Selective Amnesia There was a point to this. But I forgot.



Anand has a few points to make

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  1. S Priya,

    Wow, you are such a dumb person and yet you talk about merit. What an oxymoron. Go and Puke along with Nilu.

  2. syntax or no syntax all proreservationists should be ashmed of being humans because they are killing merit and are supporting spoon feeding,they dont want to work hard ,they r lazy politically motivated bunch of mindless ppl

  3. Anand :- Good Article

    S priya :- Die death of a bitch…...

  4. s priya,
    Am not really sure if you actually did the studying you seem to imply. Your syntax suggests otherwise.

  5. ha ha ha ha! Whoa baby we are on a roll here. I completely agree with Priya. Ha ha ha

  6. well Mr Anand u r a foolhary person to be frank,u suffer from some mental disorder.u deserve nothing less than a sever thrashing.u fool when u r competeing for an exam ,and u find that in a pseudo democratic corrupt country filled with filthiest politicians like bloody india,u c many people who were loittering on roads making merry when u were engorged with books have been selected and they r cosoling u one feels like dying,i ve been throug it.secondly when u deprive a well educated person right to attend higher college deny him a job and then deny him a promotion u r creating another backward class on the pretext of uplifting the other so that u can be the MP next time.may ARJUN SING die a very bad death ,may he be in a situaation where he demands death and it evades him ,may his sons and grandsons die before his very eyes because he has caused a caste war to start,and he has he has created many living dead with his selfish act.may u die too Mr Anand in writhing pain,may ur brother sister mother father all die a dog’s death

  7. Sorry ba. Though I didn’t intend it, it comes across as that. Will change

  8. CC, have to clarify something… I am not pro reservation… I know you did not intend that :p

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