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Chennai v Bangalore

Long time readers of this blog know my abject dislike of the city of Bangalore. As a city, I thought Bangalore fell way short of Madras or Bombay or even Trichy. You might have the best climate in the world, you might have the most IT companies knocking on your doors, but if as a city, you lack the spirit and feel of a city, you can’t grow much at all.

I am not saying this because I am a Chennai resident. Or for sentimental reasons – being a frequent visitor to Bangalore, and having spent some considerable time there haggling, walking, cursing and getting caught in traffic jams, I think Madras is far better in most respects. Bangalore comes across as a cold, aloof city.

What triggered this particular post was this story, in the Indian Express. I absolutely, whole-heartedly and unconditionally agree with Vasanthi. OK, not absolutely. Madras’ roads still need a little improvement, but Mount Road is prolly the best road in South India. MG road is but a poor substitute.

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  1. Mr.Simbu,

    Good Argument . i do agree with your comments but not Exactly. You spoke something about AUTO . ok let me tell . dont speak about AUTO ok, becoz even i had been to chennai . atleast here in Bangalore the auto fellows charge customers with the Meter . but what about your chennai. the auto fellows dont charge with meter.oh, they dont have a Meter box in thier .Auto . wht shld i say for this. if its max 20rs. they charge 50 rs. this itself is clear how cheap chennai people are. and am also not saying about the entire city . just few people residing there.

    and you said that “HINDI” is not our National Language . see if u cant speak or learn Hindi . dont learn, no one is forcing you to learn, i dont understand why chennai people dont like Hindi. but we are not like that , we love all the languages. and we welcome people from all the cities . and i dont require a Book to check out that Hindi is a National Language or not. if tamil is your national language let be ok . but no can change that Hindi is our National language i dont bother whether u accept it or not.

    and wht did u say. that if 50% of IT was not there , People have to vacate from Bangalore. Mr.simbu, what do you know about Bangalore . may be u might have come here just for few months or days and just like tht u cant comment anything. i am born and brought up here. i know Bangalore Better. before IT was developed have u been to Bangalore . i have seen Bangalore from my Birth . and i know wht a city my Bangalore is. and if you want peace in the country go to Army and make india a safe and peaceful country .instead of teaching me.

    Finally u said that if pakistan captures india 10% left out will be tamilians. wht a great joke. mr.simbu, it is u chennai people who will come to our city.we will never step into ur city. got it.
    even if a situation comes for us to leave Bangalore . we will give our life here . but never will step into your city.

    See i dont have any hatred against chennai . but i feel that Bangalore is better than chennai . thats it .

  2. This is my reply for your comment on….

    madhu, Bangalore rocks.. Says:
    March 2nd, 2008 at 12:10 am——————————————————There is a Proverb in Tamil…..

    “Noolai Pola Selai” “Thaaiyai Pola Pillai”
    “Saree quality based on Thread”“Child quality Based on his/her Mother”

    Please dont type anything u liked in a public blog jus becas u have Comp + internet

    U need to get matured…..

    Today u r scolding Tmilians…tomorw ur son/daughter may happen to settle it Chennai…..


  3. Hello Priya…

    s everyone love their home town…....

    but we must face the criticism of our own city…

    All speaking abt Auto people in Chennai….
    6 am Sep5 2008 i reached Madiwala….one auto driver from the auto stand dint allow any other auto fellow to take me… he took 250 rupees to take me from Madiwala to Koramangala…..But i wont complain ya….coz all human are unique…with his character i cant argue that all kanndigas are like that…if i argue im a plain fool…isnt ….?

    eventhough i had better job options in chennai,
    i came here to see the attitude and to analyse all ur thoughts only…....

    Also u cant ask any one to stay in their own birth place…..
    India is a secular country….... do we really remember it…?now people are equally poluted with politicians….

    Again for ur kind information “Hindi” is not our national langauge…... that bill had never passed in our parliment…...... if u have doubt u can refer the book on “Indian constitution”....

    People from all over india will come to any city jus for the sake of job…...its a fact…... i or u cant deny this jus becas we r born in the capital city of a state….

    even….ur stae govt cant say that people from tamil nadu should not come to bangalore for the sake of job….. becas it cant say that as per our constitution….. but ur politicians will say that….....who is live becas of the diversity among us…...

    what do u think about America’s and UK’s native people commenting about the outsourcing of their jobs to India,because of which their job opps are getting affected…..
    after all we r beggers for them …but here we r fighting for the shares in that…...”pitcha eduthaanaa perumaalu adha pudi thinnaanaa anumaaru”......

    Priya ….i would like to tell u one thing again….if there is no IT then 50% people have to vacate from Bangalore….

    Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai are not developed jus becas of IT…..... Before IT comes to India we know Bangalore as a tourist place…..

    Also people in this forum are saying that Tamils have fear to stay in Bangalore…..
    S ofcourse….. but i think for that u have to feel shame….

    We never tried to create fear for other state people in our state…... if we like a person then he can live in tamil nadu like king and queen…eg M.G.R ,Jaya Madam,Super Star…..

    also it will not take even a single day to create the same fear in the heart of other state people in Chennai…..But if it happens then there will not be any difference between You and Us…..

    Also i have a doubt in this “Water Pronblem”.... all the neighbouring states of TN are ready to waste their water by sending it to sea…but people in TN should not use it…...good policy na….

    i just want peace for my country’s next generation children…...

    in future one day will come…..Pakistan will capture 90 % of INDIA …that remaining 10% is Tamil Nadu and Kerala…....

    During that time we will once again prove you all by welcoming to TN and praying for a better life for u….......


  4. ITs ok to be chauvenistic and live of intellectual masturbation. But the reality is simple. Both cities have their own thing going on and both are equally sad or equally wonderful to live in.

    Let me say one thing where chennai sux big time. Getting a legal and decently chilled king fisher beer. Either it is the ridiculously priced five stars or it is the humiliating tasmacs or it is the juvenile guilt of drinking beer out of ceramic glasses in sidey restraunts.

    am sorry to say that your blog is really poor on facts. There is no trace of maturity or attempt to understand that these are two different cities and have different cultures, food etc. etc. Absolutely immature post.

  5. Mr.Nirmal, let me clarify your doubt, that myself priya is a female and tamilian, and purely Banglorean . why u stupid guys have this kind of doubts and mind set. oh ur from Mumbai, see i dont have any hatred against any city, but according to me my Bangalore is the best. i dont bother about other cities. u were talking something about culture , i dont think so Bangalore is so worst like mumbai in culture . i dont want to comment anything about Mumbai, since i had not been there. but culture is bad there that am sure. some fool said. chennai has a very good culture . in the early years it had good culture , but not now, ofcourse bangalore follows western style. but there are so many orthodox and traditional people living here. people who come from chennai or anyother city. just blindly comment on Bangalore . wht the hell they knew about my city. first know better and then speak ok . just dont bluff some shit.

    i wont stop this argument . will give proper answers for all ur questions. wht ever said and done, BANGALORE IS THE BEST . NO SHIT CITY LIKE CHENNAI CAN STAND IN FRONT OF BANGALORE.

  6. Most people seem to be taking it personally. To all the Tams who hate B’lore – remember there are more tams in B’lore than Kannadigas ๐Ÿ™‚ And to all the Kannadigas.. remember the Tams have been through what you’re going through more than 3 decades back.

    I don’t think there’s much of a difference in the cosmopolitan(ity?) of either. They’re cosmopolitan in different ways. I would say that B’lore is cosmo in a very practical way – i.e. it doesn’t have a choice. Chennai is more embracing of different cultures and the only “anti” thingamajig it has is the imposition of Hindi, which only now cities like B’lore, Mumbai (where I live) and Kolkatta have discovered. But that is almost a forgotten story having played out in the 1960’s and 70’s.

    B’lore certainly has better climate. No two ways about it. And except for B’lore and Pune, no other major Indian city has any climate worth writing home about. Mumbai is just as hot as Chennai except for the three months where it rains so much that you can’t step out. Ofc the monsoons in Mumbai could be made fun if there were good drainage systems and the city was clean.. which it is not and is certainly the dirtiest major city. (Despite all this I love this place and would move only to Chennai or B’lore if I’m forced to)

    B’lore is also way more fun in terms of choice of restaurants and watering holes and especially so since its agnotic to the origin of the person. It takes a long time for a new Chennaiite to understand what’s going on. There are hundreds of great restaurants and pubs but they seemingly are frequented only by people in the “know”. Its kinda like Delhi thataway, where only native residents and long-timers seem to know where to go. I’m just happy to be in the know in Chennai. And ofc there is that great argument-stopper. The beaches and the ECR.

    Chennai is definitely way better culture-wise. Not just the Sabha scene but the theater scene is better in Chennai because there is a critical mass of audience. So is the classical dance scene. And the British Council, Alliance Francaise and the Max Mueller bhavan are some of the most active culturally in India. The movie scene is also much better especially if you understand Tamil… and even if you don’t.

    We ought to stop harping back to the “good old b’lore” days and realise that Bengaluru is a brand new city and we should make an attempt to create/foster a new culture that is uniquely B’lorean. Like Mumbai for Marathis, Kannadigas can’t claim B’lore as their own anymore. They ought to take a more practical view and make their cultural center Mysore or Mangalore like the Marathis did with Pune. They in fact ought to be proud that a city that they created is now so popular that they’re outnumbered now (ok that’s easier said than done)

    There’s no question about which city wins on infra. Chennai has always been thought of as a metro and has the mindset to match. The city planners always think big unlike B’lore where the state seems to be in some zone where they still don’t believe that B’lore has exploded into the international city that it is. I don’t think the planners will ever be able to catch up.

    P.S. Having been a moderator for a really fractitious and vocal group, I can’t help but recognise some types…I think this “priya” person is neither Tam nor female

  7. Most people seem to be taking it personally. To all the Tams who hate B’lore – remember there are more tams in B’lore than Kannadigas ๐Ÿ™‚ And to all the Kannadigas.. remember the Tams have been through what you’re going through more than 3 decades back.

    I don’t think there’s much of a difference in the cosmopolitan(ity?) of either. They’re cosmopolitan in different ways. I would say that B’lore is cosmo in a very practical way – i.e. it doesn’t have a choice. Chennai is more embracing of different cultures and the only “anti” thingamajig it has is the imposition of Hindi, which only now cities like B’lore, Mumbai (where I live) and Kolkatta have discovered. But that is almost a forgotten story having played out in the 1960’s and 70’s.

    B’lore certainly has better climate. No two ways about it. And except for B’lore and Pune, no other major Indian city has any climate worth writing home about. Mumbai is just as hot as Chennai except for the three months where it rains so much that you can’t step out. Ofc the monsoons in Mumbai could be made fun if there were good drainage systems and the city was clean.. which it is not and is certainly the dirtiest major city. (Despite all this I love this place and would move only to Chennai or B’lore if I’m forced to)

    B’lore is also way more fun in terms of choice of restaurants and watering holes and especially so since its agnotic to the origin of the person. It takes a long time for a new Chennaiite to understand what’s going on. There are hundreds of great restaurants and pubs but they seemingly are frequented only by people in the “know”. Its kinda like Delhi thataway, where only native residents and long-timers seem to know where to go. I’m just happy to be in the know in Chennai. And ofc there is that great argument-stopper. The beaches and the ECR.

    Chennai is definitely way better culture-wise. Not just the Sabha scene but the theater scene is better in Chennai because there is a critical mass of audience. So is the classical dance scene. And the British Council, Alliance Francaise and the Max Mueller bhavan are some of the most active culturally in India. The movie scene is also much better especially if you understand Tamil… and even if you don’t.

    We ought to stop harping back to the “good old b’lore” days and realise that Bengaluru is a brand new city and we should make an attempt to create/foster a new culture that is uniquely B’lorean. Like Mumbai for Marathis, Kannadigas can’t claim B’lore as their own anymore. They ought to take a more practical view and make their cultural center Mysore or Mangalore like the Marathis did with Pune. They in fact ought to be proud that a city that they created is now so popular that they’re outnumbered now (ok that’s easier said than done)

    There’s no question about which city wins on infra. Chennai has always been thought of as a metro and has the mindset to match. The city planners always think big unlike B’lore where the state seems to be in some zone where they still don’t believe that B’lore has exploded into the international city that it is. I don’t think the planners will ever be able to catch up.

    P.S. Having been a moderator for a really fractitious and vocal group, I can’t help but think that this “priya” person is neither a Tam nor female

  8. Hi all,

    i appreciate tamilians for preserving their language and culture for cannot force someone to speak in your language but ppl should feel like learning new language. And i frankly feel that we all no matter what should learn onething. if you are in Rome, learn roman, if u r in france, learn french, if u r in karnataka, learn kannada …it holds all other languages as well..Immigrants should first learn to respect the culture and language where they live in..

    I hve never been to chennai…so can’t compare the two cities. Bangalore was a gud city in olden days. but rapidly loosing it’s culture because ppl are shy to speak in their own language in their own land.. what a misery…

  9. hmmmmm! d topic is gettin hotter n hotter ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Mr.Nam,

    you act as if ur very smart . u want to prove to others that ur smart and others are waste. see u stupid chennai people have this kind of attitude . so only ur like this. u want me to list out the personal experience wht i had. fine let me list out . becoz without proper information i dont bluff anything like u.just see below

    1. the first bad experience i had was language problem , if i ask them something in english , they utter tamil. but since i was tamilian, i dint have problem, but think if some oneelse in my place , oh god so sad of tht person.

    2.then the beautiful buses of chennai. wow chennai has beautiful bus . if we sit in the bus, i just felt that am travelling in a aeroplane. very funny. u know its just like a bullock cart. the seats are so bad. i was just waiting when will i get down from the bus.

    3.Here i come, what a beautiful climate in chennai. u know only at the time of november or december its cool , sorry i cant use the word cool. ( its ok ) . and when u go at the time of april or may oh god. ur dead. i went at the time of april , i was not able to tolerate the heat. i was just waiting when will i be back to bangalore. even if u bathe the next second u start sweating. oh its terrible.

    4. Next is food. some fool said we get good food in chennai . ok i agree wit u. wht only that rice and sambar and pongal. i have not tasted good food until now. have u guys tasted Masala dosa in Bangalore. its just like heaven. when u taste it. but in chennai i have seen masala dosa. but it will be like a stone , so hard. but rice its good in chennai tht i agree.

    5.and the main point is JOB. my first Question is why people from chennai or tamilnadu or any other state come to Bangalore just for job sake.
    u guys tell chennai is this that, then why the hell u guys come here and earn, why dont u stay back there. why ur not getting your satisfied salary. this shows how selfish u people are. just for money sake u come here and then go back then comment so bad. wht shld i tell for this kind of people. its becoz there standard of living is very poor. so they dont pay them well, and these folks come here . how greedy.

    is this Enough Mr.Nams, or shld i list out few more things . if i see ur comments i too cant stop laughing, and i will give u left and right answers for all ur arguments. ok so u can also tell ur point of view. i think it shld be funny .

  11. oh god..!
    just by seeing one of Priya’s comments, i entered this forum (after a long gap)...just now got time to look up on other comments…(ie..till 2 months back)
    i was just laughing to myself and feeling very sorry to enter into argument with this fun girl… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    pls add me also into ur fan club ;-)))

  12. i was always agreeing with the good things of Blore. thats why i never comment abt Blore even though i had got so many bad experiences and incidents. we never judge a city by some bad incidents or personal experiences since at the max we will be interacting with a very few persons and judging a city of millions on the basis of those few personal experiences is only foolishness.
    i just told u not to get personal either abt me or chennai without knowing infos. if u have the proper info, list them out. why you are getting so irritated if i tell the truth?
    as told earlier i am not a fool to advice or teach anyone who is closed minded.

  13. Mr.Nams,

    dont try to teach me ok . and and i dont want any stupid advise from people like u . of course i dont know tamil to read or write. but it dosent mean that i dont know any thing about your beautiful city. if we tell the truth about bangalore , why the hell u guys dont agree . and am not acting tht i know everything, its my personal experience i had in chennai . so i told . i dint create any new thing and tell. and am not a fool to speak without proper information. u chennaites will do that kind of work . we will get the proper information, then only we will speak and we just dont bluff anything. and u no need to tell us to do research abut your city. we know wht to do. first better try to improve your city man. if its fit and fine , then we will stop this argurment. and better not try to teach us ok . take care of your city …........

  14. Hey guys,
    Keep your cool!!
    i have never said anything bad abt Hindi or Bangalore!
    Let me clarify!!
    my definition for UNITY IN DIVERSITY
    is that there shud not be any NATIONAL kinda thing for 3 things
    ie.. religion, culture and language and any neutral person will
    accept that for any person in the world to learn any other language
    other than his/her mother tongue, there cud be only two reasons,
    1)out of his own interest
    2)better communication / survival..
    so, nobody can force or say, learning HINDI is must even if it is
    national language.
    This is what i said and i really consider, as a true INDIAN,it is my duty to give the
    correct information in any forum or platform, if any misinformation is given or spreaded
    reg the above three things.
    It is my understanding that any true indian will not accept if NATIONAL tag is attached
    with any particular language/culture/religion because these are the three
    areas where we are diversed but still united.

    Dont create image like only Bloreans are accommodative and chennaittees
    are not…!this is really bad.
    One thing i can easily prove that you are half baked and you are
    ill informed and have very bad perceptions,thats why u cant even
    understand a real true appreciation.
    First point is that you dont know anything abt me but still chosen to
    make personal points against me.(and of course abt my city and ppl)

    ” see if u cant learn hindi , dont learn .
    but dont tell that one must not learn hindi .”
    i never told one must not learn hindi…i have myself learnt hindi
    and passed praveen in 9th std itself though i was a tamil medium student
    from a rural/suburban govt school.

    “u first come to bangalore and make a research why Bangalore is a Garden city,
    and why Bangalore is a silicon valley and why its a cosmopolitican.
    first u make a research then we will make a research abut your city.”

    I have lived in Blore for 2 years and i just love Blore as much as
    i luv chennai.I have done a satisfying research abt Blore and i believe i can
    very well answer the above questions convincingly than you.
    But there is no need for me to prove each and every point that too
    for a closed minded person like you.
    when you told u r a tamilian living in blore, i was just appreciative of you..but now i feel
    very bad.
    when u told “i cant even read a single word in tamil”, i know, when u r not knowing language
    itself, u will not be knowing abt other cities also, thats why in a
    positive manner i told to do a small research abt chennai.
    If you are not willing, leave it…it is your attitude problem….not mine.
    but dont act as if you know everything and spread ill information abt others/other cities.

    Hence proved.
    same applies to the comments you made against chennai/chennai ppl/tamilians attitude.

    you kinda people just dont know abt others/cities and still making vague arguments
    as if you know everything under sun. silly.

    i have already participated in many chn vs blore discussions long back and sticked only
    to city related points. Unfortunately this time am not able to.
    sorry abt that.
    But i really wanted ppl to understand my points and i hope it is not bluffing or

  15. NAMS,

    As antony said. you have to stop bluffing. why your bothered about Hindi . see if u cant learn hindi , dont learn . but dont tell that one must not learn hindi . ok. Tamilians living in chennai want other people to learn tamil but not other language. wht kind of attitude they have. we are not so selfish . we welcome people from other states. and we dont act like untouchables as u chennai people do. and wht did u say . tht we need to make a research on why chennai is metro . why the hell we shld make research . u first come to bangalore and make a research why Bangalore is a Garden city , and why Bangalore is a silicon valley and why its a cosmopolitican . first u make a research then we will make a research abut your city . ok . its you chennai guys who make separation between states and not we. ok first try to improve yourself . and then advise others.

  16. Nams the topic is bw Blore and chennai… so lets not pull Hindi and other languages to tis… We r talkin abt places and ya tamil nadu r talkin abt d languages. Stop bluffin n get back to d topic. If ya can defend yaself on tis topic :{

  17. ohmagosh! i thk thrs no end for tis topic… okai let me start now…. Mr simbu 1 suggestion be sure of wat ya wanna convey to us, ya beginned sayin tat Tamil people have attitute problem ….in saying that their language and race is very old and ya endin it by sayin tat cultivate peace in the country…..
    pls dont create separations among human beings…...we are not politicians…...

    so wat do ya mean by tis. Reading ya comments i learnt tat ya tamils ve an attitude over ya lang, culture and not ready to mingle wit other states ppl and finnally ya advice others not have a separation feelin among human beings… My dear friend pls realise, rather ya yaself know d answer tat tamils r d ones who r diffentiating among ppl and not we BANGALOREANS.

    So 1st try to make ya tamil nadu ppl understand abt tis… and then try to advice us.

    For ya other comments i think Priya has given ya ll left n right answers..

    Grt goin Priya… carry on ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. and this one is for PRIYA
    Priya, am so proud of you. being a tamilian and just coz u r born and brought up in Blore, u r so supportive of Blore. Good. Keep it up. I wonder how many people have this attitude? Congrats. Not only you, most tamilians settled in Blore are very supportive of Blore. Not only tamilians settled in Blore, but settled elsewhere in world are supportive of their place. Thatz tamil culture. uppitavarai ullalavum ninai. ie one shud be grateful to the land which has given them the life.
    But i wonder whether the same attidude is displayed by others settling out of their home? very very miminal indeed.
    But one thing i regret is many of guys who settled in Blore have some hatred against chennai or tamil and proudly say i cant even read tamil alphabets ;( ... i dont know why ?
    i just advice you all to do a small research abt why chennai is a metro and u will get all the points by yourself. Thx.

  19. Just for all your information..
    There are three things in India which no one can announce that “NATIONAL” kinda thing. They are 1) Religion 2) Culture and 3) Language
    All the above three are not bird or animal or tree or river kinda thing so that they can be announced as NATIONAL. This is where we INDIANS are very proud of. For those who have misunderstood that HINDI is our national language…sorry…it is one of our RAJ BASHA and not RASHTRA BASHA. There is no and should not be any rashtra basha for our country coz mostly all the languages are very old and rich. HINDI and ENGLISH are our official languages and regional languages are official at state level. You can refer to constituition or even information ministry website. So, there is no need for anyone to learn HINDI. IF and only if it is needed for survival or out of our own interest, one can go and learn any no of languages. No body can say it is MUST. Thx.

  20. Mr.Simbu,
    I do agree wit your conversation . that we need to live wit peace. but let me clear you, you told that Bangalore is nothing without Information Technology. how do you say that . see am born and brought up in bangalore. and i know wht bangalore is. how people like me are living in bangalore. and for your kind information. most of the people from chennai,hyderabad and many cites come to bangalore to survive. why? if people have so much negative thoughts about my city why they come here. just becoz of job. and u know they will never will to go back to thier place. just becoz bangalore provides them everything what they want. and once they reach thier place they comment bad about blore. this is very bad. then if u people love your city so much you can stay in your city , why do u want to come to our city just for the sake of job.

    and Simbu, u said that hindi is not our national language . who said u . Hindi is our national language and being an indian you need to learn hindi . in bangalore people speak almost all the languages. see my mother Tongue is Tamil . but am not from chennai or tamil nadu. am purely a bangalorean. so i dont hate tamil also. and ofcourse kannada alphabets are little difficult but wht to do the language is like tht . for me i dont know a single word to read in tamil. but am very good in kannada . see being a tamilian i love kannada . thts the love i have for bangalore.

    and as you told that things are very costly and expensive. wht to do here cost of living is high. u need to accept it. but u can get the best Quality . see let me clear u guys . if you feel your chennai is so better than bangalore . u guys dont come to our city . stay away from blore. from so many years i have stayed in bangalore . i have never faced a single problem here and proud to be a Bangalorean . I LOVE MY BANGALORE.

  21. What about starting a fan club for Priya?
    What say people?
    I’m starting to like her!
    She had my entire office in splits!

  22. I think Priya just got another fan.
    Now I know how to while away time in office!

  23. im born and brought up in chennai…..
    im now working in bangalore….basically i jus wanted to see this city….
    bangalore has got very good climate…..and also lot of trees…...

    Yes Tamil people have attitute problem ….in saying that their language and race is very old….which is actually true…
    Thats y they hate to mingle with other state people….but never involved in initiating any voilence against them….i hope u could imagine about other states…..

    And here i feel the power of police is less…..

    Then Chennai beach side sex shits…..ya poor people does thr…rich people in Hotels…..irrespective of the states wer they r from….

    Also i wont ask bangalore people to write all boards in English…coz we can learn any indian language very easily…...
    and im learning kannada alphabets….

    Without Information technology bangalore is nothing…...

    The food ,public tranport cost is really high…....

    Otherthan Tamils people are not interested in history…..because it gives a trye picture about their origin…..

    Ya even it hold good for Americans….who really dont have any social and cultural background…..

    Tamil is the mother language for all indian languages…...

    if you r from IT industry i can make u understand…...
    we know the primitive languages will have less functionalities…when compared to newly developed….
    if u see any indian language otherthan Tamil…..they will have ka,kha,ga,gha but in tamil u have only one letter ka…. but u have to pronounce it differently in different situations…...
    which need extra effort to read…..but if i just know the alphabets of any indian language i can read their words…..
    also please understand hindi is not our national language …its an official language…...

    Sanskrit can be our national language…but not hindi…...

    not only Tamil nadu but also westbengal dint accept to make hindi as national language….
    but i accept that no hindi in chennai….but now its changing…....

    never use bad word in blogs…...

    Above all….. if we love our family and neighbourhood then the same habit will reflect all over the earth…..
    we dont own earth…. my earth is same in india as well as in pakistan…...
    its we the human being to spoil it…..Thats y everywhere its bomb blast….

    If chennai can hate bangalore and bangalore can hate chennai….
    then obviously pakistan can hate us…....

    human being came from what…...?when comes the diversity…...

    cultivate peace in the country…..
    pls dont create separations among human beings…...we are not politicians…...

    make sure that our children dont get the separation feeling…..
    cultivate unity…....

  24. Best comment section. Ever! ๐Ÿ˜€

    To the author of this blog, please post more of these hatred inducing city posts. Much needed entertainment. Thanks!


  25. Whoa whoa! My response will appear shortly on my blog.

  26. CCG:

    It’s high time comments were closed on this post, in my opinion. This thing is beginning to look like one of those interminable Tamil TV Megaserials.

  27. Yes Antony, your absolutely right. its not chennai that is worst , the people of chennai are worst and making the city also worst. they think that they are smarter than others. and they tell that bangalore has bad culture . as if they have a very decent culture , if we go towards marina beach in the night or in evenings u can see so many shits happening there. and these folks speak about Bangalore culture .

    Bangalore, Bangalore is the best city for ever . chennai folks better try to improve your city…...

  28. hmmm a very intersting topic on wch we can debate for hours together. Firstly let me intro maself, am a Bangalorean n tamil is ma mother tongue. hmmm so who do ya thnk i wld support for…

    None other than BANGALORE-A real cool n rocking place.

    Let me get back to the topic now, 90% of the ppl commented negatively on Blore are ppl frm Tamil Nadu n who knows jus a bit of Blore. I seriously don object ppl who support Chennai but i object ppl who has commented negatively on Blore witout knowin it better….

    I found ppl saying Chennai is more secured place to live cos they have lots police patrols o checkin in late nights but wat do ya thk abt the open robbery commited by the Rickshawalas n localities who cheat outsiders. Wen thrs no security in d day light wat kind of security will the Chennai police give in the night.

    The only thing Bangalore facing is now is the huge traffic n its cos of the sudden growth and our authorities are tryin thr best to overcome tis prob…
    Hmmm so ppl if ya still think Blore is a worst place to live, plz do realize tat you’re d reason for it(making it worst).

    I just wanna conclude by saying tat Blore is the best place to live a happy and secured life.

  29. I think u have gone mad totally, better consult a docter . or get admitted to a mental that u can laugh more and more. i think the best mental hospital is chennai. so only all mentals are there. laugh laugh laugh…..

  30. I can’t stop laughing… I’m laughing in my sleep. Lol… thanks Priya! Dream on!

  31. Hey, who is loser man,

    we Bangaloreans are always winners. u chennai folks are the losers for ever.

    selfish , greedy people…...Better take care of your shit city chennai…..

  32. Jeez ! This is some thread man CG! LOL!

    Chennai Vs Bangalore ?
    I prefer Hyderabad ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. LOL ! What a loser!

  34. lol. loser.

  35. Kumble and Dravid are Bangloreans, –
    Thank you so much for supporting me , see those chennai people , how they speak about bangalore. Am born and Brought up in bangalore . i know wht bangalore is . no city can be compared wit my bangalore. and some edoit said, that we need to take a crash course in english. its really a big joke . chennai people teaching us english. and wht we bangloreans shld do. if we learn English from them we forget wht english is . i have faced so many problems while speaking to the folks in chennai. they know only tamil, and nothing else. they dont even know the ABC of English. and they speak about Bangalore.

    See one thing let me clear u guys. chennai is no way better than bangalore. Accept it or not. if you feel your chennai is better than bangalore, then dont come to our city , stay away from our bangalore . our Bangalore is Heaven for us. what ever u say. U chennai guys fit only for eating and sleeping and selfish people. we are not like u folks. Mind your Language and dont speak about our city. what ever said and done Bangalore is the Best, no fool can change this…

  36. @Kumble and Dravid are Bangloreans

    and the collective strength of all of you are what makes the city suck. who cares where the people come from… the moment they end up in b’lore, the arrogance surfaces! not everyone, but most people in the 16-20 age group. the people are cold and arrogant, they feel there is no other city in the world that can rival their own, and they think they invented the word “cool”.

  37. @Priya’s Fan

    ‘People of Bengaluru’ -> Bingo macha! 40% are fucking tams, another 10% gults n mals, 20% misc and the rest are kannadigas. If ppl of Blore suck, the above percentages reflect the culprits! Stay away from my city u arrogant bastards! If you are proud of chennai, so be it, stay there! You want to stay, make a living and poop in Blore and still have the balls to say blore ppl suck. WTF have all those tams residing in blore done for the city! Arent they Bangloreans? Talk about attitude!

  38. Lol @ Priya, We don’t know english in Chennai. Wow! You know what Priya? It’s not B’lore that sucks, its the people of Bengalooru and their arrogant attitude that sucks. You suck, hence your city sucks. Now if Bengalooru(whats with that name?) sucked any harder, it’d affect the time-space continuum and the universe will explode outward at the speed of light nullifying all existence. Try not to suck so hard. And take a crash course in english.

  39. Lol @ Priya, We don’t know english in Chennai. Wow! You know what Priya? It’s not B’lore that sucks, its the people of Bengalooru and their cold arrogant attitude that sucks. You suck, hence your city sucks. Now if Bengalooru(whats with that name?) sucked any harder, it’d affect the time-space continuum and the universe will explode outward at the speed of light nullifying all existence. Try not to suck so hard. And take a crash course in english.

  40. Mr.shankaran, what did u say that mount Road in chennai is good , what a big joke of the year .
    have you ever come to Ring Road or the High way Road which is near Hebbal in Bangalore.
    come and see then speak about bangalore , if so much ur concern about your chennai , why the hell you people come to Bangalore and eat our food and comment about our city, better u stay at ur chennai itself becoz u have told its such a beautiful city, then dont step into bangalore.

    and miss padma, what did u say, that kannada digits are a big joke. have you seen Bangalore buses . cant even compare to your stupid chennai buses. seats are so funny . i have travelled in those buses my god what a horrible bus . have u seen volvo buses in bangalore . so better Try to improve your city then speak about bangalore.

    The AVERAGE Chennaiite , what did u say other than IT companies Bangalore is nothing, have u ever been to bangalore , you chennai people dont know to speak good english. but u comment on others. does your city have a good climate , or good buses , only roads are good , wht else is there in your chennai , can anyone take fresh breeze there. no way .but come to bangalore , u will get wht ever u want , we thank god for not having the beach. becoz it is affected by tsunami, and we are happy with what ever we have .

    what did u say, that life is dull in bangalore . and madras is 1000 times better . before speaking about bangalore , know bangalore better. dont compare Bangalore with chennai. if you people are so decent and having good culture. why the hell you guys come to our city . just for the sake of job. why your city is so poor in providing you jobs . you people are so selfish and greedy u will come here, u will earn good money, enjoy then u will go back to your city and balme bangalore, how cheap u guys are. if you love your city so much . dont ever step into our bangalore .

    for all you chennai guys, just mind you language and take your of your city chennai , pls try to improve it ok. and stop commenting on bangalore. dont ever compare bangalore wit chennai. Bangalore can never be compared with chennai. so Bangalore is the best place to live in.
    accept it or not.

  41. Hey guys, stop this boring topic, i am seeing the same kind of comments. One would be saying blore is good and the other – chennai is good. You guys, lack the skill of evaluating a city. So please stop this idiotic nonsense.

  42. Ha ha ha!
    Very humorous girl…

  43. Hello u chennai people, just dont bluff anything about bangalore. Bangalore can never be compared with chennai . Chennai is such a worst place . only roads are good and nothing else. can u find a good climate in chennai . can u find good resturants in chennai or atleast good buses . chennai is fit for nothing. people know only tamil. and nothing else. and they dont speak proper english also. but come to bangalore, we will teach u to speak good english,and wht only those stupid beaches are there in tht chennai which was afffected by tsunami. and it has lost its beauty . but here we dont have beaches but we have lots of greenaries. and we dont have dust,smoke and pollution. and see our bangalore buses they are so beautiful to see. but in chennai one cant sit in the bus.its just like a bullock cart. very funny. and i dont think tht food is good in chennai . only pongal and rice , wht else u get there no shit is there in chennai , see before commenting on Bangalore better try to improve ur Shit city Chennai. pls try to make it clean. and mind ur blady words and dont speak about our Garden city Bangalore. I LOVE MY BANGALORE.

  44. Chennai is far ahead than any other city, whether it is education, culture, entertainment,food and so on. Think about TCS, India’s most powerful, respected software company, where all the top five are Tamilians. They all are from Chennai. Why you (Bangalore) people are unnecessarily making false statements regarding development in Bangalore. Don’t think development means only constructing Buildings. Proper Transportation system is needed without hourly traffic jams. I sther any road in Bangalore equivalent to Chennai’s Mount Road or OMR ( Most prestigious road within a city). Any company like L&T ECC ( Chennai H

  45. This is to vanquish_082: Ppl who comment here that Chennai buses only written in tamil means you guys are here to waste ur precious time. let us Chennaites not waste time like them arguing with these idiots, this clearly shows they have not visited Chennai at all. Every bus in Chennai has starting n destination place on the name board written in both tamil and english. FYI.. I had been in Bangalore for 2 years for work… now in the US gud tat i’m out of Blore. whatr a pity.. everything is in kannada nothing in english… the worst part is the even the numerical digits on the number board are in kannada… ex. the bus number 134 itself wud be sometimes in kannada n no clue in english as to what it is. we chennaites accommodate easily whereever we go. i learnt basics of kannada.. for conversing but u poor bloreans naming urself cosmopolitan, force other states to learn even kannada digits ๐Ÿ™‚ really a big joke. i only know how bad i have to manage finding my bus.. i used to ask every bus that comes my way as “yeshwantour hogatha.. yeshwanthpur hogatha…” meaning does this bus goes to Yeshwanthpur.. a place in Blore, as i have no clue reading the number board all in kannada. poor folks watch out ur city buses b4 u comment on more welcoming Chennai city…

    and for those Bloreans’ who use abusive words here in this forum, talking always abt pubs n night outs shows the Blore culture. We r far better than u guys.

    and not to forget abt the kaveri issue.. waste Bloreans proudly arguing abt their sociable culture, cosmopolitan, easily mingling with all cultures n neighbouring cities n states… claims BIG ownership of a river itself not helping its neghbouring state TamilNadu when people are starving for water. I bet u cheap Bloreans shud stop commenting further on this forum n bow ur head down for ur gr8 hospitality u have been showing for many years wit kaveri issue. there is a saying in tamil as “Tavicha vaiku thanni kodukalanna maha pavam” meaning “Its a great sin if u don not offer drinking water to those who are starving for it”. That way all Bloreans are sinners n better feel bad about it.

  46. u tamil peoples keep on talking abt others…......... u don hv ur own identity in ur state ur talking abt kannadigas…...... northern parts[erode,krishnagiri,dharmapuri,salem,ooty,coimbatore etc] of ur tamil nadu is dominating by kannadigas….. ur mgr, rajini r not tamilans…...... urs anti hindi movement was started by kannadiga periyar…...... ur talking abt kannadigas shame on u…............ one stupid mentioned dat banglore half population is tamilans wat fool he his….... tamilans having 18 lakh population in karnataka out of 5.5 crores….. in bangalore some 10 lakh out of 80-90 lakhs of bangalore peoples…... northern parts of bang is comprizes of all lang peoples including tamil….... but wen it cums to south majorities r kannadigas…... actuall kannadigas r treating tamilans like untouchables…...... datz dey r dominating in slums with muslim….. v r not allowing dem to good areas…... dese stupid bloggers doesnt kno anything abt bang…. for stayin some months or year u cant decide abt bang….... tamilans in karnataka living like coward dogs….... dey always hv fear on kannadigas….

  47. u tamil peoples dey keep on talking…......... u don hv ur own identity in ur state ur talking abt kannadigas…...... northern parts[erode,krishnagiri,dharmapuri,salem,ooty etc] of ur tamil nadu is dominating by kannadigas….. ur mgr, rajini r not tamilans…...... urs anti hindi movement is started by kannadiga periyar…...... ur talking abt kannadigas shame on u…............

  48. I have seen several Chennai vs Bangalore posts (and websites). And invariably most if not all these posts and websites are from Chennaites. I suspect there is some jealousy towards Bangalore. Both these cities have positives and negatives. It all boils down to what is more important to you in life. If it is weather…go to Bangalore. If it is culture…go to Chennai. Stop fighting which is better. Instead provide constructive suggestions on how to improve your city and India in general.

  49. People like saravanan are the true indians,so pls follow his steps,stop fighting between ourselves,lets compare with Japan and build ourselves to that extend…hope u all support us

  50. Hi,
    It really hurts,being in indepenedent country,people from 2 states of the same country fight over the comparision of their respective states…Big mind spaeak abt future,average mind speak abt events, small and dirty minds speak abt people…\ comparisions…check which category u belong…

  51. Bangaloreans are pathological liars, are incompetent, pompous & cold people, when compared to ALL other cities !

  52. Chennai is always a good place to live when compare to Bangalore. Tamilnadu is the best place to study particularly for professional courses. No other state in India like Tamilnadu regarding the number of Engineering colleges, Particularly apart from IIT, Chennai, there are best engineering colleges like Vellore institute of technolgy, Madras Institute of technology etc. Bangalore is famous only for IT and Climate. No heavy engineering or other manufacturing industries, whereas chennai’s Sriperumbudur area is going to be a new senzhen(China). Moreover chennai people are more brainy when compare to Bangaloreans ( Sir C.V. Raman – India’s first Nobel Laurete, Mathematics Wizard – Great Ramanujam, Pepsico Chairman – Indira Nooyi, Tata steel – M.D – Muthuraman, Our great, Missile man of India – Dr. APJ and so on.)

  53. My reply to:

    1. hash50 Says:
      June 6th, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Please convince all Tamils that Chennai rocks and Bangalore sucks. At least that will stop the Tamils from flocking to Bangalore which they have been doing for a century.

    Its the IT firms which requires knowledge workers for its operations in Bangalore. People like you only crib for no oppurtunity. This just means that about a century to go with what you said… no good knowledge workers or management people are produced in Bangalore or Karnataka(since you stated against all Tamils). If the state can supply ‘good’, ‘intelligent’ intellectuals why should you hire anybody from TamilNadu?????????
    More over all the vegetables/food/rice consumed in Bangalore are from nearby Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri and Salem. If you say you dont need these, it will only increase the cost of vegetables and food items in the already “expensive” not livable state of people (tamils or kannadigas or andra or kerala or so ..) in Bangalore. Why because produce from Mangalore, Gulbarga or any agri land in Karnataka is too far from Bangalore to be supplied soon. Diesel will be consumed more during transportaion … Also fresh vegetables .. ha ha … no way. .. it takes 6-7 hours to come from other areas if not from Tamil Nadu.

    So dear # hash50 Says:

    Please convince all IT firms and industries that Bangalore-kannadigas rock and Tamilians are waste. At least that will stop the Kannadigas from requesting/hiring Tamils to Bangalore which they have been doing more than a century.

  54. My request on Independence Day. Please dont split the nation
    Instead of fighting with in us we can think of constructive ways of developing each other’s state. Third class people are all over the world. Even America could not solve its problem of whites and blacks even now, thats why every movie has some black and a white as the cast in important roles .Say Men In Black for example.
    So basically this is never ending problem. Let not even fight and waste each other’s time.

  55. hi
    In bangalore only Pubs are great, no where comparable to chennai. In Bangalore there is nothing great than Pubs and cool weather. Kannadigas are so confused, whether they are in India or in US. My bad exp is they treated Andraites very badly and also many Tamilians are treated badly.

    I vote for Chennai for its strong sense of love. Kannadigas or Andraites feel sense of security in TN/ Chennai. With English being the standard its very easy to commute in Chennai. In Bangalore only english you can find is the make of the buses mostly “TATA” LOL

    being wanting a Metro status its a must to write all boards in English, which will not be possible in Bangalore. Just because of IT Bangalore has gone global but with in India, it does not have good status. Am from AP but born and brought up in Kolkatta. I have worked in Chennai and Bangalore. I felt some comfort in Chennai and not in Bangalore… some or the other problem is there in Bangalore … riots, strikes from Kannada vedike sanga etc. If Rajkumar sir dies (he is from TamilNadu LoL ๐Ÿ™‚ no body got food here. what will others do for food, esp who stay in rooms. I went hunger for 3 days with just bread and useless food sold on streets for 50-10 rupees which were worth for 5/10.
    And more over i feel Kannadigas are too depressed and low in confidence which shows up in their desperate struggle with their border states. It had problem with MAharashtra, Andra, Kerala and ofcourse world knows that it has problem with Tamilnadu.
    Chennai has beach, can Bangalore get one LoL .. ofcourse Tsnami too … ha ha ..
    IT is the only big industry in BLR, in CHN it has textiles, manufacturing, IT (not that gr8 as BLR) ....
    Peace is more important than everything. Its there in Chennai than Bangalore. I think one more thing, Muslim Hindu relationship is far far far better in Chennai than in Bangalore. I have seen very good unity b/w Hindu and Muslim in Chennai. Being a hindi speaking guy i did not have any problem in Chennai, every one knows English here. Standard of education is also good in Chennai.

  56. hi guys…..... wats tere n blre except IT… please let me know..on de other chennai as THE DETROIT OF SOUTH ASIA..can boast for its IT sector also

  57. I am a south east asian foreigner who is living in Chennai, and have never lived in Bangalore. So, I cant compare B and C.

    Fortunately,I speak tamil, so language is not an issue for me in Chennai. What I like about Chennai is that people will talk to you if you stop them on the road and ask a question or something. Some cities in the world cannot boast that at all! I also think Chennai has the best fruit juices (value for money – wise) I have had, compared to many of the world’s cities I’ve savoured fresh juice in.

    However, the issues of living in Chennai ARE very different for a local Indian and someone who is coming from a different country, like me. So my perspective may seem far-out to many local readers of this thread. Nonetheless, here is a foreigner’s (mine) perspective:

    1) RESIDENCE: When I came to Chennai to study my post grad (alone)I had to find accommodation. It seemed that I had no credibility before I even started, because I was a single female with no family tugging along. I was turned away from nearly 30 potential residences, as a flat lessee. Apparently I posed a threat to the owner/flat/god-knows-what, by being single, female and pledging to pay my rentals on time! The flats that did accept me, posed a huge safety threat, e.g wine shops next door and area having shady characters. I literally had to run out of some of the houses and flats, after viewing them. A couple of housing agents also claimed to be agents but upon some enquiring and questioning, I found out that they were sub-sub-sub-sub-sub agents, who could not even SHOW you the interior of the house cos they obviously have no access to the keys. And all this after waiting two hours outside the flat. Maybe in Chennai this is normal, but to an international visitor, it is the best way, to say “we are inhospitable and undfriendly as a city”.

    HOSTELS: Incidentally, I checked out the hostels too… (12 in total) and they looked like refugee camps, with 6-8 persons squeezed into tiny spaces. It was not surprising then, that 3 of the girls I saw in one place were having diarrea together. I’ve heard of communal living, but this is was too much…

    2) TRANSPORT and INFRASTRUCTURE: Finally I found a place after 5 months, 30 flats/PG and 12 hostels. But like many of the other homes I saw throughout Chennai, roads outside your place has no pavements. So the main road along which I live, is difficult to walk along without feeling like it may be your last walk. I carry my equipment to class and getting on a running bus with that, was not for me. Also, I had to constantly put up with the “brushers” and “pokers”...surprisingly from BOTH genders, on the bus! I had enough after a month, juggling equipment, “bruhers” and the bus brakes that kill. Therefore, walking to the bus stop (1 km away) was done with. Autos were resorted to. Then there was the daily nightmare of haggling with the auto drivers, who think that if you wear jeans and look like you’ve had a bath, you have to pay 2x as much as some one who sloppily dresses in an unwashed khameez and hair in tangles! (This is the only city I’ve lived in where you get treated better if you look like crap!). Then of course, you have to put up with the auto driving itself. Nothing is wrong with autos if you ask me. The drivers need psychological and behavioural certificates to carry passengers. That is all, if you ask me. Incidentally, in my last year alone, in Chennai, I have had 3 auto-accidents. Compare that with NONE, when I lived in 7 other cities for a cumulative figure of 30 years. One of the accidents has even led me to have a severely debilitated arm. Need I say more?

    So, I’m sorry, but water issues, noise, air pollution etc, are things I have long put up with in various cities. Chennai is not to be faulted on those matters.

    But it is the people that make a city, and if my first impression of Chennai was so good thanks to the good samaritans who responded to my enquiries on the street, I don’t know why these good vibes don’t translate into other daily practices, whether it is renting out your flat or dealing with your auto customer. What happened to “kalaacharam” and” panaadu” that Chennai can be so proud of? Or is that something reserved for portrayal in an award-winning art films about Chennai?

  58. Hi….

    This debate is never ending…Ppl who like chennai ,praise chennai and degrade Bengaluru…and Vice versa…so it does not really matter…Give constructive feedback and not use abusive language or slangs…Just becoz u use slangs does not show that u are fluent in english…Dont use things like blore suck,fucks and all…am not a kannadiga nor a tam…but one thing is for sure that tamilians are not at all comfy in english…i kno it and ve experienced it…..comments welcome

  59. Please convince all Tamils that Chennai rocks and Bangalore sucks. At least that will stop the Tamils from flocking to Bangalore which they have been doing for a century.

  60. Any comparison is based on certain pre determined parameters. There is also a certain degree of subjectivity that goes in to this whole analysis everytime. I am living in Chennai, I have also lived in other parts of India, USA and Middle East. So i am here to speak the Chennai part and am not here to badmouth Bangalore. First of all, India in the past have been mostly fragmented in to many kingdoms with different linguistic patterns, customs, traditions, currencies etc. There were many periodsglish was when most of India had been ruled by a particular dynasty/ruler eg. Asoka, Allaudin Khilji, Tughlaq, Aurangazed etc. But most of these dynasties did not cover much of the southern most parts of India then, which in modern days would fall under south Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Hence these places mostly have lived with little or no influence of the North Rulers. Though Tamil Nadu does have its fair share of settlers from other parts of India.
    The Nayakars, Naidus, Reddiars came from Andhra especially after Krishnadeva raya’s time. There are kannadigas who have settled around, Coimbatore, Salem etc. Marattas have come and settled around the Cauvery basin during the time of Sivaji. There are people from Saurashtra in and around Madurai. Hence the so called Tamil Population is not all Tamil but is a mix of many cultures.
    The fact is, Chennai or the area that is supposedly Chennai today was Physically and geographically part of Andhra. Hence even today almost 1 /4th of the population would be people fromAndhra. Similarly There are people from North and North western parts who have settled in Chennai for close to a century. The point here is, many of these people dont speak Tamil fluently, but no one has raised any issues till date. Those who bash the so called non-cultural mix of Chennai should try and take a trip to Sowcarpet or even have a chat with the guy in the neighborhood Pawn Shop “setu kadai”.
    You have quite a lot of Gujarati’s Jains, Marwaris, Sikhs in Chennai. Its not like these people would have stayed if this city has been unkind to them. Triplicane for one has Hindus especially Iyengars and Muslims. They have lived peacefully for decades now. One of the The first offering to the Parthasarathy Temple Car festival comes from the Triplicane Mosque or Dhargah. Few kilometers from Triplicane is Santhome which houses the famous Santhome Church. In fact Chennai is byfar really peaceful in terms of practicing your religion.
    The language thing has been done to death, but people who feel Chennai does not have Hindi penetration should understand, that most people here were either tamils, telugus or people who had migrated 100’s of years back and have merged themselves with the tamil culture. For someone to gain profeciency in a language, they have to learn and USE IT. In Chennai where most of them speak the local language, the chances of using the Hindi Language in day to day life was virtually nil. Moreover because of the British Rule and Madras being a Presidency, English was widespread. Moreover after Independence, Our constitution continued to allow the use of English for the benefit of Non-Hindi speaking states. Hindi is, I would like to bring to your notice is not the lone national language, there are nearly 23 national languages. Hindi but is spoken widely in the country. To put it in a nutshell, for People in Chennai Hindi is like anyother foreign language like French, Japanese, Chinese etc. So people from other parts should try to understand this. The city is not as hostile as it is perceived, though many visitors actually deal with the dirty percentage who happens to be the Auto Drivers, or local hawkers. These two actually clouds the actual tolerance that Chennai possesses which is as good as if not better than most other cities. Southern India especially Tamil Nadu, Southern Andhra and Kerala would be very different from other parts of India for the reasons detailed above. Not all fingers look the same, so we should start appreciating each other’s culture and not compare them with an intention to belittle the other person’s culture, region, religion or custom.

  61. Good you guys were only comparing cities. If you compared the states, Karnataka without bangalore is big time shit pot. I dont think even Bangaloreans will want to migrate to any other city/towns in Karanataka. Tamil nadu on the contrary has several prosperous, growth oriented cities like Coimbatore, Tripur, Madurai, Trichy, Salem, et al. Each of these cities contribute to TN’s overal growth and in different industry segments. If all IT companies pull out of B’lore, it would be no better than the rest of Karanataka whereas Chennai besides IT, is also the Detroit of India.

  62. Banglore is way better than Chennai here are the logical reasons for all you tamilians who think otherwise.

    1. Tamilians can speak good english is a myth which got busted and has been proven time and again. Most of the guys working in IT make such silly grammatical mistakes that they cant even construct a simple sentence without a error and this is not a one off case. i hav seen many tamilian guys with B.E and MCA degrees. So point is tamilians can speak only 1 language that is tamil so much for their high intelligence. This FACT has been accepted by many of them that tamil is the only language they love and they can speak fleuntly without mistakes tat is.

    2. Chennai as a city sucks big time. its so conservative. zero night life. being conservative is not indianess otherwise taliban wub be indian too in that case and women folk hav to run around covering their faces or wearing a burka.

    3. Infrastructure is the only thing better in chennai and bangalore lacks in this. If blore gets its act togther it will be the next true cosmopolitian after mumbai.

    4. A city which cannot speaks its NATIONAL LANGUAGE “Hindi” is calling itself Indian. TATS THEJOKE OF THE CENTURY. These ppl choose to speak a FOREIGN LANGUAGE by the very people who ruled us and opressed us for 2 centuries, but they have a problem to speak a language which is from their own country. I wonder if thats not shameful enough what is and the best part is they still have the guts to call themselves INDIAN.

    5. Tamilians are way more selfish in general and this iS a well known fact. ask any body apart frm tamilians and u wil know. its always about tamil start to end. tamil moves are best, their superstars are best, everything that they do is best. tamil language is the oldest in the world (watever happened to sanskrit frm which tamil got influenced) blah blah blah. it gets obnoxious after a point. here is 1 example of that
    one tamilian guy after looking at the heathrow airport(london) which is the best in the world in all terms said man i think chennai airport is way better heathrow. tat was the best joke i had heard in many years. not only that chennai is also better than london and chicago. can u believe it ? I think even comparing london and chennai wud be a sin.

    6. Bangalore is more cool and open though not as liberal as mumbai or pune. it is much better than chennai which is nothing but a taliban state.
    Somebody said gals smoke. Even though smoking is injurious to health, i take it as a sign of woman liberation. In europe/U.S ppl smooch on the roads and nobody even looks at them, bcoz expressing lov is not considered gross and u guys hav problem if a girl wears a jeans. best dress for chennai woman is “Islam burka” safe and best. ha ha ha
    7. Last but not the least the only ppl who seem to like chennai are tamilians as i said due to their obessesive selfish nature. Rest of india hates chennai and loves bangalore its a FACT accept it or leave it.

  63. Please stop comparing cities in India.

    It can be discerned from this blog that we do not have unity as Indian and we will never be united. Only one thing we are under central government rule other than that we all talk all nonsense about our individual language, community, city, etc.,

    I welcome the direct individual opinion like ’’I like Chennai than Bangalore’’ or I like Blore than Chennai. They have their own right and freedom to express this opnion. But I strongly disagree to comment each and every city that too as a comparison.

    If your income level is beyond IT exempted level, wherever you work, you have to pay IT at the single rates, it is not different in cities or states. But income level may differ according to the cost of living. I welcome constructive comparision of vegetables rate per kg, public transport costs, and many other things.

    Haven’t you thrown any waste or spit in the streets of the city wherever you lived? Have you then you have no right to talk about that city. Having understand this I am not throwing even chocolate cover or normal spit at the public place, not snoring, asking sorry for sneezing, saying ’bless you’ when others sneezing do not cross the road zig zag, when others trying to or waiting to cross the road I am stoping the vehicle five feet back and asking them to move and many other things….I cannot ask or reques everyone should follow this, it is your wish.

    Chennai or Bangalore it is a place in the world thats all.. things & activities in and around are reflected by all levels of peoples behaviours. Climate is natural no one can change that, you have to accomodate yourself accordingly….if you could not then you have to decide where you want to work and live.

    Hindi was protested by Tamilnadu because of political leaders for political gains. But they and their children are learning and using Hindi. In Chennai Hindi Prachar Sabha is conducting education actvities of Hindi language and giving certificates. General public are learning Hindi privately and writing exam in Hindi Prachar Sabha and getting degree and I am one among them. Typically, it is your endeavour to any language and use it wherever necessary.

    I worked in Nashik for 6 months, initially strugled for food…everywhere Vada pav or chappthi…then I simply roamed around found hotels where I can get Idly, Dosai, Rice and Sambar, it was bit costlier than Chennai but I know this is not my home city then to get my food I was ready to pay for it with the thought that I have come here to earn more money and I have to compromise accordingly. Then started to love variety of chappathi, parathas, vada pav, pav-vada, bhel puri, pani puri….all are food only you must be ready to taste at one or other point of time. Very good historical places to see through the city….the Great Godavari’s origin at Nashik, Triambakeshwar, panchavati, Vani Shapthashringi Ghat…the GREAT SHIRDI is near Nashik…and grape garden( nashik is called Grape City) Big bazar…multiplexes, adlabs….I love this small city…..This is my individual opinion.

    Like this give your positive comments about the city wherever you are or were. Because that city is not calling you to come and comment it is you physically going there and giving unwanted comments about it.

    Again, I want to reiterate the first point….having these many differences we can never be united as Indians….only all our cities and states unitedly called as India….we cannot say ourselves as Indians. We are different languagians. That’s all.

  64. I’ve lived in both Chennai as well as Bangalore long enough to form an opinion.

    Bangalore is a good city, in a lot of ways, but due to the loads of money in the city, some of the locals have become total douches. Fleecing other ppl.. especially the autowallahs. Then there is the aspect of forcing the kannada language down the throats of all outsiders.

    Chennai, well, xenophobia is thy name. Every single time I visit, I feel that I am extremely unwanted there. Being from the eastern part of India (and having being brought up in California) , I am rather fair complexioned and hence stand out like a sore thumb. I would really hope that Tamils and Kannadigas learn the fact that they are Indians first and then Tamils/Kannadigas, and that Chennai and Bangalore belongs to us as much as it belongs to them.

    One interesting thing is, most north and east indian languages are derivatives of Sanskrit and hence sound similar. South-Indian languages are pre-aryan and hence sound nowhere close and thus the language barrier.

  65. Am living in bangalore,, but love chennai more the bangalore

  66. Well mates from other mothers,

    I am an Anglo-Indian/Tamilian, who has lived in Chennai for about 16 years. Presently 20, I have been studying in Germany for the past 3 years. I honestly dont give a shit about all you negligent, narrow-minded people. I am happy and hopeful that atleast, kids my age will be able to express themselves better in the future. Anyway, getting to the point, most of the discussion here is personal, hence there is no conversation or constructive criticism. People all over the world are eclectic, eccentric yet, for some reason, differences in cultures within india spark so much resentment. I, for one, love Chennai and Bangalore. I have friends who are both Kannadiga and Tamil. At the same time, I have Punjabi friends who have settled down in Chennai, speak Tamil and love it. Similarly, I know a great guy from the Andamans in Bangalore (who conversely, speak Kannadiga). Pubs and Nightclubs in general in both cities, cannot be compared to world standards (those that are, are exceptionally over-priced). People are definitely different and I am happy to note down the point of tamil people often being fake in their courtesy. On the other hand, the mentality of a people in preserving something that they feel is primordial to them (music, culture) is entirely their own prerogative. You would be surprised at the staunch levels of ‘oneness’ one experiences in Europe (especially, Germany, France etc.) That being said, Bangalore still has the international concerts Chennai doesnt have. Chennai has a unique drive beside the coast and, biking down the coast was, and is, one of the most fun past times of mine. The damn happy hours in both cities needs to be moved to 4-5 in the morning given the fact that although drinking is a social taboo, millions of people have been drinking in India over the past 20 years. Its time people stood up for their rights. After all, we call each other equal, in terms of fraternity, integrity, freedom, respect Gandhi and yet, dont give a flying fuck about the actual depth and resonating truth behind it all. So buck up boys, and start thinking different. We ARE all different…. stop whining,....stop crying….. try to make it work. Enuff said.

  67. Chennaiis definitely far better than Bangalore. the people are good.Apart from tat good culture is stil practised.they have a decent no. of multiplexes and outings. Marina is a big asset to chennai. Chennai dont have a drastic climate like Delhi..

  68. I am a Tamilian who lived for 15 years in Chennai. Then I lived i Mumbai for twenty years. Now retired I have come to Bangalore to live. I like Bangalore since I rarely have to go more than two Kilometer from where I live. Weather is great. Culture I like Madras. Business I love Bombay. Character I love Madras.
    But I call where I live home. Long live India. Short live all Indian Politicians.

    Jai Hind

  69. What?? boards in Chennai buses are only in Tamil ? Proof enough u have never visited Chennai or simply u r a blatant liar.. The board of every single MTC bus in Chennai has both English AND Tamil and both of the same size.. whereas not a single BMTC bus has English on it..only the recently introduced volvo buses(that form a very small percentage of the total BMTC fleet) have English displays..The fact is you will find more English in Chennai than you would in Bangalore..You just have to look at the cities without prejudice.

  70. Ok, here goes.. what i appreciate in a city, most importantly in a metro, is how the things are ordered in such a way that it does not become a bottleneck for the free living.

    What i look forward is, neat and tidy city streets, no traffic/pedestrian interferance, efficient transportation,and i think that the educational, cultural aspects of the people living there directly affects the ‘orderly’ being of a city.

    So, keeping in mind my aspects for appreciation, let me compare Chennai and Bangalore. I have been living in these cities for quite a bit of time.

    Let me tell you, living in Chennai was the toughest part. First of all, the heat, during the summer, sometimes unbearable, and dust and smoke of the traffic going haywire most irritating. What i meant by traffic going haywire is, most of the time i can see these traffic police people getting into the road and tries to control the uncontrollable, yelling, shouting, and sometimes running after the bikes!! Whatta fun!!

    Since i was in bangalore previously, we used to spend time, anytime, anyday, in any of the available gardens for a breath of fresh air. I dearly miss some cool green place where i can sit and sip some ice cream or spend some time with someone. This feeling will drastically increase when you are dreaded, tired, and under the hot sun. No where to go, in Chennai.

    And talking about about free roaming, it is such a horrible thing in Chennai, as i experianced , since i have to wade through incoming traffic, sometimes i have to get into the road, avoid being hit by a truck, at the same time trying to avoid the wastes that are dumped to the road sides. Not to mention the road sides invaded by those so called ‘mobil shops’ and parked vehicles. Litterally, there is no FOOTPATHs. In Bangalore, i could walk hours without sweating and straining and thoughts of being hit by vehicles.

    And about transportation, i never missed a bus in Bangalore, all i have to do is, start from the KempGowda bus station, to anywhere, within the city or into any other state. Not to mention about the superb Volvos.

    In Chennai i do have difficulties in reading out the boards, which are entirely written in Tamil. I wonder whether they are insisting us to learn Tamil before anyone hits the city. And yes, some of the buses are like crap and time’s imminent for selling them as scrap!

    And oh yes, i do appreciate the Metro rail service, only wish that the surroundings to be lil more tidy and spruced up, to the metro standards.

    And what else?? Yes, the sewage. Almost all the sewages i have seen are not at all covered, and the black polluted liquid stings like anything.Not even a barricade for safety in some places. And this leads us to causage of overpopulation of mosquitos. Man, its kind of they are litterally breeding them all the year round. Terrible. Sewage there, sewage here, oh there’s one just near to the house where i stay, another mosquito hatchery.

    These irritating things that i have mentioned here, that i have gone through in Chennai, and still going through, was a never a big deal in Bangalore, i was happy there for the time i was there, otherthan some costly bits and pieces, that was necessary for keeping myself juicy all the day.And yes, the cost of living does matter, and i think that aspect is more compromising in Chennai than in Bangalore.

  71. Bangalore and Karnataka are great speakers of Hindi.

    In Tamil Nadu a Hindikkaaran will remain a Hindikkaran without knowing Tamil even after staying years. He will remain proud of NOT knowing Tamil after staying years.

    You know the white Britishers whom 50 years called POISON atleast learnt Tamil. The present Tamil proficiency test conducted for IAS officer is solely because of the original British system.

    Now comes the Hindians. They shout in Hindi…THey dont learn Tamil…And blame the state that they dont know Hindi…THE HINDIAN ARE FAR MORE POISONOUS THAN SNAKES VENOM….Proof of this: Come to Madras central station and see for their behaviour for yourself.

    The Hindi Poison has resulted in elimination of Tamil out of FIji…

    Madras is great because of its Tamil pride… The Hindian poison should be kept out.

    THere is presently increasing murders and criminal activities caused by Hindians.

    So Hindians have taken up the next level. They are coming and committing crime.

    The famous shutter robberies and series of murders in Madras, Vellore dont by Hindian criminal gangs. Unless the filth is checked it will spread like bacteria.

    If someone say this is a bloody asshole comment….why even in the capital of Hindi cinema, the Hindi filth is being weeded out….
    They refuse to learn the language and also indulge in crime.

  72. Wot else does Bangalore have other than IT?? Take out IT and Bangalore will be nothing but a pieca crap….

    Look at Chennai… It is the second largest exporter of IT and ITES, it manufactures world class leathers, It is the most preferred destination for Offshoring services, it is virtually the hub of the automobile sector with its share of 45% in the auto industry, ITS GOT FANTASTIC ROADS!!, people here are really friendly, PEOPLE HERE DON’T SHOW OFF LIKE B****** ppl in Bangalore do…. Public transport is the best… CHENNAI CORPORATION HAS BEEN AWARDED THE NATIONAL AWARD FOR THE BEST CORPORATION IN INDIA.. it is the 132nd best city in the world (2nd in India behind Delhi)(Source:Mercer)... Girls in Bangalore have a Huuuuuge inferiority Complex… cuz if they hadn’t one, they’d dress properly GODDAMMIT… People in Chennai can speak English better than ppl in Bangalore do…. We ONLY SPEAK ENGLISH WHEN IT MATTERS…. WE DON’T DO IT ALL THE TIME TRYING TO CREATE A FARCICAL AND PREPOSTEROUS AURA AROUND US WHICH WOULD MAKE US SEEM COOL…..


  73. “Accept it u fucking ass hole tamils…” ..

    It would be great if you could mind your bloody language.

    Although, I am not a tamilian, Chennai always rocks!!

  74. Well Bangalore anytime rocks.. and whatever traffic and other problems blore is facing is only coz of ass holes like tamils comin 2 our city and over populated it…. Accept it u fucking ass hole tamils…

  75. Hi indian…i do agree with ur compromises over others.but thiss is for others downing chennai with words.we in Chennai dont want any brainless illeterate idiot to be in chennai or talk about it and tamil. we will take care of chennai and we know where it will be in international scenario. we will not self-boast ourself and we are silent performers and the result is there to show in terms of GDP, industrial growth , FDI, realistic cost of living, highest employment growth. Chennai is the best as per records. try to make bangalore to reach chennai in GDP. make bangalore powerful as chennai.lets make these two city to contribute much for our growing economy.

  76. If u love your launguage try to teach your children ,try to read good books in that launguage.Wherevr u go ,if u go to Bengaluru respect local people,launguage and culture ,don,t try to show off ur culture,launguage etc.there,if u r in Chennai try to adjust to those people.Ultimately u have gone there to their place to make a living,if they come to ur place they have to do the same.Our Soldiers r sruggking to save our country there,here we r fighting abusing each other.


    Jai Hind

  77. Pl.stop writing these types of blogs,At the end of the day we r Indians.If u r better, I am better,If u r not better I am not,Start discussions like how to make our cities clean,how to make our roads safe for driving,How to save our youth from influence of cheap movies,and western culture.How to make our roads safe for women to walk etc,etc.We r educated,we have to try our best to improve the condition of country.(Whether it is Bengaluru or Chennai)Whatever is there in these cities is there .Try to admire the good things and help to remove the bad things.

  78. For Shaz…... Chennai or Bangalore..whatever is best…i thought this would be like a healthy discussion…discussing our Pros and Cons is always good thing to keep improving ourselves…But you are just blaming something without knowing the proper reason…First watch ur surroundings….is everything seems good….? u believe u r very honest to at least urself…?....nobody is perfect but admitting our mistakes and improving should be appreciated…..In my point, Chennai is better than Bangalore….I was in bangalore for nearly 2 years…and 2 yrs in Chennai….as all said, good traffic management, good infrastructure, lot of opportunities ( other than IT also), lots of entertainment, affordable life than bangalore…except hindi language but who cares…when local people really don’t care about hindi, we should accommodate to their culture…otherwise we can go out to somewhere else ..anytime we want….nobody forcing us to live in a particular place…but once u experienced ur life in other cities, u ‘ll find chennai is best…....

    Bangalore is good for IT guys who enjoys their life without thinking about their life….they are earning much and at the same time they are losing all the money, lifestyle, own identity… think honestly if anybody can buy at least a land property in bangalore…do u think thats safe….?.....

    my point is anyway chennai is best…...

  79. FOR SHAZ

    this is for you shaz . what do you think in your mind. do you think you are king of this country . first clean fo your dirt from you and give coments to all .

    what an indian you are . please for god sake leave this country and go attach any other country . where you never need to wash your hands.

    tamilian are not slum , drinage ,ugly . you are the most ugliest person in this world . what a kind of person you are . you never fit to be an indian.

  80. the person must respect his language first . guys you say that chennai peoples dosent prefer others languages . ok i agree with that . how many of the person living in city trying to speak their mother tongue. i know those are just few persons . i know that everyone likes to speak in english only .

    You know why we speak in english ? thats because we are in need for that during our jobs . thats the main purpose we are practicing english to our sons and daughters also . so the purpose you speak english because you dependent on it .

    lets come to the point . so when you come to work in chennai , you are dependent to work where the peoples language is tamil. so you try to learn tamil or try to adjust and live because you in dependent on city where your office is .

    so you should take the effort for it or try to adjust dont balme like a small child that they dont my language and other language . even if you are from other state did they irrespect you .
    no never not at all.

    i like bangalore but i respect chennai cause of their culture and respect to others.

    when you go to work in japan you must learn japan and when you go to germany you must learn their and this is same for france also . you know why they want you to learn their languages . because they respect their languages . but here what we do . think…......................................?????????????

    and reply if any one .

  81. hi guys ,

    whats wrong with you all . why to compare the cities. see guys i will tell you one thing if if a village grows a town grows,if a town grows a city grows, if a city grows the state grows and if the state grows the country grows. this is the actuall point that everyone must know . so when one city developing think that out country is developing . that must be the thaught that everyone should have in your mind . instead of that why you all make a comparision. think that weather we are perfect in all.

    we all are indians not tamilians or kannadians,
    telugian or malayales or north indians. we all should compare our growth with others countries,not with our countries. we must try to get our country to the top position in all. we must work for that .

    never say that pubs , nightparties are important. those things are just a bit of life they are not life .

    And another thing i like to tell u all. never think that the language which you know must be known by all . the language knowing is all about the personal wish of that person you cant blame
    for that .

    And one more thing never use the words like your city sucks and all. whats this all we are professional . when we use those abusive words that shows what a kind of person we are .

    we all should be proud be an indian . we all know which city is developed and which city is devoloping and which city is not developed . so my point in this that try make developed cities more and help to make developing and under devoloped cities grow .

    All the cities in india are not perfect there some problems in the city. we cant say chennai is good or banglore is great . they both have some problems and i know everyone knows that problem also . we all try to clear it atleast help to clear it .

    one again i will tell you please dont quarell or compare between our cities and even our states.


  82. hey people…
    bangalore rox!! question abt it…:)

  83. werever u see tamilans der ull see slum,drainage,sanitary,dirty smell,ugly face etc….. after touching tamilan v shud wash our hand coz of der dirty colour…........

  84. Hi indian u people doesn’t have mind, that’s why hiring people from chennai, there are lots more options available in automobile, manufacture, It and telecom , holds lots of mnc’s too. and also another thing to say recently in bangalore sorry bengalooru they closed most of the convents to promote kannada this is truly nonsence and u people are describing we are language oriented. Im proud be at chennai

  85. Mr.Karthink,Who gave u the statistics that half of population in Bangalore r Tamilians?Fisrt try to get the information correctly then write.Dont try to mislead the readers.They r in only 2-3 areas,90%of them illiterates,constructions workers,maids,theives,criminals etc.U people r throwing your waste people to other states,other countries.If your chennai is great why don’t your Gov’t arrange a decent living in your own great city itself

  86. Don’t waste time by throwing mud upon each other.Do u people know how clean singapore is .Try to make your bangalore or chennai as clean as singapore.u people spit everywhere,throw rubbish everywhere.

    Because of this nature of Indians British ruled us for 100s of years.Try to respect fellow Indians.Within your own states u will fight by taking caste,region etc. With other states u will fight by making launguage as an issuse. Foreigners can take advantage of our differences.In foreign countries I have heard people saying India is suffering from its own internal problems like caste ,region,launguage etc.If u r Tamilian obviously u like Chennai and Tamil,if u r a kannadiga u like Bengaluru and kannada.What is great in this.Try to make your respective cities clean.

  87. Please stop making debate like this.Every city will be having its own good and bad things.Some here r telling that Tamil is spoken in Singapore,Malaysia and other countries.Do u know how Tamilians live in Singapore and Malaysia.Majority of them r labourers,constructions workers.For few dollors they work in hot sun,they do all the jobs which local chinese people doesn’t want to do.30 to 40 people r filled in one apartment like rats.When we see them on the roads we feel pity for them though am not from TN.They r looked down upon by local people,Instead of showing stupid pride over Chennai or Tamil and wasting time ,try atleast 1%to uplift the standard of living of your people.

  88. u know …About half of the population in B’lore are also Tamils…...know the value of tamil…we can survive everywhere.but u …think abt it…make ur mind flexible..i’m in north..learnt hindi…if u want to b in chennai,learn tamil…..this is for those idiots who r all speaking language as a barrier,-ve…

  89. hi dudes!!

    Bangalore is good only for climate..awesome..nothing else…i had been there for about 2-3 present i’m residing @ mumbai..bangalore is no where good for pleasant and joyful life..everything is beaches..lots of bitches..

    some idiot commented like high paid companies are in b’lore…without money u know..ppl wont survive there..also i know..thess high earners doesn’t save much compared to a normal software ppl equally equiped to them..b’coz u are paying almost ur salary to pubs,hotels,cars,....

    but chennai is the best..pleasant beaches..traditional life…reasonable prices…good shoping malls,cinema theatres…ECR road..u know chennai is the N0.1 fast emerging city in Asia not only in india..there is nothing in B’lore to establish here after..all packed out…tight life…worst traffic…i cant say that chennai is a well planned city like chandigarh..but its planning at present..the word planning is nowhere related to b’lore..wher is Nokia,Hyundai,Ford,.... in b’lore…all in chennai..unbeaten Automobile firms…u know chennai is the king of everything…

    ppl who has lot of money and dono the way how to spend plz go to b’lore..lot of idiots are there to cheat u in b’lore….

    i’m coming to language…Tamil one of the traditional language…2nd oldest language n india…u know tamils strength over the worlds sounds much than hindi…tamil everywhere ..malaysia,singapore,indonesia,mauricoes,............know the value of the language…u know i’m basically from tamilnadu…at present i’m in mumbai..managing thing gr8 ly..i dono hindi b4 coming to mumbai…even i’m not blaming hindi..i learnt loving mumbai and hindi….so once u r thinking abt chennai..u should also think abt the language (tamil)...dont blame the language..if u r partially good in tamil..then chennai is like a heaven to u…i cant stick in to climate..only IT ppl would be reading this article…u are chilled out in A/C…water …u can afford buying some water cans…according to me..Mumbai is the best chennai comes the next…bangalore is the worst… u next time to kick some one who blames chennai…............happy life ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. To Haryana…!
    dont talk as if u got the freedom for the whole india and entire india is living only bcoz of north indians…
    am repeatedly telling, those who talk like this dont know the history…poor guys…!
    why…..are there no people in north india or haryana with ugly faces, weak stature, smellyness, and uncouthness…?
    is north india is full of beautiful and kindful people…?
    at last am also drawn to this ugly south-north debate which i always dont like…....!!

    (how many blogs u want…..tell me…i will show u …where north indians talk always shit abt Tamils…..a reminder….its you ppl who described Madrasis as worst as possible in ur pics…but at the same time u will worship the heroines from south, particulary from TN…
    vijayanti mala bali, rekha, hema malini, sridevi…
    never ever we ve portrayed u as bad as u did to us…)

    try to learn ur lessons and dont make this blog as north-souht fighting one..


  91. Why do Tamils always talk sh!t about north Indians? You go to other countries make Indians look bad with your HIDEOUSLY ugly faces, weak stature, smellyness, yessirah and overall uncouthness and then you talk smack??? Geez.

    Without us you’d be crawling in British feces fools.

    North India is the best, central India too. Low humidity almost all the year, good food, good looking people, sites to see.

  92. fucking losers,
    why do you want draw lines between tn,karnataka,tamilians,kannadigas etc.
    life of deceit.
    you guys will crib and cry hoarse but stay where you make more money

  93. To surviving chennai..!
    “There is nothing good about your state guys. And if you think that your yumm, yunn, and wonlys are good English, try taking a second opinion from your English masters. After all, the most minimum blood to the independence movement came from the Madrasis. They did such a great job of sucking up. If not for the rest of India, Tamil Nadu would have happily li ved in subordination.”

    i can only pity at you…
    u think u r from one of those history masters home who have wrongly rewritten the indian history….where the entire south indian participation in independence is neglected..

    if u dont know the history..i can only pity at you…

    for instance, go and collect the data that from where the first indian independence struggle started from some of the true history masters…!
    u will come to know the participation of madrasis..

    if SCBose was alive, he wud have told u abt the participation of madrasis in his army…
    even when Boses daughter got doubt whether he is alive or not, she quoted or say she came to Lakshmi…one of the general of SCBoses army..of course the first lady general…

    if u want more…go and ask who is the PA of mahatma….and who guided him and who helped in writing all the letters from prison..

    the more data u collect, the more u will come to know abt the participation of madrasis in independence struggle..

    again a gentle remider to those guys who are poor in history, Blore was also part of madras only till 1957…so can i say karnataka never participated in struggle ??

    all the above words have come from u only bcoz of ur extreme disliking of TN…

    i can tell an idea to u..

    Let me assume u know in and out of the state Karnataka…
    so, start doing research of TN to find all the bad things only to defend urs…
    am sure at last u will fall in love with TN only coz u will know the true data and history..this of course does nt mean that u will start hating karnataka…wat i mean to say is u will start loving TN as equal as u love karnataka..

    Why am saying the above point is everyone of us seem to do the same mistake…we know something abt our state or say city…and nothing abt others (except some personal exps) and start saying all the wrong and bad things abt others…only bcoz our mind wants to be on top always…

    common guys …..chennai n Blore are there in the same country..
    healthy comparison is always welcome..

    but done be ill-advicedor ill-informed while making out comments..


  94. For all of them who say Tamils born in TN and die in TN, they wont go out of TN…
    a gentle reminder…Tamils are the most widely spread language community in the world..
    take malaysia or singapore..tamil is one of the official languages…u go to south africa…go to UK….go to Parris….go to Australia…wherever u go u find Tamils….one of the important aspects of tamil culture is that respect others culture and accept it also…so Tamils easily mingle with others and accept their culture easily..
    go to mumbai….there are so many tamil areas..
    go to Delhi…again there are so many areas..
    keralites and telugus followed tamils in spreading out to the entire world….
    and of course Tamil wont do marketing and they do all things calmly…they are poor in marketing…thats why so many misunderstandings abt Tamilians…
    even u go to Fiji….there is a handful of tamil population…
    of need to talk abt Blore…coz half of the population there is tamils…
    this itself shows Tamils respect others culture and easily mingle with them

    while mallus and telugus followed suite, ie followed tamils in spreading out to entire world successfully, the real truth is that Kannadigas are the slow starters…they are just now starting to spread out to other place and trying to understand abt other cultures…
    whereas tamiliand are good graspers and understand other cultures…

    if some of u get bad experiences in chennai..u r unfortunate…but remember so many tamilians are there to narrate the bad experiences in Blore or any other indian cities..i can readily describe my experiences i ve got in Blore or Hyd or Mumbai…etc

    Personal experiences never define a city or a state or a language population…


  95. bangalore is such a shit place that i wont even think of shitting there

  96. Before I read this blog, I was 100% certain that Bangalore is NO MATCH for Chennai. Now I am a bit confused, with all the threats and anger on this blog.

    Want my opinion? I was brought up abroad, so I find the whole of India a big mess. I’m not criticizing anyone. I’m just saying that none of us, either in Chennai or Bangalore, should silently take the shit being handed out to us.

    Why do I think Bangalore is better? The people there treated me with so much more GENUINE courtesy. In Chennai people treated you with courtesy that was FAKE. I know I’m not making a strong argument but if you are honest with yourself, you will see that. I don’t care about the culture of any place, what’s important is how much self-respect people have and treat others with. In Chennai it is just appalling how low self-esteem is. All the loyalty to Tamil and Tamil culture is just a mask to cover up their total lack of a sense of self-worth.

    I’ve been in India for 10 years. Kerala-7 years, Bangalore-3, Chennai-9months. I was disgusted by Kerala, relieved like hell in Bangalore and terribly disgusted again in Chennai. I’m wishing with every inch of my soul that I am back in Bangalore where people have some sense of human dignity left intact.

  97. Hi All,
    I am a tamil born guy. But I really feel chennai is not that good a city as against bangalore. It is only good. great, heavenly abode for tamilians. Its politically incorrect to speak in Hindi in this part of india & only a very few people know hindi. North Indians are outgoing people, they have much more exposure to south indian culture as against south indian and psecially tamils because we people never come out of Tamil Nadu. We are born here & will die here & thats what almost all the people are about in TN. They are more confident then us. We lack killer instinct which they have.
    Yes we have maintained our culture & I really like it… children still listen to their parents, girls are still shy socail taboos. Norht, Mumbai, Bngalore, pune HYD cities are fast losisng their culture & are adopting western culture. Chennai people stil prefer dosa against a KFC burger & these are appreciable about chennai. But for non tamils TN is not at all a welcoming state(chennai as a city) as conpared to other states & cities in india like HYD, Bangalore, Mumbai.

    Chennai is a virtual metro fast changing into a full metro.
    Fellow Tamilians think rationally.


  98. tamil is imp in chennai.. everyone hav to learn tamil in tamil nadu including kannadiga…........ then y asshole tamilans wont learn kannada being in bengaluru….....insted of teaching culture to others they should learn proper…...... don think majority bangloreans kno hindi…..... more den 60% doesnt kno hindi….... auto or cab drivers and gov employee doesnt speak other than kannada if dey kno other language also, that shows der kannada love…............

  99. Forget North Indians, no people from anywhere in India, except maybe Kerala may want to stay in your state…

    Check out Coimbatore.Just because the malayali population is low in Chennai,it does not mean that Keralites are shy of settling down in Chennai.In Coimbatore,malayalis mix well with the local people.This post is confined to discussions about Chennai and Bangalore only.Why bring in the rest of the state here?

    Well, why do most tamilians in Bangalore not entertain thought of ever going back to Chennai?

    Try booking a ticket in any of the Chennai-bound trains from Bangalore,3 weeks before the date of journey.If you don’t end up with a waitlisted ticket,I’ll eat my hat.

  100. Madras is for working the poverty is higher than in Karnataka.people are just movie freaks and fan clubs.TN itself,people are happy with some liquor or a cinema.while in karnataka,the lifestyle is different and people are richer.also karnataka is not like TN where tamil unites people.kannada is spoken widely only in mysore,bangalore,hubli-dharward belt.marathis are more in northern karnataka esp belgaum etc.while Kodavas,Tuluvas populate mangalore and Madikeri areas.the linking language is kannada as far as i know.

    this makes kannadiga’s accepting northies and others without any problem.infact native kannadigas knows hindi/urdu,tamil,telegu apart from kannada.there open heartness yielded Bangalore recommended for any foreigner or northies when coming to south india.

    Tamil Nadu/Andhra is poor people with a bad mentality to loot every other one who reaches their.even the cleanliness is not there for these people.
    for chennai,if ur ready to bear the tamil and their is a heaven for u with that cheap living expense compared to any metropolitan city.

    So,apart from kerela(i visited thrice cochin,kottayam),karnataka is the wiser option for any one from any place.
    well,kerela is such a nice place and the language is similar to tamil,but i can understand many words because of sanskrit it contains.also kerela people are more open minded,they speak hindi(horrible) which atleast helps in communication apart from english which even a villager knows!bad-there is no big city in that state.I liked the people in kerela.especially the girls are soo cute n nice to look. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. Well, why do most tamilians in Bangalore not entertain thought of ever going back to Chennai? Food for thought. Thing is Bangalore is heaven, Chennai is, well…

  102. My vote for Chennai.
    If Channai has the climate like Bangalore we wont be here to discuss!!.Yeah ofcourse in Chennai u have to speak in tamil .if we go to any north indian city nobody will talk to u anyof south indian languages .Funny thing is in bangalore nobody will talk to you in kannada .Chennai is safe place to move around specially for girls no body will make fun of you in late night but plz try to wear decent dress:) .used to be shock the way bangalore girls’ way of dressing. Tamil politiens are commmitted to the people in every issue i think kannada politiceans are only concern about money to know this just catch a bus from Kempa Gowda bus terminal plz try to sit firmly u will find a well like pit out side of the bus terminal , majestic is center of bangalore ryt?...
    Why to talk lot.. when u feel down just go to Marina Beach sit and talk to wave it will tell you lots of story to make you calm .Yeah chennai autorikshaw service is bad but bus fair when compare to bangalore its uncomparable. bangalore bus fair is very high when compare to any other south indian city.Chennaites are friendly and helping.
    Chennai vazhka..

  103. bengalooru… bengalooru….. soon you people will know your fate.

    Bengalooru was once a good city to stay. But not now… It sucks… who so ever talked about bengalooru.. its all bull shit.

    Chennai people may not know Hindi. Rather we do not want to learn it, for one single reason we do not go in search of places to settle. We have our own state, our mother land Tamil Nadu. Why should we go or learn for something which we do not want.
    If you ass holes want to settle in some other city or state apart from your mother land, then you people have to learn the local language.

    Ass hole kannadigas… you ppl do not know what is culture… talking about womens smoking in ECR. Yes women do smoke at ECR, but those may not belong to Chennai. Bitches from somewhere come here and do all this making chennai to be commented by illiterate ppl like you.

    No one has any rights to talk about Tamil Culture. First off all, even the Britishers who came to india identified only 4 metros. But only the indians chose Bengalooru for IT. Now all those companies realised their fault

    When there is no water scarcity, why would Bangalore govt use meters for the quantity of water used and billing based on it? But chennai though there is water scarcity they charge you just Rs.600/ 6 months. This will not be taken from the tenants, rather the owner pays by himself.

    you get proper UV treated, ozonised mineral water (20 litres) in chennai for Rs.20-Rs 25, But here at Bangalore Rs.50 for 20 litres. Though water is available in plenty, why this much cost.

    But major companies like Kinley, Team and Aquafina, Bisleri have plants in Tamil Nadu Buut not in Karnataka or else in Bengalooru.

    Here people are assholes. Tasteless creatures, dieing for money.

    Since IT is here at this moment, these people made this city costly.
    Nothing is so special in this town. It cannot be said as a City. If you want to name a town to a CITY there are certain basic criteria. Bengalooru does not have any of those.
    This climate can be enjoyed only for few days. Chennai people are much healthier than Bengalooru guys.

    Overall, We tamilians are better. We do not stop someone coming to our city. If you assholes want to make a survival you people have to change and do not expect the local people to change.

    You Kannadigas are assholes, you people were not able to uphold your culture when there is a major foreign culture intrution. You people cannot comment on Chennai which still upholds its culture.

    i could not stop laughing when you ppl talk about pubs. Tell me would you go to a pub with a girl whom you are going to get married to or else with a girl whom you wanna date?

    Overall, bengalooru its lazy city. active only in Pub. People come here to city not to work, but to get salary without working. that is why these people dont know the worth of money that they earn. Cos they know pretty well that they get salary for doing nothing.

    Even company does pay them knowing this, since they cannot fire the local people and company feels, its better if these people dont work. Its better to pay them and get the work done for people who work. That is why even companies in Bengalooru does not hire a lot of Kannadigas.

  104. However, Chennai Sucks…..................

  105. I was in Chennai for four years and I think the city cannot even be compared to Bangalore. It is an overgrown village filled with pompous people who know nothing about the rest of India.

    I am a native of Karnataka and proud that we play host to a different variety of cultures from all over India. Most Tamilians who come to Bangalore do not even entertain the idea of going back to Chennai. It is only the ones in Chennai who are pigeon-holed and think that their city is the best.

    Language, water, climate, people’s attitude…everything about Chennai sucks big time. No one from any other part of India wants to settle down there dude.

    Hindi, national language or not, is spoken and understood by at least sixty per cent of this country. Now, why would I want to learn Tamil if I am not a permanent resident of this place?

    Forget North Indians, no people from anywhere in India, except maybe Kerala may want to stay in your state.

    Tamil Nadu does not feel like the rest of India, which is probably why no one wants to settle down over here.

    There is nothing good about your state guys. And if you think that your yumm, yunn, and wonlys are good English, try taking a second opinion from your English masters. After all, the most minimum blood to the independence movement came from the Madrasis. They did such a great job of sucking up. If not for the rest of India, Tamil Nadu would have happily li ved in subordination.

  106. Look Gyus…. Mercer, an international rating organisation has rated Chennai as the 138 best city in the world…. Bangalore stands at 150 which naturally means that bangalore has poorer living standards than Chennai. bangalore sucks and i dont even understand why such a stupid city with stupid people has so many IT companies….... maybe they made a mistake….
    Refer to THE MINT newspaper…. Bangalore is fast losing out on IT…. Majors like INFOSYS, TCS, WIPRO and SATYAM will have more personnel in Chennai than in bangalore by 2009.

    Bangalore is going to lose out miserably.

  107. Pakka assholes da !

  108. Bangalore Rocks and Chennai sucks or Chennai rocks and Bangalore sucks.
    What the heck is going on.
    These are our two cities of fortune, catapulting india into future.
    Let us all work together to make it a better place to live in.
    The only people who can make a difference is us, yeah im talking about you and me too.

  109. well,to know Hindi or for that matter,any national language, is beneficial for the country men,at large. However, assuming that everybody knows hindi fluently and speaking only the slangs which they r used to speaking in their home states ain’t for better…i’ve seen north indian friends of mine,rather than appreciating a south indian’s efforts to speak in their language,often making fun of it and criticizing at any given chance…this shows their narrow mindedness,to tell the least.
    I would take this opportunity to say that bangalore auto ‘walahs’ don’t any longer go by metres…it’s a kind of gone past…they do day light robbery the moment you step out of the city…and a place even 10kms from MG road is,to them,out of city…
    I guess,bangalore is perhaps,as of today,more polluted than chennai…very unfortunate state of a city once known for its gardens and pleasant climate…allergic issues (especially eyes)are way too common these days and there is little people can do about this other than seeking medical help.

  110. vicky dear ur hindi the so called national language of india ‘hindi’ is spoken in only
    15 of the 28 states in india. you would be
    shot dead in the north east if you harp on your
    national language.

    And for your information Tamil is a state language of singapore and srilanka, no not like your gujarati or punjabi population going abroad and then propogating their culture.

    And if you hate tamil or tamilnadu, we would be
    better of with your absence here. This applies
    to all the fickle narrow minded who swear by hindi. Imagining a tamilian or a malayalee going
    to delhi and complaining that delhi is not a
    cosmopolitan city since no one talks tamil.
    As far as this blog is concered i assume that
    most tamil bashers come from the hindi
    heartland of maharashtra, rajashtan, delhi, bihar and haryana who try to impose their culture and language not knowing that 40 percent of the country doesnt know what they are speaking about.

  111. A city should invite ppl from all cultures.. they should feel comfortable in the city.. Chennai wants others to learn tamil.. and ppl dun even take the pain to learn the national language hindi.. In that sense any city(outside TN) is better than Chennai.. It SUCKS..

  112. chennai rulzz. chennai- automotive, aerospace, ancillary enineering industires, pharma, It, and of late electronics too…... so chennai rulz….

    b’lore doesn’t have the capacity to expand any further….. roads suck!!

  113. Cosmopolitan=Knowledge of Hindi
    Bangalore=Cool City, literally
    Bangalore=Hot Chicks
    Bangalore=Well paying IT companies (As if they employ ALL of the IT workers. What a retarded statement!)
    Bangalore=North Indian City in South

    The migrating tribe is good at blowing hot air about Chennai saying it is a hot city. That’s it. They are good at ‘blowing’. Their pathetic impotency to learn the local language, inability to survive in a different culture and their stereotyped prejudices about the local people makes Bangalore appear better. No doubt Bangalore is a fine city, do these people realise EACH city is unique? These are the kind of people who could not spot where Bangalore and Chennai is in a map, but are ‘extremely’ knowledged when comparing cities. After all, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

  114. Chennai sucks… B’lore the best place to live. Even in chennai if you go out of the city (ecr road) you find most of the girls smoking. Late night parties goes on. Its not known to many ppl, as it is far from city. In that case bangalorians are better, they dun hide things(as told in prvious posts bout b’lore culture). In chennai you dun even get a proper house. 100 questions if u r a bachelor. b’lore is more a friendly city which welcomes ppl from all parts of country. chennai is only for hard core tamil ppl..

  115. chennai is far better

  116. Hi I have been working in bangalore for past 2 years…. I read all the above comments … I always agree with bangalore for its climate and moreover another advantage you have in bangalore other than climate is people knew Hindi thats it…. .You cant assure safety in bangalore and also bangalore will never reach chennai in any way… But chennai people dont strike often …. they dont attack other state people or rather they dont burn buses very often as that happen in bangalore,,,, this adds to the traffic…...Chennai have very good infra structure …. Bangalore has very high cost prices like petrol rate etc… thats why you fing high paying companies…. can you ever find a rented house for 2500 in bangalore….....OK Bangalore has night pubs and eat outs…. who cares…... R u gonna spend your full time in that…... Think for quality living….....

  117. What are the good paying software companies in Chennai? It seems to me that all the high paying companies such as Microsoft, Google, Deshaw are only in Bangalore and Hyderabad.


  119. Hi all
    I for one have been staying Bangalore for the past 4 years … I really hate this city trying to get my transfers done as soon as possible … for the last 1 year Bangalore has become an urban Jungle with top MNCS and only that ๐Ÿ˜›
    they still have BULLOCK CARTS IN THE HEART OF THE CITY for crying out loud , the roads reminds me of the rollercoaster rides in states and the people are so friggin` cold like the climate … COSMOPOLITAN MY FOOT NO POWER NO WATER BAD ROADS HIGH PRICES IN MARKETS what else do you need to make a city sound horrible ????
    i liked madras better than this place and i liked mumbai delhi kolkata too
    ONLY THE WEATHER is a positive point everything else is worst …

  120. Comparing Bangalore and Chennai is the best topic. Another favorite bar talk is Chennai and Bombay. Funny would be comparing Bangalore and Bombay. Before IT influx, Bangalore is a visiting city – college trips etc. It has always been expensive than Chennai (or good old Madras). And ofcourse hip than Chennai. And beautiful than Chennai. Who cares hip! Rating cities based on # of pubs, being cool etc is useless. Quality of life – standard of living matters.

    Bangalore size increased 60% in last 5.5years according to Indiastat website. Which means city small as bangalore becomes bigger than 4th largest metro area Chennai. Who brands cosmopolitan—all this is subjective, varies from person to person. 15 years back it was Bombay and Madras, last 5 years it has been Bangalore, now it is chennai, pune, noida. What matters is—Is the city ok for such a growth. I am sure Bangalore is not. Look at the traffic etc. Now here in the US ppl just talk about traffic in Bangalore and what a hell it is. The correct and natural way of growth is gradual and never a surge. None of indian cities have a gradual growth. We are all trying to prove best of the worst! Good things amongst this chaos is Metro-trains in Delhi and Calcutta for public transport, WOW premium properties in Bombay and Chennai coast – this one is new in Chennai but old in Bombay, planned cities like Chandigarh, cool Delhi setup of organizing IT sector and now-forward thinking young politicians. I would definitely support for more organized foreign investment which way i like Chennai. Zoning scheme – Automotive sector growth in south east city, IT in south-west of city, Medical growth in north-east and downtown in North-west – old george town, center-state/central govt development being the same shabby stinking old Madras. Bangalore is chaotic and a very overrated city which has lotsa pubs, IT companies and lots of people with cars/cellphones which killed its pleasant “visiting city” fame.

    Blame Chennai for Tamil, no water, heat or conservativeness – it has far a better quality/standard of living than Bangalore and money’s “worth” on the property.

    Another favorite topic is South India and North India :-)...and another West-India (which is just Bombay according to mumbaites). I am in for South ofcourse!

  121. hey..who the heck says chennai is better than bangalore…NO Way..
    have you ever seen chennai being recognised…oh YEAH ! it is recognised as Madras and people here are recognised as Madrasi and fit for only eating and being overwhelming.
    Yes Chennai is good for music people who have great knowledge and for people who have great brains ….but who has nourished these brains and made them recognisable its…ONE and ONLY BANGALORE rather BENGALOORU.
    Can you leave without knowing Tamil in chennai ..NO WAY.
    But in Bengalooru if you know any language on earth you can communicate and live. Hows the comparison of the weather in banglore to that of chennai..?
    Hows Bangalore become the Silicon City of ASIA and more and more people want to come to Bangalore to establish their offices and want grow ….SO for all those Bangalore recognises and supports.
    where else do u find such beautiful gardens…rocking pubs..mouth waterring resturants of all styles..where do u find big malls where in u get everything on earth? where do u get people where u can talk to them in your own mother tounge ….....its all here in Bangalore.


  122. Good to see this … old one, but still have a look ..

    I’m basically from Chennai and been here in Bangalore for the last 2 years. I spent 2 years in Pune before this. Frankly, I never been out in Bangalore much, for one simple reason, I hate the traffic here and the traffic sense of the people, pollution, bad roads, one ways. If you ask me to compare the cities .. I will rate Chennai far far better than Pune / Chennai. Pune is again a better city than Bangalore.

    I see here many talking about night life, climate, water issues, language issues, auto-rickshaws about Chennai. Except for the auto-rickshaws I wont completely agree to all these.

    You have a far better and “safer” night life in Chennai than any other cities. You can always see the police patrol in the city at odd hours .. whereas in Pune and Bangalore I never seen them. There are many decent pubs, discs in Chennai ..

    Climate – its hot .. but who is complaining ? your office, shopping malls, theatres, airport , cars are all air-conditioned … if you (most of u reading this are from software industry) r in Bangalore / pune you would still need air-conditioning in your office. Bangalore / Pune never required a fan 15 years back !! green city / garden city are all (hi)story … its now a concrete city .. “green”/”garden” .. may be we can call it as “brown” city now, so much of dust settle on those left out green .. its not a pensioner’s paradise anymore ! can a old man walk safely in any of the bangalore roads ? Can you yourself settle in Bangalore when u grow old ?

    Water – Dont we have problem in Bangalore ? cauvery water is not available everywhere .. and if u buy water it Rs.50/- per 20 litres.. its Rs.25/- in Chennai

    Language is an issue in Chennai ? .. thats funny !! Its only the northies who find it difficult.. because they know only Hindi .. they all love bangalore because its a north indian city in south india. I know a Bengali friend of mine who studied and worked in Chennai for 12 years and he learned only to call his friends “vanakkam sir, sowkkiyama” in Tamil … infact he married a tamilian. There is a good population of people who speak hindi, telugu, malayalam, kannada in Chennai .. There are many theatres which run other language movies in Chennai .. On other hand, tamilians are possessive about their language .. and I guess there is nothing wrong .. Imagine today’s situation of kannadigas in Bangalore .. they are shy of talking in Kannada .. they want to speak in Hindi & proud abt it and show their anger towards others for not speaking in Kannada .. I wanted to learn kannada and went thru this site .. Total Kannada .. .. after visiting the visitor’s page, I forgot about learning a new language.

    Auto-rickshaws – are major headaches in Chennai .. but why you need them .. Chennai has a good public transport connecting all parts of the city .. Buses / trains .. but if u want to travel by auto-rickshaws .. then I would suggest u to use call taxis …

    Things are changing to the worst in Bangalore !! Chennai is also fast changing and already seeing the changes in the real estate industry .. and traffic issues .. I hope the government of tamilnadu will handle it better than bitcing about the previous government

  123. Regarding the Chennai climate.. though its hot and unpleasant throughout the year except for October to February, it should be remembered that it doesnt make u shiver in any month. Its always an equable climate. The sea breeze sets in the evening and give a pleasant weather for those living in the seashore areas. Chennai also receives some rain in the months of June to September making the climate a little cool and pleasant. But life in Chennai becomes miserable outdoor during the hottest months of April and May. You never travel in Chennai without sunscreen lotion applied.
    Bangalore, on the other hand, has a miserably cold climate during the winter months of December and January.

  124. Bangalore, of course. Bangalore has great weather, good life, and more good-looking females. Chennai seems to be a dead city. A person visiting Chennai doesnt think of visiting it again.
    Bangalore seems to be a more open-minded city, while Chennai is conservative.

  125. Hmm… interesting stuff indeed…but I reckon many of the comparisons are some have pointed out Chennai and Bangalore are very different cities.Bangalore is definitely more cosmopolitan in character, with lot more people willing to speak to U in languages other than Kannada.The penetration of Hindi too is far greater and hence the city is deemed to be more receptive to Northies.The weather is awesome with huge number of parks/green spots to relax your soul in.There are negetives too..the growing western influence and the obnoxious attitudes of the so called IT-dudes n techies has robbed the city of its original laid back charm..and needless to say , the horrifying traffic.However, things seem to be improving by the day with the ring roads coming in.Coming to Chennai, I would not blame the northies if they thought that Chennai sucks.Your first time arrival at Chennai Central and the harrassment of the Auto-wallahs will ensure that your first thoughts ‘bout the city are filled with disgust.Mann!!..a fellow hostel mate of mine was charged 190 bucks for a ride from cental to the IIT campus @ Adyar!! To add more salt to the wound, people in general have this funny ego thing going about their language, which makes life pretty bad for non-tamilians.In most hotels, off the street, over the phone, in the buses, the general public seems to drenched in some kinda tam-frenzy.. Perhaps, learning Tamil will be a great idea if U plan to stay in the city for long.On the positives, the roads are pretty decent and the intra-city train service is good and cheap.Needless to say, beaches on the ECR rock..Hence, its your pick…however, i must confess that if U have a choice to choose between the two{Given the prospects of your job/trade are nearly the same}..choose Banglore, any day, any season….

  126. I am reachable at for all those who want more details on micro studies of both Chennai and bangalore. Pardon me for my spellings though..

  127. HI all,

    Had to write into this, see we are not seeing the real problem..

    Some stats to start with,

    Largest Metropolitan areas ( BDA in bangalore, CMDA in chennai)

    Greater Mumbai 19,499,453
    Delhi 16,392,976
    Kolkata 13,566,794
    Chennai 6,957,669
    Bangalore 6,158,677

    Largest Cities ( City Corporation Limits)

    1 Mumbai 12,883,645 Maharashtra
    2 Delhi 11,215,130 Delhi
    3 Bangalore 5,104,047 Karnataka
    4 Kolkata 4,638,350 Bengal
    5 Chennai 4,352,932 Tamil Nadu

    2006 estimates;
    Chennai – 7.6 Million
    Bangalore – 6.1 Million

    Why the sudden jump in chennai population?

    The previously unaccounted Satelite townships are being accounted thats why.

    Now, Bangalore is a denser city but chennai is a more well built and better networked metro, hence has better scop for growth.

    Why should any body care to take me seriously?

    Cause i love both the cities, and hate the the north trash …Fin. TThe harianvies and biharies have built better cities so far and are cordonig better funds because they pose their cities as bigger agglomerations and hence all MNC’s ( retail, FMCG) end up there. To stop this delusion south indian authorities have to buck up and pose the southern triangel better.

    Thats all folks.

    Hey but one thing… i have lived in chennai for almost 20 years and in bangalore for 4 years.

    Chennai is more professional but bangalore is more cool..

    would love to work in chennai and live in bangalore..

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  129. Hi I have lived in Chennai for about 6 years. On the other hand I have visited Bangalore fro about 6 times. I agree to the fact that the two cities are very different. If Bangalore is Garden City I would say Chennai is Beach City.
    Nice beaches all along east coast road. Last time(2004) when I was in Chennai I was surprised that I can travel from one corner to another corner not more than 1 hour. That is amazing inspite of the traffic. Chennai is truly Metro. Great potential to be a San Francisco.

    There are Good and Bads on both sides. But we should have healthy competition to grow each other. On a higher level I hope people on the power should think about linking these cities via Bullet Train!! Bangalore should come to Chennai and vice versa!! We should thrive on our strenghs not excluding Hyderabad and Cochin.

    Anyways thanks for this opportunity to Blog!

  130. bangalore is screwed. its scary for girls

  131. Chennai Rocks

  132. Hi All,
    Chennai Vs Bangalore… well this topic has been going around for years now. We have even had debates on this topic. Well lemme express the +ves and -ves of each city

    Bangalore +ves———————————1. Great Climate
    2. Lots of MNCs and all the HOT Companiesn having their base here
    3. Good Eatouts n greenery all around
    4. Trendy crowd and a pubbing city.
    5. Autowallas put meter n can speak any language

    Bangalore -ves———————————1. Pathetic roads
    2. Traffic jams, traffic jams n more traffic jams
    3. Police n the municipal authorities don’t respond to the people’s problems quickly, well i hardly see Police personnel or Police patrol
    4. Worst culture (well i’ve seen at least 30% of the girls population smoking in the public… well i may sound conservative kinda chap… well i’m not..but i believe smoking inpublic places that too women portrays a bad image)
    5. Well PublicTransport (hmmmm… i’ve not seen lotsa buses n local train tho dhoor ki baat hain)

    Chennai +ves———————————1. Good roads and great traffic management
    2. Lotsa Police patrolling in the night and u feel kinda seure… well i m working in an IT Company n was at b’lore for 2 yeaars… i can say this coz i’ve travelled in my bike lotsa times late nights… say early moorning 11.30 PM - 2.30AM well till date in b’lore i’ve never been stopped by a police personnel… but in chennai at least 60% of the time i’ve been stopped for a check)
    3. Good culture (u can find a blend of modern n conservative people) and decent people
    4. The Public transport is a big PLUS and the civic authorities address to the people’s problem (like electricity, bad roads) very quickly…
    5. The best Automobile industry, BPO’s

    Chennai -ves—————————-
    1. Climate n water (well u can’t blame the ciy for that… u need to blame the nature)
    2. Less Hindi speaking crowd (well not english speaking….) the northies find it a lot difficult….
    3. Not that trendy a city but definitely picking up…

    well i cant find any other -ves in chennai…..

    Ok Guys… so i hope i have done a fair comparison…

    I am a chennaivasi but visit b’lore very often coz lotsa my coiusins stay there…. i visit b’loreat least 5 times every year n have been doin it for the past 8 years… well i’ve not seen a city grow so fast like wot b’lore did…. n pathetic roaads n infrastructre….well u can expect it coz b’lore was not ready for that kinda growth….. Well i feel the only selling factor for b’lore is THE CLIMATE….. n water problem u have it here too…

    Well Chennai… i think this city is highly under rated…. but now chennai is proving itself…. people r ready to settle down in chennai…..n thats a positive sign…. well the biggest problem many (north indians) face is the language… well so start learning Tamil n u will liove chennai…

    The greatest asset chennai has is the dedicated work culture… u hardly c this in b’lore… b’lore has 90% floating working population n its the other way in chennai…

    Well i worked in b’lore for 2 years n after 7.00 PM i could hardly see 25% of the population working (well that didnt mean that they completed their work n went home… well it just meant that they have to go pubbing coz the pubs shut early…so who bother bout work…)...well ppl in b’lore (i don mean bangalorean but any1 whose settled in b’lore) have an attitude, i have heard many people tellin “If not this company then the other”... welll that is not what life is…

    In chennai u can c 75%of the people sitting in office after 7.00PM…well peple in chennai r so dedicaated towards their work… they don’t believe in shifting companies and they are very loyal to thir organiozation n sweat it out for it…n thats y u c lotsa companies which have opened their first office in b’lore realized theirmistakes n have opened up bigger offices in chennai…

    Well Well Well….. now u tell me am i not right???

  133. i googled for something completely different, but found your page… and have to say thanks. i like your site.

  134. You cant live withour Tamil in Chennai? Listen shine, all our Buses have the routes marked in English as well…practically every shop has an English board beside its Tamil one, and every single and I mean ever single road’s nameboard will always be in both languages. We’re extremely produ of our langauge, which is one of the oldest in the world, but we’re also proud of the standrad of english spoken by Tamils. You shouldnt even start about Bangalore’s Buses….not a word of English on them. A Majority of Tamils will understand enough English to help with any enquiries. We’re more cosmopolitan than you think – We’ve got a large specturm of different cultures in Chennai…it is just that Bangalore has more international exposure, but at the same time, that international exposure is what also magnifies Banglore’s problems.

  135. all the pro madras comments here are posted only by tamilians. No one else in India would agree to the fact the madras rocks. In madras you cannot live without tamil, which is not true for a real cosmo like bombay(undoubtedly the best) and bangalore

  136. bangalore sucks dude@


  137. Off topic, what did you get in Sparks 2005?

  138. Yeah! The water situation. That’s prolly the one issue where Bangalore scores better than Madras. But if things go well, and the Rain water harvesting thing pays off (it did, last year after the phenomenally good rains, water table in Chennai has risen, and we now get all day supply of metro water), I think Madras would soon correct that one fault.

  139. The only time I spent in Bangalore recently, (recently as in 1 year ago), I spent a total of 12 hours in that city. Exactly.

    And having only visited the better greener parts (if there are any), and the usual MG Road, I do feel that there is a lot of things that can improve in Bangalore. Its as if it has lost its cultural identity.

    All said and done, its not like Chennai is better. The only thing I am worried about Chennai is not its noisome traffic, excessive pollution etc, but oppressive heat, and lack of water. I am not even safe in my own campus, when there is a serious water problem.