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IIPM and its bunch of fake, lewd bloggers

Rashmi Bansal is a long time blogger, a respected voice in the Blogosphere and is also editor of the magazine JAM. Jam is devoted to student issues and has a regular feature that analyses and reviews B-Schools. As part of that series, JAM published an expose on the Indian Institute of Planning and Management.
Now, anybody with half a brain can see through the fraud that is IIPM. Their sickeningly cluttered ads (too much text in an ad will ensure it doesn’t get read, which is a good thing really) claim campuses with a mix of old-english architecture and modern skyscrapers. Fucking lies. I was offered a seat in their Chennai campus, a blue and purple monstrosity that doesn’t have enough parking space for three bikes.

Needless to say, the dimwits at IIPM took to JAM Mag’s expose badly. They first threatened Gaurav Sabnis with a law-suit. And how! A e-mail that’s “judicially notarized and has been tagged to validate receipt and response” claiming damages to the tune of 125 crores. They didn’t stop at that. Being the dimwits they are, resorted to cheap name-calling and derogative commenting on Rashmi’s Blog. From fake blogs that didn’t exist y’day.

If it were any less serious, I would have had a hearty laugh at IIPM’s response. But dude! Leaving obscene and lewd comments on somebody’s blog is not cool! Definitely off-limits. Don’t they teach you that at school?
The blog-o-sphere is rankled. And pretty bad. Understandably so! Bloggers Charu, Kaps, Patrix, Harini and others have taken up the cudgels. And we will fight. Fight hard. And fair, which is not something IIPM understands.

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  1. IIPM the name itself has a bad reputation, wonder why whats happening to Delhites!! A money making institute challenges IIM yeah? someone has that guts!!
    well an institute who pays maximum for his ads proves his need for recognition and of course brand like IIM does not need any front page ads.

    So now having said all that IIPM sues all of us for writing this.

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  3. Peace people

    We love you

  4. IIPM is not going to have a long life im sure about it.

  5. IIPM is just bullshit. it fakes about itself and it shows a lot which it is actually not. KOI MARKETING KARNA HIA THO ARINDHAM SE SEEKHE.

  6. I think that the media should be informed about all this. I think they are unaware because no one has written about it till now. So, I compiled a list of editors and it would be good if you mailed them too. You can find the list here.

  7. things hve taken a new twist. check out gaurav’s blog for details.

  8. It thus pays to “Count ur unlucky stars before u resort to one-whole-page advertising”.

  9. hey, nice post, Sir. Keep it up. Good to hear you’re doing okay in Hyd. Stay in the loop. Avi