people/public arent the real cause they( not all but some) r just blind followers of the rulers/politicians , so if u wanna target the chiefs then go on …..not the public … they must not become targets …..they were guests and now ???they r a indispearable part of us ….right from “abdul kalam” to “ar rahman ( now he is a muslim)” so forget abt the past….but neeed to rebuild ourselves as one without the north dominance …..we have common culture ( almost common) lets develop the same ….but we must take an oath tht we will never suppress or dominate other brothers own culture , lang all.. i will have a diff way of living , taste , color ….like wise u all….so why suppress or wanna dominate ?? can i change or expect u people 4 it ??.... sure not…...respect one and all….lets all Hindus , Muslims …Christians & all live together ….me too here far from India have people of various nationalities …my best friend is a girl from this so called “Aryan” .......but i find no such diff …she is an Indian and me too…..but suppressing or dominating isn’t allowed …..but we r all Indians …then Dravidian’s… im listerning to some “malayalam” song….does this mean im loosing my identity ?? no identity should be in ones heart and not in hand … one and all… a partition with us isn’t warranted…..

  103. mr Aravindh you may talk about the muslims of tamil nadu but have no right to talk about the muslims of kerala. ok.

  104. Now our blog has become good.Becoz all dravidian states have their common opinion about their language and old respect and understanding is very important.Dravidians was fighting each other in the past .that is why these aryans and muslims conquered dravidian land and split dravidians.We do not forget that Indus valley civilisation was dravidian.

    All the best

  105. well said mr malabar , 4 every single human being in this earth his/hers mother tongue and mother lang is the best ….so just leave such people who says so ..they might have told out due to over flowing energy…..we need such people to save the state…..let then stay as such….well me liking mohanlal(lalettan) is 100 % true , my fav movie uptodate is “iruvar -by maniratnam” where he player the most leading role , how can i lie ?? ....why should i ??....many thanks to trust me… i confidently say all 100% educated tamils will surely love their neighbor …. afterall kerala isnt 1000 miles from tn…just a step out of tn…..why thinking abt the diff… a medico ready to serve in kerala if i get a chance….afterall even keralites r my people…..

  106. mr pearl i knows to speak tamil. My tamil friends have taught me tamil.we too love tamil. But dont like to hear that a perticular language is superior than any others. The thing what i like most in you is that you like mohanlal(lalettan), who is my favourite personality. Any way even if you have told for a joke i dont mind.

  107. pearl . i just commented only for discussion and increase our knowledge about history. the things what you have told is right. But all tamils are not like you. They think that only tamilans are great and no others are superior than them. Such people should keep in mind that every malayali, kannadigas, telungs also are hot blooded to towards their own mother land. “nobody hates tamil unless a tamilan says that tamil is superior than any other language “.

  108. well ! i don’t wish to comment 4 those who wanna create partition within Dravidian’s …. well said mr Malabar , im not worried if Malayalam evolved from Tamil or not ( im not worried abt wiki or any) but now kerala has a good culture and a sweet language ( i really mean it ) and the people r too the same …. we tamilians ( to mention im an original tamilian ) will love kearlites and never hate em …. i wish to study and speak Malayalam & Telugu than speaking Hindi or any …. the same fixes to Andra too . wanting a separate country ?? wont fix now bcos we ( tamil’s , andrites & keralites ) have worked a lot for India’s upliftment ( right from space work to nuclear “from Abdulkalam – Madavan nair – sriharikota” ) so now a partition will have a reverse impact and we have to loose wht we have got …. we had people killed in kargil…..but we shouldnt stay quite ,, lets us all be one country(tamilnadu , andra & kerala if they wish karnataka too) within a country (India) , let us have a passport within a passport (simply to have our languages on them ) , a visa within a visa ( like some states have in the united states ) , but i would never agree to merge any external language into these states , and we would have multiple languages as they have in the European union ( after all the whole nation wasn’t one before the arrival of the British ) we must try to mix movies ( me always love malayalam movies[ Mohanlal and Mamotty now live in chennai] and Telugu movies r for a long remade to tamil ) so as to invite more love within people . we r old and we r gold . ( i hereby wish to request all tamilians to defer from writing any single comment against kerala or andra …and kindly ignore those kannada writers who forget the history and fight with their own blood ….let us not allow the lion & the cows story repeat ) regards : pearl .

  109. I do not know why these people call us as Indian negros.Yes we are black people.What is the color of kannadigas and keralites.They are also black.we are same race.

    Hey Mr. Kannadiga guy.

    You first kill Islamic terrorists in karnataka after taht you can kill tamilans.If you kill tamilans first karnataka will be under islamic terrorists and urdu muslims.No kannadiga,kerala,andhra peopel was humiliated in tamil nadu .we respect you.But you are not like that.Telugu people is only one people who respect tamils.We tamila respect everybody

    thank you

  110. Adarsh,
    Let Nairs be Nepalis or Nagars in origin(really i dont know, the both stories are available in Wikipedia, i have heard that Shudras are promoted to Nairs to interact between Namboodiris and Low class/Middle class people by Brahmins(namboodiris), God know actual things), but today they are Malayalis, Namboodiris, let they be come from North India, today they are integral part of Kerala soceity.Keralites dont have any issue for that, really dont know why Tamils are screaming and worrying about that. Are they coming to disturb you? You Tamil people please mind your own internal matters, dont worry about origin of Namboodiri and Nairs.
    It is shame that you are calling Tamils are Indian Negroes. People like you are real threat to India’s Integrity. Since we are representing different langauages and cultures, we may have different openions and ideas. these things and all we can discuss through the forums like this. whatever you said, you know TN is no: 1 state in India, in agiculture or Industry and IT. Please stop that abusing. Please contribute some valuable points and have positive discusssion.

  111. many bad experiences with tamils, worst people on earth. met some indian tamils in thailand and they introduced themselves as from Tamil nadu so my colleague (canadian) was puzzled wr is tamil nadu…bull shit people…however this blog will not be enough…...we call ourselves as indian and these people like to introduced as tamils/ south indians.

  112. Nairs are always classified as Dravidians. The theory that they have migrated from Nepal is wrong people might have referred wikipedia blog. go through real history.

  113. swathika sharma u r a perfect aryan. Dont nose here. I stick to the concept that Nairs are ancient Tamil nagas. Thiyyans, Idigas, Nadans and Chanans are the same people with different names. who are these namboodiris, sharmas, mukerjis, banerjees, shashtris to create tussle with dravidians? If no one want tamils then let tamils go on their way ” secede from indian union” let all others enjoy things. We negros bid adieu to all of u. We will take back our territories.

  114. swathika sharma u r a perfect aryan. Dont nose here. I stick to the concept that Nairs are ancient Tamil nagas. Thiyyans, Idigas, Nadans and Chanans are the same people with different names. who are these namboodiris, sharmas, mukerjis, banerjees, shashtris to create tussle with dravidians? If one want want tamils then let tamils go on their way ” secede from indian union” let all others enjoy things. We negros bid adieu to all of u. But give our territories back else we tack back.

  115. east or west tamil is the worst. A lot of tamil negro women are working with me not even one’s character is good. So dear kannadians , telungs &keralite please dont join with tamils. Even african negros are good in character but this indian negros are worst. The kannadians & kerilites working with me are very friendly and believable in all situation. But all tamil ladies are cheaters. Hey we should not call the tamil call them indian negros. Ok

  116. yeh kya hei mr. adarsh ? Lagtha hei ki thum log apne bhashe pe pagal ho. isliye hi ham north indian ko thum log(tamilans) bilkul pasand nahi he. We usually call u people as indian negros. We can see original indian negros only in tamil nadu.i mean Tamils=Indian negros. Am i right friends.

  117. hei adarsh thum log apne bhashe(tamil) pe pagal ho? isliye hii ham north indian ko tamilans bilkul pasand nahi hei. Usually we call u people as indian negros. bharath me negros ko tamil nadu mei hi dek sak tha he.

  118. hei adarsh thum log apne bhashe(tamil) pe pagal ho? isliye hii ham north indian ko tamilans bilkul pasand nahi hei. Usually we call u people as indian negros. bharath me negros ko tamil nadu mei hi dek sak tha hei.

  119. hi adarsh now i understood that you dont know any thing about past and present india. if you are interested please read it . The ezavas came from srilanka”the land of singhas” ie, not the land of tamilnadu. Another important thing is that only the ezavas of south kerala came from srilanka the ezavas of north kerala have another history and they also are not tamils. About the nair case, they are newars who came from nepal long before. thus they also are not from your tamil nadu. dear adarsh ,brother if u want to know more please ask me. i kindly request you not to say foolish comments in this site. Atleast i am some years older than you.

  120. hi adarsh, now i understood that you dont know any think about the history. if you are interested please read it. The ezavas came from srilanka i.e the land of singhas ,not the land of tamilnadu.another thing is that only ezavas of south kerala came form srilanka. ezavas of north kerala ie, thiyyars have another history with proof and they also are not from tamil nadu.The nairs are the newars who came from nepal. and they also are not tamil. so adarsh, brother if you foot know please ask me.i kindly request you not to says foolish comments in this site if you dont know. atleast i am some years older than you

  121. hey tamizha some days before i have heard that you where making some problems with kerala . i think about a dam. any way we dont bother about it. and now you people itself again making problems with karnataka. do you think you can steal our water and supply it to whole tamilnadu. Any way you are not going to get it . why you people are making problems with every one. That is why every one hate u.

  122. hi adarsh , now i understood that you dont know any thing about the history. if you are interested please read this you are telling that ezavas ard tamil.actually the ezavas came from srilanka ,the land of sinhas i e., it is not the land of ur tamil nadu. Another important matter i have to say is only the ezavas from south kerala only are from srilanka ezavas of north ie thiyyas have another history with proof and they also are not tamils. and the Nairs are also not from ur tamil nadu they are newars of nepal who came to kerala long before. Then if u want to know any thing ask me. i kindly request you not to say foolish things in this site. atleast i am some years older than u brother adarsh.

  123. Only those who are Brahmins and Brahmin foot lickers are supporting mythical aryan stories in support of kerala and mahabali. A real malayali is a real tamilian, a real nonfanatic kannadiga is a real tamil but neither brahmanas nor namboodiris shall be called a tamilian. Srilanka is nothing but Eezhanadu, Eezhavas in kerala are from Eezhanadu or ilankai. Nairs are ancient Tamil Nagas. Dont blindfoldedly follow puranas or myths. Reality is the real history, and puranas will never become history. All Malayalis are Tamils except Namboodiris.

  124. pearllysun, u r absolutely right . But now all indians have forgot the life of their forefathers before independence. Only few of them remembers all those thing. More over person like you i mean the those who loves india are out of the country. So i dont thing we can do much in this.

  125. sure we r ready , i wil start when i reach india , we must do something being , for me kerala , taminadu & andra doesnt make much diff , all our brothers , we were all one during chola times and even now , we have no major disputes among us , we should join one and have a single voice , then we can conquer anything , but i don’t favor anything illegal or suppression , lets have our right undisturbed , we have and maintain and will have our own strong culture . long live our pride .

  126. hi. Brothers and sisters. I am a pure malayali from cannanore district of kerala .Remember that we are indians. We should never forget our forefathers who fought for our independence . Be proud to be an indian. Unity in Diversity of india should be model for the foreigners.

  127. tamil have there own fantastic cultures. But it does not resembles with kerala culture. Actually in kerala almost all cultures are same from kazargod to trivandrum except some traditional cultures. The lower classes living in kerala are mainly Dravidans. All other classer are mainly aryans ,nepalies, persian ,budhists and others who came and settled from muslim countries.

  128. santhosh u better go out from malabar. You r not a malayali i think. Usually we malayalies like evey cultures. But u stupid saying nonsense about kerala itself.

  129. hey we should not criticize tamil. They have there own fantastic cultures. We dont have any cultural resemblence with them.but kerala culture is almost same from kazargod to trivandrum. But what santhosh told is utter nonsense.

  130. Please my dear anti-tamils,

    You can criticise problem. We do not care criticism.Nobody can deny growth of tamils.
    According to the survey,tamils is a growing language after hindi in india.

  131. Dear Malayali who is reading,
    We should protect kerala from these violent dravidian tamil paandi’s and tulu,kannada paandi’s.
    these telegu,kannda,tulu,taamil all are same dravidians.

    these ppl are really eager to make resemblences with kerala.for eg: a thendialavalathi paandi from tirunalveli/palyamkotta(TN’s negro beggers land) wants to compare everything of their dirty paandi origin to kerala.
    these paandi’s are very allergic towards our fairer color than others.
    they cannot understand that in kerala,it is middle-easterners,aryan namboodiri brahmins,nairs from nepal(newars),and sinhala Chovvans(SNDP) all made kerala a different state!
    Only those Pelaya,paraya,aadivasi tribes can be called as dravidians. kerala are not fully dravidians.we respect sanskrit and NEVER want to be a part of TN.
    we simply hate you ppl.ur pattors(tulu,iyer/iyengar) are still following their taamil culture inside kerala.
    they are outcastas.
    Kerala should be dragged to somewhere near Maharashtra/Gujarath to save from these untidy,violent,arrogant,racist para paandi’s ๐Ÿ˜ก

  132. kunhiraman; a keralite;

    It is true that the people of kerala do not much care about most other languages. However, it is disgraceful that we cannot bring the people together to have even a fraction of the patriotism that tamils have. As of now, the people are more concerned about politics and themselves to care about the pride of being a malayalee.

    You say that the sinha’s came from north?
    YOU MUST be on crack to say tht. Lanka is Sinha homeland, Tamils came there 1000 years before to capture it but they couldn’t. So they gave up and settled the land they captured. Now they want to separate and make their own country there? They did this same bullshit in kerala by sending thendi pandi’s and taking over kerala lands. I think tamils need to take care of their own people and stop trying to take the land of others.

  133. Total world knows what is singala and their stupid constitution. Dont talk about srilankan tamil. Stop it, if you dont know.


  134. and Gnan pith awards? Haha , It is sankrit award, Fucking Sankrit Sankrit never qualified to give award to tamizh. They will give award to anybody in TN, who is opposing Tamil. Eg. Jayakanthan.

    Anything in Sankrit Name should not come to TN.

  135. dear keralite.
    you knowledge sucks. Tamils are natives of srilanka. you read about srilankan tamil. Singalesh are immigrants from north india around 1500 years before. you must read it clearly, dont make non sence comment about srilankan tamil.

  136. Mr: Kunhiraman,
    in my which statement did you see the langauge extremism? Your statement “Keralites like all the languages” is correct. However the statement like keralites may support LTTE is wrong. Keralites wont support any terrorism.

  137. hey Mr.Keralite,

    Malayalee people have no language and religious fanatism.Even one malayalee can not say about language fanatism like hindi,kannada ,tamil people say.Malayalese like tamil,kannada,telugu,hindi,english,all languages in the world.Malayalese only aim and ideology is to work and earn money and live.If kerala is occupied by LTTE malayalees will support LTTE.if it is occupied by hindies like current situation ,it will support.Malayalese do not care language and culture.We need only good and better life.we do not care language and relegions

  138. There is a small correction in my last posting. number of Malayali people in Kasaragod district would come around 75%, not 50%. Now
    Mr.Santhosh,(claimed himself a Malayali and came up with foolish argument that Kerala people should talk in Tamil henceforth) had disappeared forever, he could not prove he is from Kerala.
    Mr: Gobu, some of your statements are utter nonsense. Malayalam will exist even Tamil is not there. Malayalam has rich literature and talented authors. Malayalam is having many many national award winners in literacy and Gnanapitham award winners, although Malayalam’s early development was from Tamil. And it does not require any Tamil literature’s help. We are not discussing the language origin and its richness and history. No tamil guy should argue that southindian people are opposing Hindi. Onlly TN people are opposing. I had put some points regarding Tamil people’s mentality. For eg: they are arguing for the portion of border area of Kerala with TN should merge with TN. These people forget that once they came as plantation workers or coolies in Kerala. 1000s of Malayalees are there in Chennai, Coimbatore and other parts of India and world. Are they demanding a separate state? I think i am it is reasonable that Tamils are being attacked in Srilanka.

  139. This blogger did not reply to anybody. So it is crystal clear that he is enjoying “Tamil Bashing”, Certainly he is NOT TAMIL. Guess who, he most probably belongs to most lazy, brainless race in south India. And they are Tamils no.1 enemy in India.

    They are disguising in Tamil names and making provocative statements and enjoying others angry reactions towards Tamils. That is nice, you are accepting you illegal father is Tamil man.

    This kind of conspiracy actually patented by Pakistanis, who is registering in Hindus name and taking Sardars and in Tamil name to pound on Hindi. They happy to do that, because they are B***ds.

    He got jealousy when seeing malayalis singing tamil songs, what is wrong?. It is quality songs. Most of the mallu actresses, actors, singers and directors in Tamil cine field, what is wrong? They are talented. Nobody worried what they belong to, they will watch only if it is worth to watch.

    We have too many Telugus (Captain Vijayakanth, Vishal, Janaki Amma, SPB and other singers and numerous actresses) Kadis (Great Prakash Rai, Arjun, Murali and no.of actresses), Peoples never bothered who they are, but what capable they are.

    Father of Modern of Tamil nadu is Kannadiga E.V.R
    Most successful politician is Malayalee M.G.R
    Reigning super star is Marathi from Karnataka Rajni.
    Most respected Tamil orator is Telugu Vaiko
    DMK hardcore followers are Telugu people from Madurai and Thanjai Districts.

    We never worried their origin. Show anyone state which has such open mind.

    We opposed only Hindi, that’s too to keep English alive in India, number of Tamil people self immolated themselves, now you all are enjoying software boom and bashing at Tamils. First think what quality you have. We took Heavy weight Hindi to fight, not a weak enemy or equal enemy to prove our self.

    Richness will come go, Richness is Prostitute, she will be today here and tomorrow somewhere, Sacrifice is History, we always there. One day you will understand what we are.

    Don’t come Tamil in name and make such statements, if you are Tamil, type some “Purananooru patal”.

    Malayalam Never will disappear as long as Tamil there, ask Malayala literates first.
    Tamil Never disappear as long Kerala and Tamil diospora there.

  140. This blogger did not reply to anybody. So it is crystal clear that he is enjoying “Tamil Bashing”, Certainly he is NOT TAMIL. Guess who, he most probably belongs to most lazy, brainless race in south India. And they are Tamils no.1 enemy in India.

    They are disguising in Tamil names and making provocative statements and enjoying others angry reactions towards Tamils. That is nice, you are accepting you illegal father is Tamil man.

    This kind of conspiracy actually patented by Pakistanis, who is registering in Hindus name and taking Sardars and in Tamil name to pound on Hindi. They happy to do that, because they are B***ds.

    He got jealousy when seeing malayalis singing tamil songs, what is wrong?. It is quality songs. Most of the mallu actresses, actors, singers and directors in Tamil cine field, what is wrong? They are talented. Nobody worried what they belong to, they will watch only if it is worth to watch.

    We have too many Telugus (Captain Vijayakanth, Vishal, Janaki Amma, SPB and other singers and numerous actresses) Kadis (Great Prakash Rai, Arjun, Murali and no.of actresses), Peoples never bothered who they are, but what capable they are.

    Father of Modern of Tamil nadu is Kannadiga E.V.R
    Most successful politician is Malayalee M.G.R
    Reigning super star is Marathi from Karnataka Rajni.
    Most respected Tamil orator is Telugu Vaiko
    DMK hardcore followers are Telugu people from Madurai and Thanjai Districts.

    We never worried their origin. Show anyone state which has such open mind.

    We opposed only Hindi, that’s too to keep English alive in India, number of Tamil people self immolated themselves, now you all are enjoying software boom and bashing at Tamils. First think what quality you have. We took Heavy weight Hindi to fight, not a weak enemy or equal enemy to prove our self.

    Richness will come go, Richness is Prostitute, she will be today here and tomorrow somewhere, Sacrifice is History, we always there. One day you will understand what we are.

    Don’t come Tamil in name and make such statements, if you are Tamil, type some “Purananooru patal”.

    Malayalam Never will disappear as long as Tamil there, ask Malayala literates first.
    Tamil Never disappear as long Kerala and Tamil diospora there.

  141. I agree 100% with u adam_scott.They r very rude and arrogant.Not friendly with others except Tamils ,They think that only their launguage is great and want to show off much.In Madras even an auto driver will show off .Very narrow minded people.

  142. Mr.Adam

    Your analysis about Tamil community is wonderful.In Tamil community less than 1% people is that kind of people.In every community there is bad kind of people.India Tamils are highly educated people.12% of Total Indian GDP come from Tamil Nadu.But population is only 6%.Tamil people are patriotic people.We just opposed Hindi language becoz hindi has no qualification to be a national language.We are active in indias development.Majority of the scientist in DRDOand ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization are Tamils.Your comment is a negetive.

  143. My experiences with these Tamil people has been so bad that it has made me read about them to verify what I feel is correct. As a bottom line, these people give a very ‘dirty’ impression of the whole of India – which I’ve overall found to be decently beautiful despite its poverty. I take care to keep distance from these people now. Adam

  144. I live in US and I’ve met all types of people from India over the last few years – although I don’t like to to be racist – but i’ve found people from the southern state of tamil nadu to be odd in the bad sense of the word. Most of them are foolishly arrogant and very insecure about their culture. I’ve found them to be mostly parochial and limited in liberality. I’ve found them closed to new ideas and dogmatic about their thinking – which they try to preach to others and (even) themselves.

  145. Hi

    I Don’t thing that guy is tamil. As a tamilian i don’t like hear that ” malayalam will disappear.

    Malayalis are nice people. Telugu people living with us in thanavur and around madurai maintaining their language and culture. Tamil never posed any problem to them. Tamils made them as a star, politian (vaiko, Minister Verasamy, KKSSR). I dont bother about andhra telugus.

    Please dont insult Mallus.

    But Kannadigas saying they are Dravidas.

    Ha ha Actually Dravida is sankritised word to mention tamil( Please check Dravidan Languages Wikipedia or Malayala Manorama year book). Whenever Kannadigas saying they are Dravidians i am loughing out louder. One Stupid cited above Kannada is from Proto dravidan, Ha Ha, so you mean Proto Tamil. Anyway i dont like to comment on kannadiga, they are bashing tamils for whatever happening in karnataka. I Hope oneday they will blame tamil people “if their wife not getting conceived”

    Forget about them. But dont use any bad words agaist Cheras.

  146. Hey Guys.I do not like to make any problem with Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam.I know these four language very well.We should join hands each other against Hindi Imposition.We are Dravidans.We are not people came from outside.We have been living here for thousands of years.I do not like fighting Dravidans each other.Hindi and Sanskrit,Urdu and Arabic is a big threat.Indian Govt is spending millions of rupees to spread Hindi and Urdu.But indian govt not spending a rupees to spread our south indian language.India is a land of different language and imposing one on others is not good.India is not like america and japan.they have only one language.

    thank you guys

  147. Mr: Santhosh,
    actuallly you have to come to reality. I am from North Kerala(in your language from Malabar). I dont find any difficulty when I speak with South kerala people. In kasargod nearly half of the people speak Malayalam. The rest is speaking Konkani, Tulu, Kannada, Marathi. In every state/county the language shown slight variation from place to place. That happens even in your TN as well. The language style spoken in UK may not be same in US or Australia, even though they are speaking in English. At first i asked you one question: what is theproof that you are a malayali. It is widely understood that Tamil is mother and sanskri is fatherof Malayalam. No one is denying that. Govt of kerala has to take initiative to make Malayalam is compuslosry language. Recently only Tamil allowed High ourt of Madras after long agitation. Malayalam will never disappear in 10 years. It will remain for 1000s of years. you Tamil people are dreaming that malayalam will vanish soon. Sanskrit is the first classical language recognized by govt of india. And Kannnada also going to get the same status soon. Why you do you want land of Kerala to your TN when you already holding lot of land and some grabbed land like Kanyakumari , Chenkottah and Gudalloor. And why you Tamil people want Tamil to be forced on others?

  148. Thank you Mr Keralite for your respons.But you do not know the history of south india.You do not tell the great Brahmin blunder that kerala was created by Parasu rama.There is no scientific proof.Avoid history and come to present situation.Malayalam is the mother language of kerala.But malayalee themselves consider it has no history and independent identity.In kerala schools Hindi is compulsory.Without Hindi a malayalee can not pass exam.Malayalam is not compulsory.Most of students take Arabic ,Urdu,Sanskrit as first language in school.It is a shame.In Kerala high court Malayalam language is not allowed.But Tamil nadu high court use Tamil in their high court.This is because malayalis have no independent identity.Language of malabar is entirly defferent from south Kerala(Travancore).In Kasargodu 75% people speak Kannada and Tulu.Wayanadu indegenous people speak Kurichiar language.Malayalam speak only those who migrated from Travancore.Language of Malabar muslim is completely different from malayalam.There is no standard language in Kerala.If there is no Tamil words Kerala people cant speak anything.Everybody in kerala know that malayalam have no independent identity.Nobody know about history ofEzhuthachan.He is the father of malayalam,It is believed that he lived in btwn 1500 and 1600 AD.ONLY 400 HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO.Malayalam’s remaining identity will be disappeared within 10 years.Tamilization is in progress in kerala,karnataka,andhrapradesh,srilanka,malaysia, ctc.Tamil is already official language of India,Sri lanka.Singapore.India government recognized Tamil as first classical language.My argument is that Tamil is the mother of all Dravidian languages.Mr Keralite I think you are from Travancore.The state of kerala was created only for Thiruvithamkoor.Malabar should be a seperate state.South kerala can not survive without malabar.Mr Keralite come to reality.

  149. Mr Santhosh,
    Now it is very clear that your are a pakka Pandi who knows some Malayalam. Very beginning itself, i understand you are Tamil, because of your anti Hindi thought. No keralites would oppose any langauages. Keralites are enjoying Tamil, Hindi and English songs and films. Not even a single incident been reported from Kerala against the other state languages so far. Please tell why you are opposing Hindi? The answer is very clear, you are a Tamil. Why you used the word “South Kerala”? what is the wrong with them? Your intension is very clear. There is no difference b/w South, Cental and North Kerala. Second thing, who told Kerala does not have an history. Kerala name is mentioned in Hindu epic( I think you would know the story of createion of Kerala by Parasurama-eventhough it is a myth) and there was trade relation b/w Kingdonm of King Solomon and Kerala, remeber it is in BC. also kerala had relation with Arabs and other countries. Kerala is always Kerala, is the land for keralites and does nt want to be under Tamil rules.
    Mr Selvan, you are in heaven of fools, by just thinking that there are lot of people in Kerala like Santhosh thinking about merging it with TN. Santhosh is also Tamil like you. If keralites watches Tamil movie or listen songs or learn Tamil, does nt mean that Keralites want their State to be merged with TN. On what you are thinking that majority of Keralites want a merge. You just talk this things with any Keralites and get openion from them. You have got our Kanyakumari, part of Chenkotta(Shengottai in Tamil) and Goodallore. This is more than enough for you. We lost those lands just because we dont have any language Chauvanism. If it were AP, Karnataka, you would get nothing.
    mr Santhosh, you know much about Tamil History and Grammar. Great enough proof for you are a Para Pandi. What is the proof that your are a Malayali(dont bring words like Vazhatte, you know only that word)

  150. Mr.Santhosh.I appreciate you.I am happy that majority of kerala people like to be part of Tamil Nadu.We have our own culture.Whole of Tamil Nadu,Karnataka,Andhra,large part of Orissa,Chattisgrah,Maharashtra should bring under Dravida Nadu.Tamil should be language because all dravidian languages derived from Tamil.In Karnataka only 50% people speak Kannada.Others speak Maratha in north Konkani in coastal areas,Tulu in south west.Kannada in eastern part Tamil in south.Bangalore’s 40% are Tamils and 15% are keralas.

  151. Mr Keralite.I am not a migrant from TN.I was born and educated in Kerala.Have you ever learned history of kerala in our school text book? No. Why we have no seperate history.Our history starts from 1956 Nov 1.But We forgot one thing that we had ancient culture.The great Dravidian culture is older than Aryan culture.Tamil was the native language of Indian sub continent until aryans invaded india.The great tamil grammar book “Tholkappiam” was written by Tholkappianar who was a native of Tiruvatankotu in Thiruvananthapuram district.This book was written betwn 8000 BC AND 5000BC.The formation of Kerala and mysor state is from Madras Presidency is the creation of Hindi politicians.Because South india was opposing Hindi to be official language of India.They split Madras presidency to different states and prevented big threat against Hindi.We have 23 official languages now.And English should be only official language.This is democracy.India Vazhatte.

  152. Mr Santhosh is lying that either he is Tamil origin from Kerala or He moved to Kerala. There are lot of difference b/w TN culture and Kerala culture. His main intension is to create misunderstanding among keralites. Malayalis always appreciate any acheivments of TN and any other, but they wont like kerala to be part of TN or even any other state. Kerala has unique culture which divers from others. And talking about Malabar, All keralites are keralites only irrespective of they belonging to Travancore, Cochin, or Malabar. Malabar(as Mysore also) was annexed to Madras presideny by British for just eazing governance for short period of time, other that there is no connection b/w Malabar and Madras.Let the TN be TN and kerala be kerala

  153. I am from kerala and proud to be a dravidan and indian.Really there is no difference btween Tamil and malayalam.Malayalam is a western tamil like hindi in bihar and UP.As malayali i would like kerala to be part of Tamil nau.I am from malabar.Malabar was part of tamil nadu before 1956.Fucking south kerala people is slaves of fucking north indian brhmin hindi people.Malabar should be part of Tamil nadu or independent fron Trivandrum and Kochi lobby.

    Dravidan vazhatte India Vazhatte

  154. Common guys,

    Learn fro Telugu people.Whereever they go they will adjust to local culture and people.If they stay for 2 genarations they will be one among local.But u people…..?

    These Tamils whereever they go they create problems for local people itself.they won,t try to adjust to the place instead they want that place to be Mini TN.They want to show off(highlight) their Tamil culture,launguage etc. publicly.Even if they stay for 4-5 genarations also they do not want to learn local launguage and culture,instead they want their to be highlighted.

  155. C’mon People.. Don’t fight and shed our integrity which earned by giving tonnes of bloods and bones…

    Be an Indian, we have many things to fight with.. poverty, Illiteracy, Caste system… etc…

    plz use nice words… And try to find out what other people has to say about u, rather than sitting in front of the system and say blah blah stuffs..

  156. u people help politicians breed, bribe and make more money. make a new state or merge 2 states or create a new language; none of this can improve our country.
    I suggest u guys put your thoughts and energy in developing India as a country and not waste time in what this one “Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan” burps

  157. mr: veeratamilan is diverting from the points which i given..keralites have ther own identity..they have a language..they have a state..separate culture, a unique festival(Onam) where other state people cannot cliam as this..Keralite never says they wont give water to TN..but saying that they dont have any right on the water in the Kerala.

  158. dumb ass keralite…...u never had any identity in the past….u where either part of cholas or cheras….i laugh when u say u dont give water….if we stop providing electricity…rice and cow meet ….u wud be fuckin wandering in the fucking forest…...all u know to do is build a hut…..and blue film ur black cunts…..coming to golty lanjas ….get some life first…....come out from the colors and masala of ur C grade movies to reality…..u r like bed bugs in evry part of world….. fraud dogs come with fraud certificates and spoil the name of indians…..........cant stay together urself…..going to split into telangana, rayalaseema, and andhra…only pigs fight within their sty…stop grumbling and nw u can go back into ur movie world

  159. Keralite, is mistaken. the Tamils who came from India to Sri Lanka as Plantation workers are not demanding for a seperate stae. It is the Indeginous Tamil Sri Lankans who had been living in sri Lanka for more than 2000 years are demanding a federal state.
    Gays, do you ever know what is racial or ethnic prejudice. I took a course on ethnic studies. Many of my prejudices too vanished. Hope we remain friends and relatives of one human race. Please read on ethnic prejudices and how they are 100% myths.

  160. Tamils are always targetting others land to merge with their Tamil Nadu… See wat happened in Srilanka? Tamils gone there are as Planters…now they want seperate land or Partition Srilanka. How a celony can accept it?...Tamil should identify that each state people are loving their state as how tamils are loving their state…see Tamils grab Kanyakumari from kerala just telling that majority people are Tamils…these Tamils are setttled there some years back..Kanyakumari’s geographical structure, culture, climate, Name of places are all same as that of Kerala..Also they are saying that our prestigeous Mullapperiyar dam is theirs…They want water as well as Dam cntrol..How they have right on the water which is due to raining in Kerala…yet Kerala has no issue for giving water to TN farmers…but they are blocking constructing of new dam and they are not bothering of 35 lacs people’s lives if the century old dam is broken…Also some tamils who stay in border districtcs like Trivandrum, Idukki, Palakkad want those majority portion to be merged with TN..Idiots..Gratitudeless…they should remember that Keralite cannnot allow one more loosing land like Kanyakumari…they came there as coolie or Tea plan they are engaging in separatism..Many Malayalis are staying in Chennai or Coimbatore.. are they creating any problm? They always contributing to City’s prosperous..If they continue for their separatism in kerala soil, the ill treatment of those extremists are not very far like in Karntaka…

  161. tamils are targetting others land…

  162. Tamils have been fighting the war of entire south india but these ungrateful mallus, goltis and kannadiga fanatics have stabbed tamils in the back. have u ever heard any south indian being ill treated in chennai or anywhere else in india ? haave tamils harmed any othersouth indian the way tamils have been treated in karnataka ? tamils have treated all no-tamils in TN with dignity and respect..most tamils talk for south india as a whole and have always tried to emphasise all south indians are one ..whether it right or wrong doesnt least tamils have shown the spirit.but look at comments from other south indians..they abuse and hate tamils for no sensible reason..the fact remains tamils have nourished a great and tolerant culture and tamils will forever be great people irrespective of what these spineless worms who call themselves no-tamil south indians would like to believe.

  163. CT: You are brilliant! I want to (if you’re male) platonic-ally fall in love with you!

  164. Ruth

    Please find a good Tamizh name before posting


  165. Shekar, Ramesh,

    Please try to be nice to us. We have allowed you to drink the waters of our rivers… ungrateful.. so n sos


  166. Tamizh thozhargalay!

    We must include our suppressed breathren who call themselves “Kannadiga”in Tamizhagam. They have been forced to speak Kannada and have forgotten their real mother tongue! Think of Aishwarya Rai! A real Tamil girl, forced to thinking she is “Tulu” (what the heck is that anyway?).... kadathified by.. as you would expect by a cruel hindi fellow. We must right this injustice..

    Chozhath thamizhan

  167. Tamils never expected any respect from these Mother Fuckin monkeY faced spermless poolu! other state dickheads.
    Golty thavedia passangala.

  168. In oneword Tamilians = A$$holes

  169. tamilians are most cheap people anu whole world ku theriyum

  170. hindi telungu padam munnadi tamil padam waste chappanum .

    hindi and telugu cinema are best in india.tamil pdam eppo parthalum oru lungi kattiti ,oru kelavinu padathilla vachikite ooottuvanga.

    chappa tamil movies tamil movies are waste.

    i started watching hindi and telugu movies.

    telugu movies are very good now a days like pokiri etc.

  171. onnu sollanume naanum tamilian dhaan aaana i hate tamil people and tamil language.

    i like all others in india.

    i just hate tamils.

    naan oru tamil anu sollikurudhuku kooda i feel ashamed.

  172. malayalis,kannadigas and telugus join hands and kick tamilians.

    tamils feel that they are great but they are real idiots.

    hate tamils ,hate tamil language stupid language.

    in tamil they use same letter for “ta” and “da”
    they use same letter for “ka” and “ga”

    they use same letter for “tha” and “dha”

    they use same letter for”pa” and “ba”.

    but in malayalm,telugu and kannada there are well developed words and rich langauge script.
    tamil is “half” language not developed and these tamils feel there langauge is great.

    but really speak it is a stupid language.

    when a tamilians comes to any other state in india dont respect them see them like some animals dont speak to them and just ignore tamils.theer are most dangerous people so allow them to stay in ur states and send tham away kick tamils from other states.

    they are the africans of india.

    tamils are most black people in india and are liek some animals.

    stupid language tamil is.

    kannada ,telugu didnt get birth from tamil.

    kannada and telugu developed from proto dravidian langauge.

    even tamil developed from proto dravidian language.

  173. It is obvious that this blog is dominated by brahmin idiots. No one will deny that Malayalis, Telugus and Kannadigas are racially same as Tamils. But who are these brahmans? These people’s main aim is to create comotion between Dravidians and to drink blood. Telugus, Kannadigas and Malayalees should realise that ,they too were once a member of Tamil Community.

  174. Guys I am going to turn u people in to slaves


  175. Is this guy for real?

  176. hey why tamils are so fanatic.

    u tamils dont even desire chennai city.historically chennai belongs to telugu people.but tamils rudely bagged chennai during jawarlal nehru period.

    districts of krishnagiri,dharmapuri consttsute 60 % of telugus.

    wwhere ever u tamils go do not co bangalore u are mumbai tamils were kicked by shiv sena.

    in sri lanka you are targeted.

    in future even in hyderabad city ,we dont know what problems you are going to face.

    be care ful tamils the telugu desam party and telangana rastra samiti will kick u with their left legs.
    tamils are stupids in the whole world.

    kannadigas,malayalis and telugus should join hands and kick tamils ,kill tamils, throw them out of their states.
    shiv sena kiss all tamils in mumbai.
    tamilinas are bloody fuckers.
    they surely create problem to othere languages and cultures.
    when ever any one meets tamil ,just ignore dont respect them.
    kannadigas just spit ur saliva on tamilians face.

    mallus now its ur culture under threat,tamils are spoiling ur culture and ur mollywod is been targeted by tamils.
    kick tamils in kerala.

  177. why are you worried about a failed national language .

    We are switching over to a unity in diversity model

  178. I hate to betray the Tam empire, but I will be taking up Kannada lessons next month. Tam will come once those are finished.

  179. give me Aattukkaal Soup or give me death.

  180. I take it back. If dosais with molaghai podi are mandated as the official breakfast food, I might be interested. Satisfied, Nilu?

  181. By the way, do you think tamilnadu will prosper by being a separate country? It may just stagnate. Anyway, I dont have anything to do with tamilnadu and with such freaks in madras, its easier to do business in hyd or bangalore. Go to hell you assols…..

  182. Hello,
    Who said 76% tamils in bangalore??
    enna olarre..

  183. After the nation government is established, all non-tamilians will be deported, tar poosified on indhi letters, Tamil Nadu name change to Senthamizh Naadu

  184. เฎ™เฏ’เฎ•เฏŠเฎ•เฏเฎ•เฎพเฎฎเฎ•เฏเฎ•เฎพ!

  185. (tongue firmly in cheek) Chandru for Rajarajan, I so move. ๐Ÿ™‚

  186. If you do Vi, our gates are open one way. Kelambu.

  187. I think I (as a Tamilian) like being a part of India. ๐Ÿ˜›

  188. iru—ithula naanthaan President. no panchayat or kuda volai

  189. Wait wait. Me tell Krish ๐Ÿ˜€